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11 Dec 2017 09:05:43
Sounds like a few still haven't come to terms with life after fergy .
Not guaranteed success, changing managers etc .

I'm sure everyone is feeling sorry for some of the spoilt United fans .

We will have to make do with a manager like Jose, playing in front of a half empty derelict stadium, watching players like pogba who we bought for a packet of chips, surrounded by semi pros who don't pick up the best pay packets in the league but do get a packet of crisps and half pint after the game .

Bottom of the league, out the cups?
Where's the plan?

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11 Dec 2017 09:14:56
You're not the sharpest knife in the drawer Jred, but I cannot help but love you.

11 Dec 2017 09:34:28
Its a relegation battle from here on in jred.

11 Dec 2017 09:59:59
We are doomed I tell ya doomed .

What chance have we got, all the other teams have better managers players money infrastrucre .
We are getting worse season after season .

11 Dec 2017 10:48:19

We don’t always agree but I’m with you on this one, overreactions to defeats are the norm on here though so no surprise. We lost to 2 scruffy goals whilst missing our best defender and best midfielder but the world has ended. Anyone who didn’t think we would lose once Pogba got sent off last week is kidding themselves.

11 Dec 2017 10:50:42
What kind of post is that Jred?

We've just lost the derby where we got totally our classed and more worrying out fought by our fiercest rivals. I think people are entitled to give their opinions about what went wrong?

Once we start accepting performances like y'day and that City are better, we lose our winning mentality, cutting edge and everything Fergi spent building for 25 years! We then become all those things you've just listed.

There is no bigger Utd fan than me, I love the Club, I love going to the matches, I love talking and debating about football. We all know it's not the end of the world but it hurts after a derby defeat especially when it almost certainly means that they'll win the title before Christmas and we didn't even make a tackle or make it hard for them!

For the record I'm a Jose fan, I still think we're going in the right direction and in Bailly, Pogba and Matic I think he's made some excellent signings. I'm bitterly disappointed about y'day because whilst City have improved immeasurably from last season Jose still feels the need to play ultra defensive football (in the big games) asking two CF's to play as auxiliary full backs!

I just feel 3 at the back suits the players in our squad at the moment, we get natural width with Young and Valencia and Martial can play higher up the pitch where he can run with the ball and terrify defences.

I didn't get the tactic's y'day, we were sitting ducks and played the entire game hoping they'd make a mistake rather than trying to create something ourselves.

It's the only game when I've felt let down by Jose defensive mentality and it's now obvious from
his results against the big 6 that it's simply not working and he needs a major re think!

This City side are far to good to play like that and we got exactly what we deserved!

11 Dec 2017 11:23:21
United are second only to a team that has had the best start to a season after 16 games ever in the English game and have just put together the longest winning streak in the history .
That's better than any team under fergy achieved, any team under Jose that great arsenal team them great Liverpool teams .
United where sat 6th this time last season and only 11 teams in the epl had scored less. This season only a record breaking city have scored more or have more points .
Yet we have a poor squad no plan etc? Doesn't say much about the other teams in the league behind us

That last time we won the league we had just beat city at this point of the season to give us 4 more points than we have now.

The year we won the treble we had 6 less points at this stage of the season .
And yet we have a poor squad no ambition no plan etc etc etc .

Maybe we are doing really well just not as good as 1 team that has raised the bar after 16 games higher than it's ever been before?

11 Dec 2017 11:26:42
Danny fergy got beat 6.1 by city, it happens .
It doesn't mean the club has no plan poor squad no ambition etc etc.

11 Dec 2017 11:40:18
Anyone who didn't think we would lose cause pogba got sent off last week is kidding themselves.
So gds2 are we a one man team now.
And we should all be happy cause city are the best team in the league.

11 Dec 2017 11:48:11
Jred - I agree with a lot of your posts pal. I know it's not the end of the world and I actually think we're still heading in the right direction. Maybe the final piece of the jigsaw is not being so ultra defensive in the big games. I actually think we've got a good team!

The manner of the defeat hurt maybe I'm still a bit emotional!

Anyway decent draw in the Champs League, by no means a gimme but certainly winnable so lots to look forward to!

11 Dec 2017 12:58:08

Not a one man team but city are bloody good this season and it would take our best team to beat them which we didn’t have, our best midfielder was missing and we have struggled against much worse teams than city without him this season.



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