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13 Jan 2018 13:49:56
Sanchez has a bit of the Tevez about him. Very emotional. He obviously has all the skills, and when he's motivated his intensity and purpose adds a dimension to his game that any team would covet. So what is it that motivates him.

Clearly it's the thought of winning honours, and conversely looking at he seems to be demotivated by his team's mediocrity. So my guess is that:

1) he would only come to United if he thought he would win the EPL and/ or the Champions League in the next couple of years, and

2) if he did come, and it looked like those objectives were not going to be fulfilled, then it would be a disastrous transfer because his negative emotionality would end up leeching into and upsetting the dressing room.

Like for most supporters winning is ultimately more important than style. Arsenal play with style but they don't win the important trophies any more, which doesn't please their supporters and is clearly a demotivation to top players.


1.) 13 Jan 2018 15:39:18
Agreed for sure!

Lucas Moura maybe?

On another note, I mentioned a defender Jorge Mere who was at Espanyol and now at Koln and NOW Barça are after him!

We should have got this guy! Well disappointed!

2.) 13 Jan 2018 16:06:08
Well Ronnie don't mean to be rude but you might have named atleast 200 players by now. It might be difficult for United hierarchy to properly understand which one you want.

3.) 13 Jan 2018 16:34:44
I deserved that! 😂.

4.) 13 Jan 2018 21:09:56
For Sanchez's supposed attitude you can see the same thing happening at Spurs in the next 18 months if they win nothing -Ali, Erikson etc have no real affinity to Spurs as many players don't to their clubs. Sanchez probably looks around and sees nothing there but the odd FA CUp. maybe views us the same . time will tell.



05 Apr 2017 14:41:52
Two woodworks and a good goal disallowed epitomise what has been a most frustrating season. It's giving me ulcers. Virtually every game we've played we have created enough good chances to win the game handily. It's not down to tactics, it's down to finishing. The team in general seems to be suffering from a collective psychological block and somehow or other that problem has to be overcome.

The weight of expectation for players like Shaw, Pogba, Rashford, Martial, and Mhki needs to be lifted so that they are loose enough to begin to play to their potential. At present I'm sure the burden is as unbearable for the players as it is the fans.


1.) 05 Apr 2017 14:57:00
If you hit the post you have missed the target, its not bad luck it's a miss.

2.) 05 Apr 2017 15:11:46
It started since we stopped Dabbing and doing crazy handshakes for winning throw ins and corners! We need to bring them back.

3.) 05 Apr 2017 15:39:39
We've had the third most shots in the league.

No team in Europe have hit the bar/ post more than us. In fact we've hit it 9 more times than any other team.

5 of the 7 goalkeepers to win man of the match in the EPL this season have done so against us.

No team in the EPL has had more shot saved than us.

No team in the EPL has had more shots blocked than us.

It's starting to feel like a voodoo or gypsy curse. Surely we can't continue to be this unlucky.

4.) 05 Apr 2017 15:53:05
It's not bad luck though shappy.

5.) 05 Apr 2017 16:08:40
Strange how top sports men don't have bad luck .
It's all excesses and a bit embarrassing.
"There other gk had a good game "

Ddg been our best player the last 4 year . Luck or poor finishing?

6.) 05 Apr 2017 16:23:36
If it's not luck then what is it?

As for DDG making many saves, he does it every week, that's what makes him world class. Many of the keepers who have won motm against us this season have done so with their best performance in several years. They aren't world class keepers, they just have a strangely world class performance against us. Robles last night had a very good game, yet was awful a couple of days before against Liverpool.

The running joke this season is who is the best keeper in the world? Whoever's​ playing against United this week.

If you were Jose what would you be doing differently to make these chances into goals?

7.) 05 Apr 2017 16:36:20
I'm not Jose that's why he gets paid the big bucks .
Martial Rasford Ibra miki pogba mata I could go on have shown they are good players, have shown they can put the ball in net .

Chelsea where awful last season, poor at the start of the season, conte worked it out tho, and Chelsea and conte haven't been lucky in the same way United haven't been unlucky .
Over a season it works itself out .

Gk are there to make saves, defenders are there to defend you can't complain when the other team play well it sounds pathetic .

8.) 05 Apr 2017 16:37:57
By the way never mind chances, United have been poor the last couple of month as a team.

9.) 05 Apr 2017 16:41:18
Should also say getting the best out of your players is a very if not the most important job of the manager.

