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28 Oct 2023 07:04:15
Had an interesting chat with someone who is touch with some of the players. Supposedly not many are fans of Benny Mccarthy. watch this space. Not going into details.

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28 Oct 2023 17:58:14
So after posting this rumour what would be the reason for not going into details? Surely you need to post details for the rumour to ring true or are you just speculating?

28 Oct 2023 18:27:10
These players aren't happy with any body. what, Mccarthy asked them to run and work harder. What a surprise. not.

28 Oct 2023 23:03:56
Pretty sure I saw videos at the start of preseason and they were loving him…. smells more like excuse planting to me.

29 Oct 2023 06:17:54
Tim 99

Not an excuse, I think once the season is over you might see an announcement he is gone or maybe before. He commutes to Manchester as his partner lives elsewhere. there have been times, where he is not the most punctual guy, let's leave it at that.

Nothing to do with his demands and actually the other way round.

29 Oct 2023 09:24:03
Punctuality aside. He is not there to win popularity contests!

Fergie, I suspect would have been sacked many times if it was a player popularity contest. That’s the problem with the modern game. Too much player power and pandering to these clowns.

Play for the shirt, grow up or p. off!

29 Oct 2023 10:59:07
It may have escaped attention, but Sancho's disciplinary discrepancies are related to punctuality and attitude.

McCarthy is also an employee of the club and it might just be the case that one or two of the players would expect consistency to apply - and rightly so.

29 Oct 2023 17:42:45

you are in the ballpark. let's leave it at that.

29 Oct 2023 19:05:20
Won’t make a jot of difference if he’s there or not we’re embarrassing.

29 Oct 2023 19:17:48

That makes me rather concerned about those pesky rumours of favouritism/ preferential treatment from the coaching setup.

I suspect this could be a contributing factor to our performances so far this season.

29 Oct 2023 20:30:11
Can’t lambast Benny for turning up late when 16 players and the manager don’t even turn up to the games!

30 Oct 2023 13:58:59
@ Keefy post of the day.

31 Oct 2023 08:34:34
To come on here to disclose a rumour and not go into detail is quite arrogant Ahmad tbh. This is a forum where (hopefully) real fans can chat and be honest with each other. Why can’t you disclose what information you know? No disrespect but your nobody in relation to Manchester United and to come on here with little bits and pieces makes me think that your either full of BS or you think your a big shot (which you obviously aren’t) Sorry if this sounds abrupt, but share what you’ve ‘heard’ or don’t say anything.

31 Oct 2023 12:55:33
Fireman, I know for a fact that people connected to Manchester United come on these pages. Ex-players and current ones, as well as a few members of coaching staff. Probably admin and other people up and down the organisation as well. I'm not sure if any have an account or just read the posts.

I know they laugh at much of what is said, probably at stuff I have written no doubt. Either way it might not be prudent to talk openly about sources as that's when they tend to dry up. There is a reason this site works, anomimity. Although if you get too specific you will give yourself away.

31 Oct 2023 20:57:57
If they are reading this, please please please can someone name who the 804 RBs we scouted before deciding AWB was the best please.



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