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03 Jun 2024 17:43:04
Is it a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth? This end of season review is still ongoing and nobody is any the wiser. Surely there needs to be clarity for the manager, players and us lot, sooner rather than later. On another note I see Ronaldo is trying to get Casemiro to join him. let's hope he does us a favour there as we need the wages gone and a decent fee back. ??.

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03 Jun 2024 17:53:43
Club does not need to make any statements about him staying. The financial year ends June 30th so any announcement of a change before then would have a negative impact on our financials.

Would not surprise me if they stretch it till end of June even if they have decided to make a change, thinking like a conspiracy theorist lol.

03 Jun 2024 18:24:54
Maybe they are letting everyone chill out after the FA cup and lining up their duck so to speak, Bayern spent 2 months looking for their manager getting turned down by 4/ 5 choices. Better to have the plan in place then "announce it" we have no idea what people within the club have discussed, agreed, or been informed of.

03 Jun 2024 20:29:08
No rush at all everyone that needs to know at this point is aware I'm sure.

03 Jun 2024 20:52:27
Not that bothered how long they take if the get the right person in place at the end of it.

03 Jun 2024 20:59:54
Hope not amad that would be very late surely especially to make a change. Can understand the financial impact but it just doesn’t seem to be very helpful for anyone.

03 Jun 2024 23:17:19
We are already into June and the season is over, so we're in a low to no revenue period come what may. Our P&L will not be affected significantly one way or another by a managerial change announcement. What will affect it will be the recognition any transfer gains or losses timing.

04 Jun 2024 00:21:56
Maybe it is a case of nothing to report. It would be a first if UTD came out each year with a statement advising they were retaining the manager etc.
Like, I get it, some want a change, but that doesn't mean they will announce if they are not changing, rightly or wrongly.

04 Jun 2024 05:20:21

Same thing like transfers if they have to pay 10-15 million in comps to the coaching staff as reported if they make a change. Its a charge that will hit your pl for the year and recognized in the last quarter report.

04 Jun 2024 06:48:14
Jimbo, there would be a meltdown on here if there was no announcement and things continued as normal ?.

04 Jun 2024 08:58:57
A meltdown akin to Chernobyl ??.

04 Jun 2024 09:20:06
I think there's a couple of ways of looking at it.
1, that there was always going to be an end of season review (that actually took place after the final game) . Seems quite logical.
2, that constant speculation and stories, some maybe true or leaked, mostly media spin, have tainted the process and painted Ineos (perhaps rightly, or unjustly) in rather a bad light as not really knowing what they're doing at all.

Personally I try to avoid all the spin-off stories that the second option brings, although as fans we like to read all those and wonder if there's anything in them.

The things we know (that we have actually heard people involved say) are Erik saying that the end of season review had already taken place. Seems a bit bizarre and maybe another example of him being lost in translation. But surely he knows better than me. Then all this talk of other managers being spoken to before the cup final and even this week? The process is more than a little concerning, if you're talking to other girls you need to dump the first one right off - don't you? :p.

04 Jun 2024 12:00:23
I don't think anybody will have any sort of meltdown.
The management team will do what's best and they know best and are the only ones that matter.
So what they decide will be what I will support.
The only people that could potentially have a meltdown are those that think they know better, and considering none of them actually know better it will just be the same empty vessels making noise.
I've no doubt that everybody won't be happy as it's impossible to keep everybody happy but those that put their money in and have a degree of expertise are the only ones that count.

04 Jun 2024 14:55:03
Interesting to find that you've changed your stance Ken, from being so extreme in your view that ten Hag has known for months, to "what they decide will be what I will support".

04 Jun 2024 17:17:08
Not changed my view at all wazza. Wazza what are you talking about. Look back t what I have said from day 1. There are many posts where I said if they see something that is not obvious to me then they obviously are better informed and I'll support their decision 100%
I don't expect them to do a u turn at all anyhow. I am still certain he will not be our manager next year. I can't see any reason for them to keep him. He's has known since the beginning of April that other coaches have been approached for his position.

04 Jun 2024 18:53:19
Like this forum’s Farage for the past couple of months with the extremism of your views, and now that stance is softening. Interesting to see how things will be at the start of July.

04 Jun 2024 19:58:00
As per above my stance us not softening at all I hope he us fired I believe he will be.
But I won't withdraw support or stop going like you did that would be childish it's one of my hobbies after all. And I would stop going because the club employ someone I don't approve of.
I won't do a wazza and throw my toys out of the pram.

04 Jun 2024 20:17:29
There might be a few that melt Tumble. Some of the opinions have been 'hard sack' orientated. Those folk will melt like a cheap chocolate on a mild spring day.

04 Jun 2024 21:44:29
Love it Jim. You can see those staunch views softening now, becoming “hope” rather than “he has known for months”.



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