10.) 05 Apr 2017 16:42:58
Well put Shappy.

11.) 05 Apr 2017 20:06:38
I'd stop whining and slagging off my players. Just saying.

12.) 06 Apr 2017 21:11:02
I was trying to be sarcastic shaps! Guess I should put that in brackets lol.

We have been unlucky in many ways but we should also be doing better regardless of 'bad luck'

13.) 08 Apr 2017 09:15:02
Chipping in on the lucky/ unlucky theme.

If you're good enough you make your own luck surely?

What the stats suggest, in my opinion, is that we keep possession and stay compact. But we don't take risks often or quickly enough. And that's reflected in how we play.

Some of that is legacy of the last few years, some is the players and some is the manager.

I'm not a Jose fan, but i do believe he has to be given the time to implement his style. Personally i think if the goals and performances aren't showing through next season then he isn't going to achieve it.



30 Nov 2016 18:23:29
I cannot see us changing the manager under virtually any circumstances other than a complete capitulation. Without that Jose will be given the year. If we win the Europa and finish 8th in the league we will be in the Champions League. (I think we will finish 5th or 6th) . If we were to fire him then finding a new manager will be difficult except, of course, that failure = a big pay off when the contract is cancelled which may be something of a consolation.

A lot of the criticism is unfounded. The team has been playing quite well, just not getting the results. This brings us to Ibra. We all knew from the beginning that his role was a short term stop gap for a year or two while Martial and Rashford mature.

The last 3 years have been pretty dire by our standards, but at least this year the team is playing with attacking intent. Be grateful. At least that's the first of the complaints about LVG satisfied. In my view the anxiety of the fans is feeding into the players, so relax folks. Support the team and the manager and have hope.


1.) 30 Nov 2016 21:59:30
He is staying. Keep this simple.



29 Nov 2015 23:27:16
Another week goes by and the top teams struggle to win. City's scoreline flattered them, with their goals coming as much from errors by Southampton. It really has become a difficult league and our point at Leicester was not bad, all things considered. If Arsenal have Sanchez injured for a while their challenge may well falter, giving Liverpool and Spurs an opening. We have an opportunity to take advantage of what should be some winnable games and go into the new year on top. Will we take it?





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08 Sep 2018 16:57:47
Ed001s comments on Jason Ferguson's Elite agency and the nepotistic attitude to representation displayed by SAF brought me to a Bleacher Report article back in 2010 related to his intent even then to appoint his fellow Scot Moyes as his successor.

If true, it really does beg the question whether Ferguson's tendency towards nepotism and his clear distrust/ dislike of agents was the main reason the club started on its decline. "No value in the market" was just a way of saying I'm not being screwed by those persons and their spoiled clients. I have tended to believe it was the debt overload that was the problem, and perhaps it played a big part, but the antipathy towards the evolving system, might not only have resulted in poor transfers coming in, but also in a failure to move older players on in a timely fashion, or playing them into the ground (Neville, Scholes, Giggs, Ferdinand), a decline in the youth recruitment process, and an undercutting of the whole scouting system.

SAF was a great manager but is it the case that, like many leaders, his strengths ultimately become his weaknesses?


1.) 08 Sep 2018 17:28:21
Won the league by 11 points in his last season , bloke wasn't perfect but he was one of the greatest .
In years to come he will be viewed as the most important figure in the history of the club.

2.) 08 Sep 2018 17:56:47
As great a manager as he was, he found it hard not to let personal issues effect footballing decisions. His son’s agency, the business with the horse, the appointment of Moyes, the reluctance to deal with certain agents, it all adds up. I think that’s one of the draw backs of a manager having so much control and influence at a club.

In terms of the youth academy, that’s more down to business decisions to not invest to keep the academy at a top level. Ed001 has spoken in the past about United skimping on coaches and wages, and using the reputation to sell average young players for inflated fees.

The truth is that toward the end Fergie wasn’t really planning for the future. His team needed a big refresh, and he didn’t want to do that, but he wanted to retire on a high. So he hung onto older players he trusted in the hope they could do it one last time. The no value thing is a product of a few things: the club skimping, Fergie being angry at the rapid rise of fees (particularly agent fees), and the desire to save money for any new manager to rebuild.

