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14 Mar 2018 07:26:58
And people where given poch and spurs a hard time last week?

180 minutes of football 4 shots on target .
Attacking intent 0
Any kind of fluidity 0
Need to look at the manager here. Can't keep shouting spend spend spend.

2 biggest let downs yesterday our 2 best players . Sanchez and pogba these are the players that when everyone described as world class.
Never mind martial isn't good enough etc Sanchez shouldn't be making the first 11 .

As for pogba on this form he is lucky we have injuries or he wouldn't be on the bench .

Make no mistake these 2 are top quality players but like a lot of our players and team they are no where near there potential.

That was an awful team performance last night against a team that are 27 points of the top of la liga .

Just look at the 2 games . 4 shots on target in 180 of football .
Never mind winning the champions league how much money does Jose need to beat Seville. Are they a great team? Full of star names etc .
Can't say we haven't got better players
Can't say we haven't spent more
Can't say we don't play more

To get beat over 2 legs in the way we did against not Munich or Barcelona but a pretty average team like Seville, the buck stops with the manager.

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14 Mar 2018 07:38:59
Cant disagree with much of that Jred- that was a cowardly, inept, embarrassing display last night after the first 15minutes. We could have conceded 5 last night and that's being kind.

Martial, Rashford, sanchez, lukaku, with mata, Pogba, lingard in behind looks devastating on paper, but absolute garbage on grass so something is way wrong somewhere.

No desire, no urgency. that becomes a disease. like an Arsenal, or a poor Chelsea or Dortmund in recent seasons. and that is a big big worry as it soon becomes the norm for a season or in Arsenals case a few seasons.

14 Mar 2018 07:42:40
He's so far out of touch with the way football is being played these days. City have bought proper skilful players in midfield and we're playing fellaini in there. I keep saying, until United get a manager who recognizes that midfield is where games are won and can control games, we have no chance. I would get Luis Enrique at United tomorrow and let him buy a bloody midfield. Get rid of smalling Jones fellaini and add proper full backs and at least two ball playing midfielders and a winger.
Apart from Lingard, non of our midfield want to drive the ball forward with pace.
Also, we're the 2nd from bottom in the PL in distance covered. Lazy Arse tactics as we drop deep as soon as we lose the ball instead of working hard at pressing high and winning the ball further up the field.
United is all about energy, attack, and wingers. We have non of those and we have a manager who is the opposite to what we stand for.
Anyone who plays fellaini and matic in the same team at home against Seville when we needed to win, is a f. king idiot and should not be managing United.

14 Mar 2018 07:55:17
At his best Jose took on Europe with Porto.
At the moment we can manage 4 shots on target and 1 goal in 180 minutes of football against Seville.
With players like lukaku Sanchez pogba and co .
Never mind the stick poch got on here for coming up short last week . Which is looking pretty stupid now .
Moyes would of been murdered for them 2 performances .

14 Mar 2018 07:58:47
That was reminiscent of how Chelsea with hazard and co where playing when they were 3 points above relegation .

2 shocking performances against Seville and there is no excuses.
No excuses why this team and squad have played like that in them 2 games .

14 Mar 2018 08:10:10
I think it's pretty clear why certain players have struggled and other have done well. It's as simple as how we set up.

Pogba and Sanchez get it in the neck more because they are our superstars and most talented players. The real issue they have is the same one that makes Lukaku, Rashford, Martial, Mata and to some extent Lingard have equally patchy performances.

Whereas, players like Smalling, Rojo, Jones, Valencia and Young have had improved performances.

Ernest up to defend, this aids our defenders while restricting our forward thinking players.

McTominay has done a very good job because he hasn't been asked to stretch teams but to restrict them, which is a far easier task.

Our best performers this season are those who's natural game aligns with Mourinho's favoured tactics.

Until Mourinho leaves we will never see the best of our considerably talented forward players. They are being starved of service then blamed for defeats knocking their confidence making it harder for them to be effective next time.

14 Mar 2018 08:25:43
Ok so I've woke up and I'm still fuming.

I still have no idea what the hell we witnessed last night.

We lacked the bravery and courage to play.

The tactics were bizarre. When I initially saw the team I fully expected Fellaini to sit next to Matic and play a similar role to Mctominay. I had my reservations about a lack of mobility but figured Jose wanted Fellaini's extra height for defending and attacking set pieces in such a precariously balanced and dangerous fixture.

Fellaini actually played in a more advanced role next to Lingard leaving Matic isolated AGAIN. The plan appeared to be hit the ball long to Fellaini and contest the knock downs and second balls. I can even live with this tactic if it brings success but Fellaini didn't win a header all night and was totally dominated by Nzonzi. This tactic resulted in us giving the ball away on numerous occasions with Fellaini, Lingard, Sanchez, Rashford and Lukaku all ahead of the ball leaving Matic and the defence isolated. It's no wonder Seville looked dangerous and were getting into advanced positions. We played the game last night without a midfield. Lingard is not a central midfielder. He roams all over the pitch, he has no positional discipline and doesn't understand the role. He try's hard but like Pogba doesn't see danger or track runners and he just looked totally lost.

The decision to switch Rashford to the right hand side was equally as baffling and I sat watching in anger and amazement at such draconian tactics.

We need Mata to link it all together and get us playing. Without him it's just headless chicken road runner type stuff.

The team and formation against Liverpool had a nice balance to it. It's possibly the first game since Sanchez arrived that we've actually looked like a team. We got ourselves in front then defended with skill and organisation. Everybody knew their role.

I'm absolutely convinced that if the same team had started the game last night we'd have sailed through.

I just didn't get the game play last night but more importantly neither did the players and we got what we deserved. If somebody could try and explain it to me I'd be grateful.

14 Mar 2018 09:18:51
Mou post match was outrageous.
So let's get used to mediocrity.
He needs to upgrade himself and make his players play real football or he may just leave us alone.

14 Mar 2018 09:40:45
Pogba was poor last night, but he came on when José’s tactics had already firmly handed control of the game to the opposition.

This is a bigger problem with how deep the team sits, the distance between attack and defence, and the emphasis placed on caution. In the Liverpool game we benefited from poor defending to gift us goals, but the team is not set up to do anything other than contain, and this has gotten worse throughout the season. We have a squad with some top class attacking players, but the shape of the team and emphasis on not conceding means that they are never going to show their best.

We can shrug, and say this is what you get with José. But it’s obvious that his approach just doesn’t cut it at the top level anymore, football has moved on and he looks increasingly stuck in the past.



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