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05 Jan 2018 20:26:46
No one going on chat tonight?

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05 Jan 2018 20:54:59
I'm at an ice hockey game. I don't even like ice hockey.

05 Jan 2018 20:59:48
I have left it to the toxics to enjoy.

05 Jan 2018 21:20:34
Oh, get over yourself Red Man.

05 Jan 2018 21:38:14
I have a choice Nou.

05 Jan 2018 22:15:31
Who won the ice hockey?

05 Jan 2018 22:20:50
Who knows Ken, but they need to sack the Ice Hockey Manager because it wasn’t great to watch.

05 Jan 2018 22:38:40
I think Sheffield beat Belfast 3 strikes to two, Ken. Or something like that. Spent most of my time trying to follow the puck, which gave me a migraine. Good punch-up after 30 seconds was the best thing in it.

Red Man, you call people a mob, toxics etc, then act all hurt when they dare to criticise José in any way. Some might say you were a toxic for the constant invective you aimed at Moyes before he managed a game for us. Or the way you slated Fergie in his last few seasons. Or the way you turned on LVG one day, after backing him to begin with. It's all subjective, I suppose.

I get that we're all supposed to give North Koreanesque support to a manager that you finally support because, well, because you said so. But you're doing more to separate fans into rival camps, than Beast or Jaime could ever do.

What happened to constructive, passionate discussions about the pros and cons of our club, players, manager etc, without being told one side or the other are somehow disloyal or treacherous because they dare to voice an opinion that differs from yours? We are all supposed to be on the same side after all, aren't we?

05 Jan 2018 22:45:30
Post of the year Steve.

05 Jan 2018 23:19:17
Ice hockey? So funny to us in North America. It's hockey. The other kind is field hockey and is played solely by women. Now I'm not hating, I saw the Dutch women's national team at the last Olympics and would support them to my dying day, but come on, just try it with me. hockey. Big men on skates going 30mph and shooting a frozen disc of razor edged hard rubber at over 100mph. What are they playing? Hockey. hahaha, clearly i'm just having a laugh fellas.

{Ed007's Note - Ice hockey's for pussies! All padded up with helmets and stuff, get out there with a pair of shorts and a t-shirt on and fight like men! Ice hockey and American football = pussies!}

05 Jan 2018 23:37:18
Stevie, I take it that it’s not worth going back up to see the Belfast giants again? Lol.

{Ed007's Note - Is that a new flute band?}

05 Jan 2018 23:55:07
If you enjoy seeing a lot of fat, hairy people in garish, oversized shirts (and that's just the women), then fill your boots, Caolan. Not for me, mate.

06 Jan 2018 00:21:33
Yeah, try either, then talk. Collisions far more violent in American football than rugby and the helmet only encourages those idiots to lead with their heads, making it far more dangerous than the tackling in rugby that is actually tackling, not heat-seeking missile collisions. Rugby players are tough as nails, i'm not saying otherwise, but its pure foolishness to compare the two sports. Rugby usually has one or both players at no/ low/ mild speed, lessening the impact. American football is the two biggest, fastest most athletic guys on earth running at each other at full speed, lowering their heads and colliding. Sure, it happens in rugby sometimes, and sometime American football hits aren't that bad. But sorry, they're not really even close nevermind the same.

As for hockey, try going head-on at 30+mph with a 240 lb guy coming at you at 30+ mph. Or slide face first into a 110mph slapshot. And if you want fighting, nothing beats ice hockey where it's actually legal to drop the gloves and go at it and most teams have enforcers whose job it is to protect his teammates by fighting. Sorry, but you're just wrong 007.

{Ed007's Note - Women play hockey without needing to dress up like Robocop and the majority of professional darts players are probably tougher than your average NFL player.}

06 Jan 2018 00:39:52
The brawl in the first minute was brilliant. As you say, helmets discarded, gloves tossed aside, and two lads going full pelt with rapid-fire punches. Their technique wasn't classical, but got the crowd going rightly.

I can also confirm that people from Sheffield are disproportionately smelly. Their collective levels of body odour in the bar, was very disturbing. Is that a Sheffield 'thing'?

06 Jan 2018 00:24:46
Take them to croke park for a game of hurling bond that's a man's game.

{Ed007's Note - Exactly, Ken. I'm at the wind up but it does annoy me the way hockey and NFL guys are all padded up and mollycoddled like fragile wee Justin Bieber fans like Ed004. You don't see folk playing badminton wearing safety goggles do you? Chess players with gloves on during the winter?}

06 Jan 2018 00:46:49
Its only jan Leahy. :) . Steve's got more to come.

06 Jan 2018 01:10:18
Better again Ken take them to a junior b game of hurling to the smaller clubs. now there's a man's game.

06 Jan 2018 01:11:21
Damned with faint praise, Singh 😀.

06 Jan 2018 01:11:55
Steve is just trying to get to the head of the leader board for the most banter posts for 2018,but my money is on jred.

06 Jan 2018 01:50:07
Busted :)

06 Jan 2018 02:05:59
I'm off to the ice hockey tomorrow. I can confirm that the hot dogs are spectacular.

06 Jan 2018 03:35:55
Is the cheerleaders there.

06 Jan 2018 07:32:56

You asked what happened to constructive, passionate discussions about the pros and cons of our club, players, manager etc. That would be great but that isn’t what was going on live chat. I wanted to comment on tactics and the game but it just is several people’s opportunity to slag the manager, beyond what I would call fun.

06 Jan 2018 11:42:06
Leahy I used to go when I was 14 and there was then - didn't see much of the matches as an excitable teenager that went to an all boys school! But now there's none, just good hotdogs.

06 Jan 2018 17:36:08
I only ever see Beast and Jaime coming out with anti-Jose comments on live chat, Red Man. And Beast always articulates his reasons for his comments.

There's some general moaning when performances are below par, of which there were a few this season. Only to be expected, and I see the live chat as a place where you can have a bit of banter, and sound off a bit.

Let's face it, the wife sitting on the sofa beside us isn't going to put up with us shouting and moaning during the game.

I just tut and roll my eyes at some of the more kneejerk reactions, and move on. I wouldn't take it too seriously, mate.



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