3.) 08 Sep 2018 17:52:09
Jred, nobody is questioning what he achieved, but you can’t ignore his failings. He ignored the gapping hole in the midfield for years. He caused the situation that allowed the glazers to take over the club. It was obvious that Rio, vidic and evra needed replaced and that jones and smalling weren’t up to it but no action was taken. Valencia was in no way a suitable replacement for ronaldo. Jaap Stam should never have been sold to Lazio. Poor planning lead to us signing how many goal keepers when schmeical left (was it 9) before we signed Edwin who was available when peter retired.

He knew how to motivate his troops and how to win the premier league, but it could be argued that we underachieved in Europe and the FA cup.

Don’t get me wrong I would love a Fergie in charge now and the style of play circa 1997-2008. But he was not perfect and the standard of football and planning declined from 2009 onwards. He was great at reinventing his teams and play, but he was crap at medium and long term planning towards the end.

4.) 08 Sep 2018 18:36:00
When that nonsense was going on about Rock Of Gibraltar, he should have been reminded he was an employee of Manchester United and if he wanted to carry on his battle with Maguire and McManus, he was gone as manager and he could do it on his own time.

5.) 08 Sep 2018 19:50:16
Write down all the things he did wrong over 20 years and all the things he did right .
(Can't belive huggy has listed faults and ignored all the things he achieved.

Can people remember the club pre fergy when at the start of the season fa cup was the main goal? )
Then do the same for any other manager over 20 years .
Look at the club before he took over and when he left it, title winners by 11 points .
The ed told us that when the glazers first took over they would have nothing to do with agent fees .

He done this wrong he done that wrong and still won the league by 11 points .

6.) 08 Sep 2018 20:39:01
No way would SAF recommend Moyes as the first choice. Pretty sure Ancelotti and Mourinho both turned him down first before Moyes was then asked. 😆😆.

7.) 08 Sep 2018 22:10:15
Jred, did you miss the line “nobody is questioning what he achieved”. I could sit there and say he could walk on water and turn water into wine, but it simply wouldn’t be true.

He is amongst the best managers ever, but he was not perfect and as I said above acted in his own interests rather than the clubs (something he would not have tolerated from a player) which lead to the glazers taking over.

You bury your head in the sand if you want, but his actions have lead directly to where we are today. That is the good 2 champions leagues and more league titles than the lot down the road, but also the bad. he left a unbalanced aged squad, recommended Moyes. Let’s not forget he is a board member, so in all likelihood was involved in the LVG conversation and the Jose conversation.

We need to recognise where we have gone wrong if we don’t want to make the same mistakes again and improve.

Somebody above asked a sensible question as to whether nepotism contributed to where we are as a club today and I have to say I think it did play part. Fergie earned the right to have more say than any manager in the clubs history, but again as said above he should have been pulled up on the rock of Gibraltar nonsense.

8.) 08 Sep 2018 22:22:42
Jred What is the point of playing scintillating football, winning major trophies and then burning down the house?

Yes we won’t the league by 11points. But you forget it was not because we were great. The league was weak that year. And to be honest a lot of the football we played was not good to watch.

My frustration stems from we built up the club to a pinnacle of the team in 2009. With our commercial revenue had we been well managed as a club (not on field activities) we should have kicked on from there, not gone backwards.

Ronaldo left. Ok any team would be worse for losing him, but Valencia really?

Why was a youth set up that provided Scholes, Giggs et al allowed to decline. We were the most successful club in the land, with very deep pockets so why did we not leverage that to attract the best? Why are we having to play catch up now?

9.) 08 Sep 2018 22:25:30
Moyes shouldn’t have been in the top 50.

10.) 08 Sep 2018 23:32:44
Huggy relax mate. Some people seem to take it as a persinal insult if you say anything negative.
I agree with some of what you wrote.
We all know fergie was one of the greatest ever . Of course he had his faults.
Its ok to talk about those faults its ok to talk about players faults systems faults style faults etc etc.
Its not disloyal its not showing yourself up to be a toxic fan. Its not abuse.
We all know how stubborn and pig headed fergie was qt times. How he fell out with players other coaches the national broadcaster the press, sulked stormed out of press conferences and threatened to take the major shareholders to court over a bloody horse.
God forbid we had a manager that did that sort of thing nowadays.



26 Aug 2018 18:09:45
I've never cared for the Glazers. I wonder how things might have been if SAF had not been able to maintain the trophy haul while his best players were sold off or aged, and were not replaced. Would the financial model have still worked? Or could it have been a financial disaster with the debt becoming un-repayable.

