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11 Dec 2017 16:53:59
Some of the "Balance of power has shifted" posts seem a bit over the top and a bit embarrassing to me. City are simply a year further along in their project than we are imo. We need a midfielder or two, a winger and maybe a full back but the rest of the team IS solid.

We have the wingers and strikers to hurt any team out there, its just a matter of having a midfield that can get the ball to them. Our defense is solid too and we have the best keeper in the world.

The last 3 years have produced 3 different winners in the League. We're the closest to City right now and with a couple of additions in midfield and maybe a winger we will be just as good. We will address those areas in the next couple of windows.

The team is showing inconsistency right now without Pogba and we are too reliant on him in midfield.

Some of the posts about Lukaku too are getting embarrassing. What was he supposed to do feeding on all those scraps? His linkup play was excellent against Arsenal.

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11 Dec 2017 17:42:46
The first half we were too defensive but once City had scored I thought we were the equal of them. All 3 goals were the result of blunders, and, unfortunately for Lukaku both of the ones we conceded were pretty much down to him. He was beaten to the header for the first and it was his clearance that led to the second. Besides that there was no better build up or chance than the one he missed from point blank range. So, I really don't think anyone can argue against the idea that much of the blame for yesterday's loss, if it has to be assigned, would be fairly put at Lukaku's feet. I'm sure he will be thinking the same. And if top players are judged by their performances in top games then Lukaku didn't stake his claim yesterday.

At the moment he seems to be so intent to blast the ball that he's sacrificing the awareness and finesse that's sometimes needed in front of goal. He's probably trying too hard. Like Pogba I expect him to have a better second season than first.

Looking at the penalty claim, I don't think it was stone cold, but it certainly could have been given.

Overall 0-0 or 1-1 would have reflected the game fairly based on the number of golden chances created, rather than conceded, by the two sides,

11 Dec 2017 18:49:07
Redfaith. City came to old Trafford and played us off the park. They had 75% possession. These stats are what United get when we're playing some 3rd division side in the FA cup. Are you seriously suggesting that we're close to them. They're 11 points ahead of us and it's the 11th of December for God's sake.
They play controlled football while our lot just boot it up there and hope for the best. You say we're short of a winger a left back and two midfielders. I'll add a tricky striker to that. And that's 5 players which is half an outfield team. They started planning this in 2012 while we've been messing around for the past 5 years.
Like every great empire, we got complacent. We thought we can bring in Moyes, a humble man who can be ruled by Woodward and the owners and everything will be fine as we'll finish in top4. The stupid and arrogant plan misfired spectacularly in their yank faces. They then panicked into getting lvg when everyone knew is past his best. After a boringly predictable outcome he got sacked. And now we have Jose, intent on playing outdated football with ultra defensive tactics that have only resulted in 3 wins against our top rivals in 13 attempts.
Are you seriously trying to tell us that by this time next year, we would have improved sufficiently to compete with the top teams? I don't share your optimism.
I do agree that the criticism of Lukaku is over the top. The supply to him is non existent.

11 Dec 2017 18:49:29
Sorry Shawthing but you were watching a different match to me and most unbiased fans, football journalists and pundits. I speak as a passionate Utd fan but have to say well done City. They were by far the better team yesterday on chances created possession and the way they played.

11 Dec 2017 19:56:19
They had 65% possession and yet how many clear chances did they create? Our downfall was poor defending at set pieces, not City's supposedly amazing football which produced precious little even though they had so much possession.

The reason they had so much possession? They had a better midfield! Hence we need to buy a midfielder or two to help us get control of the game.

Had we had Pogba in the team and gone with a 4-3-3 they would not have had the spaces to play in that they got.

When City's wingers tuck in along with a 3 man midfield it makes it very difficult for a midfield 2 of Herrera and Matic to control the game. It was obvious they dominated possession. It doesn't concern me that they did.

What concerned me was that we didn't transition into counters quick enough. Smalling and Rojo aren't good on the ball and that makes it difficult along with a just two man midfield to being the ball out hence the clearances rather than patiently building the game.

11 Dec 2017 20:53:11
It saddens me a little, that we depend so much on one midfielder.

12 Dec 2017 06:53:56
One midfielder that is just as likely to have a poor game as a good game - sums us up, we've built a house of cards and the key card is a massive gamble every game.

He has had more poor games for us than good ones as well, so who knows which Pogba would have turned up had he been available! It's no excuse, they had 3 very important players not playing we had one!

12 Dec 2017 14:57:11
Beast, we were also without Bailly and Jones, probably our best defensive pairing. City have much better depth than we do largely because they have been following a plan for some time now whereas we have been either resting on our laurels or downright confused for a decade, and consequently misspending large swaths of cash on players that don't gel. Had we been in for Salah and Morata, rather than Lukaku, and another top class creative midfielder, I think we would have been right there with City at this juncture.

I do wonder whether we are approaching the time when Martial and Rashford might be our best alternatives up top.



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