Beyond that I still find it incredible to think that there seems to have been no planning to replace SAF, ensuring his retirement coincided with the availability of a top manager, and that the Board's plans could be so easily changed thanks to some toxic fans. From a footballing point of view the club has been steeped in hubris, resting on its laurels.

All of this causes me to believe that the rot starts at the top and that the succession of managers who have been unable to get a United team to play in accordance with our expectations/ desires has deeper psychological causes than any individual shortcoming. Our approach to transfers seems to be a total mess. We were apparently unable even to hire a DOF. Why is that what ought to be one of the plum jobs in football goes begging? And if we were to fire Mourinho, who's out there to take the job next? And how long will they take to mould this group of players plus any transfers into a true European power house again?


1.) 26 Aug 2018 18:42:07
Preach. Good post and agree with where the problems start.



11 Aug 2018 20:15:28
Our club has been at the forefront of the money pursuit ever since it went public back in 1991. And while its true the once primary relationship between the gate and the club's financial well being has been superseded by commercial revenue and TV rights, can it really be said that our club is any more of a commercial whore (as someone below described us) than those who have been less successful at the sponsorship game and are trying to emulate it? And isn't a commercial whore a somewhat redundant concept anyway?

That same person, a fan for 54 years (one less than me) is disgusted at us? It's the worst he's ever known. Really? How about the side that went down to the division 2? Or indeed any of the sides that didn't win the league between 1967 and 1992.

Does our failure to win the league last year, coming second with 80 points, make us a laughing stock? Only if you believe the press. As we all know our success has made us the most hated team in English football, and because of that the pundits just love to take the opportunity to stick the oar in when things aren't going right. You can choose to buy into, or you can choose to ignore it and just support the club, which means supporting the players and the manager not just on the field but off it.


1.) 11 Aug 2018 20:25:29
Superb post mate.

2.) 11 Aug 2018 20:34:00
Great post shawthing some of the posts really have been embarrassing.

3.) 11 Aug 2018 20:47:53
Spot on mate. You can understand why fans of other teams say we are spoilt. If we feel the team owes us entertainment then we owe them unconditional support through thick and thin.

4.) 11 Aug 2018 22:58:04
Spot on Shaw,

Been utterly embarrassed by some of our fans the last few days, people saying I’m ‘deluded’ for having a different opinion, finally a little bit of sanity, I really hope this team proves people wrong.

5.) 12 Aug 2018 01:09:20
Not when Pogba has just reignited the flame. What are you doing Paul?

6.) 12 Aug 2018 01:29:39
But some people will still not appreciate the club ans the manager.

There is an old saying "The grass is greener on the other side".

7.) 12 Aug 2018 06:36:49
Yeah, that's all well and good but the main thing you're failing to recognise is utd have been playing sh*t boring football for a long time now and I'm not prepared to bother with it anymore. I'll come back when the club have a better product to offer me.

8.) 12 Aug 2018 07:13:57

You asked whether we were any more of a commercial whore than others. The commerciality was to be expected but under the Plc we were debt free, now we have to pay for loans taken out for the owners to buy the club. The remaining £300m of CLUB debt did not one bit of good to the club. A loan like that could he rebuilt the Soith stand three times over. Other clubs may be commercial but the money will go towards making them successful. Our commercial ventures have come at a huge price of hundreds of millions lost in interest and loans. I support the club but not owners who did that.

9.) 12 Aug 2018 07:27:22
Redman, I hear what you are saying. But arrant the owners the same people who put in place a solid marketing model that made it match easier to pay the loans? Moreover once the loans are manageable the money generated will go towards the club and line their pockets - like all businesses. But without the infrastructure to rake in so much income we won’t be able to spend all this money we have been spending. Would you rather not have much money to spend and be debt free?

10.) 12 Aug 2018 09:15:02
Ryan’s left foot

I should be grateful the owners put in a marketing plan to enable the club to pay loans for years which enabled them to buy the club. Seriously. All praise their marketing but a leveraged buyout has cost the club hundreds of millions. “Like all businesses”, borrowing can be good for a business but the capital in this case did nothing for the good of the club at all, it didn’t buy a player or renovate a stand. All this commercial acumen is for one thing, improve the asset value of the club and to the benefit of the owners. Believe otherwise if you wish.
With that I feel like I have taken on the mantle of Kloot in the old days except he was far more aggressive about them.
We will never know what might have been if instead of the owners we have, we picked up City type owners who have massively elevated that club.

11.) 12 Aug 2018 09:34:16
ManMan and RedMan. Thank God for a bit of reality check. We can say it 1000 times that the club is in a good place, but the reality is that it isn't. The Glazers saddled us with crippling debts that have done nothing to helo the club on the pitch. It has however, put an eyewatering amount of money into their pockets, and built up the brand so that they can sell it for the ultimate pay day. And that is the difference between the Glazers and the City owners. Unfortunately, we have got the horrible lot, and they managed to get the owners who genuinely care.
So people can twist any tale the way they want, but the truth is, until these greedy lot have had enough and until we get someone rich and passionate about our club, then we're going to be stuck in this never ending cycle.

12.) 12 Aug 2018 12:11:15
AAA, I don't think City's oweners care a jot about the club and the city. What they do care about is having a vehicle for good PR of UAE to try and gloss over their horrible human rights record. I actually prefer the Glazers because at least they don't indulge in slavery. If we had an owener like that I would have nothing to do with the club at all.

So, if we want to talk about football in purely commercial terms then we have to see it as a product. Man utd's product is not fit for purpose and should be subject to a recall. No one in their right mind would keep going back to the cinema time and time again to see a sh*t, boring film so I have no idea why Old Trafford is full every week.

13.) 12 Aug 2018 14:58:13
No part of my post was related to the style of football we are playing or whether it is entertaining enough. I acknowledge we're frustratingly behind Liverpool and City at the moment, but that's a separate discussion and has nothing to do with the "commercial whore" and "laughing stock" comments. Nor is the Glazers LBO and its long term impact on the club, something I've been extremely vocal about. Had SAF not been able to maintain the success on the field, who knows we might have ended up in bankruptcy.

14.) 12 Aug 2018 20:42:56
Shawthing, but in your OP you advocate we "just support the club, which means supporting the players and the manager" and I'm saying no to that because the football is so bad which is partly because of the club, partly because of the manager and partly because of the players.

Support is not unconditional, it's a two way contract and it's earned. For my support (which comes in the forms of both time and money), I demand decent football.

Also, you can't seperate the club from the business, they are one and the same.

I agree that we are not commercial whores, nor are we a laughing stock. Also, Jose is an improvement on LVG which is the worse I've seen Utd. Sheffield Utd at home in the FA Cup was the lowest point of following Utd.



08 Aug 2018 23:59:28
Great to see Betty back. Can't disagree with his post below. I'm just glad I had that triple serving of coffee oreo ice cream at the local not-health food store this evening. If it's going to be the end of the world tomorrow night then at my age, having supported the club for 55 years, fat and sugar saturation is my preferred method of wasting away the final hours. Certainly better than following the doom and gloom prognosticators.

From a football perspective the club has been managed very poorly since the Glazers took over. Firstly we didn't replace our aging top players with like quality and, secondly, it would seem there was no succession planning to replace a dominating manager with a defined style. It is this latter factor that's all important. When SAF left so suddenly the club's identity went with him. There was no infrastructure in place to ensure the possibility of a continuation. The Glazers have done well to exploit the marketing potential of the club, but when it comes to the football side they are a sad lot. Woodward's comment that results don't much matter says it all. United is no longer a football club but a marketing company.

That said, reading the posts has been largely tiresome. The season hasn't started. Our top players have only just returned to the club, and yet we've already conceded the title to St. Pep or St Jurgen. If I were Mourinho and I had to listen to the whinging of our fans I'd be depressed too.


1.) 09 Aug 2018 00:23:02
What do you want the glazers to do?
I don't think they will have a lot to do with the football side of the club .

2.) 09 Aug 2018 01:14:00
Shawthing, it is Mourinho who has been complaining for the past 5 weeks. It is Mourinho who told us all 5 weeks ago, that if we don't make new signings, we're in for a long and tough season. It is Mourinho who has been complaining for 5 weeks about Liverpool's spending.
So I'm not sure what you're talking about.



06 Aug 2018 15:26:21
It seems to me the main problem is the necessary process of getting rid of marginal players prior to acquiring new ones. This has been a problem for a while now. In the past few years we've had to basically give them away, probably because our wage levels are beyond the capacity of the level of clubs where these guys belong. Now it seems we're compounding the problem by holding out for market level or higher transfer fees, which, combined with the high wages, is further deterring departures.

Almost everybody on this site would not be upset to see the back of Martial, Darmian, Shaw, Jones and Smalling none of whom were purchased by Mourinho, who seems equally luke warm to them, and yet they are all still on our books. Is this the fault of the manager? Does he have reason to complain? I think he does, which is not to say he gets off scot free.

All is not lost. We still have the makings of a team that can compete. They may never have the flair of City or Liverpool, but there is absolutely no reason why they shouldn't maintain their progress come what may with transfers in the next few days. Mourinho may have cause to complain but If they don't make top 4 again he will still be culpable for the failure.





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30 Jun 2018 12:08:21
Fellaini knows he's only going to be squad player, and, given the transfer costs United seem to need to pay in order to get anyone half way decent as an alternative, having him around for his wage cost only seems to me a very decent bit of business by United. With Fellaini you know what you're getting: it's someone who may not be top drawer but is at last as good as some of the overrated players who have been linked with us, like Dier, who would cost us a lot more. He's not my favorite player but he does offer a viable alternative in style when it's needed.




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29 May 2018 20:53:54
Win Dallot? I've heard he can turn on the gas.




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16 May 2018 19:06:30
I don't see how anyone can judge Shaw properly without not only giving him an extended run in the side but also having him play behind a consistently selected left sided winger.




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03 Aug 2017 19:59:22




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23 Jul 2017 20:46:28
He's not worth a penny over £150m.





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16 Sep 2018 12:10:11
Just so we don't lose sight of it, the initial investment in Man City and the accumulated losses since then, are maybe 1/ 2 of the value of the club in today's market and 10x what they paid for it. They continue to grow their brand internationally and they're doing a great job of it. I was in a cheese shop in Connecticut the other day and met a man from Huddersfield. What shirt was his 12 year old son wearing? Man City. Why? Because kids who are not connected to a town through birth, and can thus choose any team, tend to associate themselves with winners. Kids who watch the Spanish league don't tend to follow Getafe.

I don't think one should assume that Sheik Mansour is not motivated by the money. Far from it. This has been a well executed long term business plan facilitated by an absence of external debt allowing the focus to be on the core product, football. At the rate they're going the brand will be as valuable as United within the next 10 years.




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11 Sep 2018 15:23:02
Ruud for me. I agree with Ed. Two great seasons is not enough to establish RVP as a great, despite the talent he showed when fit.

Just to be controversial, I still think that buying RVP may have been a great short term purchase by SAF, but as far as the long term development of the side was concerned it was a bad move symptomatic of the malaise for which we are now paying the price.




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27 Aug 2018 16:16:33
I have to say I still don't buy that the club planned well but their plans were destroyed by the toxic fans. Firstly, if you are running a business you don't change course because of a few toxic fans. The Board could easily have decided to give LVG one more season on the back of is FA Cup win. If hiring Allegri was not a secret, and they had the support of the sponsors, then why not back their instincts and stick to their guns? Why would they jeopardize their capital by knowingly going down the wrong path for the sake of a year, especially when the results of that year were still to be decided? Secondly it was not the toxic fans who gave us Moyes and LVG in the first place. Indeed, if I remember correctly, Ed002 warned that LVG would end up in disaster. So, if LVG was clearly the wrong choice, how can one claim that the Board has planned well.

The toxic fans exist of course. Those flying planes around the ground with banners qualify instantaneously. Soccer fans and emotional maturity are frequently mutually exclusively concepts. However, that said, as someone once said "The Buck stops here". For those who earn the bucks to blame those who pay them is what's known as passing the buck. The Glazers will appreciate what a giant piece of Chutzpah that narrative requires.


{Ed002's Note - I explained this in detail at the time. Perhaps you should go back over it. And yes, I said LVG was never going to work, Depay was not ready for the move, Pogba should be in Italy or Spain and Henrikh Mkhitaryan was a disaster waiting to happen once Mr Mourinho arrived.}



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20 Aug 2018 01:28:28
City have spent £1bn+ since 2010, and they have bought the league.




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14 Aug 2018 15:31:32
Like all of us I would like to see us playing with more flair, but to go as low as 2/ 10 after having won 2 trophies in his first year, getting us to 2nd place last year with an improvement in goals scored, seems a little on the ridiculous side. I'd say 6 for now, but this season is the key to determining his overall success.