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14 May 2024 22:07:46
I read somewhere that Sesko was at the United v Arsenal game as a guest of united - do we think we would go for another inexperienced striker?

And do we see him as a step up from Hojland or cover for him?
I personally think we need a proven goal scorer and then players who will pass to him.

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14 May 2024 22:41:04
Sesko was not at the game his agent was.

14 May 2024 22:50:31
No he wasn't Jacko, it was his agent, I would however be very pleased to see Sesko at O. T. he is a player of great skill and promise.

Do not think he is a step up from Hojlund more a case of competition. Whatever the case until players start putting the ball in the box more it does not matter who we have.

Have to say I really noticed it on Sunday against Arsenal, the number of times both Garnacho and Amad (who I thought was good and deserves more game time) were in good position to get the ball in the box and just played back and sideways. I found myself shouting at TV in annoyance. You won't score every time getting the ball in the box but you will NEVER score keeping it out wide. If I was annoyed god knows how Rasmus feels, I am quite sure he would score if he gets any kind of service.

14 May 2024 23:13:49
Rasmus made good runs into the channels as well, just to be ignored by the whole team. It really is ridiculous.

15 May 2024 01:32:36
Every time it happens I keep thinking of the golf analogy that 100% of short puts never go in! got to get it there to have a chance.

15 May 2024 05:13:23
Would be very happy with Sesko. Still raw, but has improved a lot this season and has a fairly high ceiling. Price will be key though. If we can get him for £40m-£60m, I’d see that as pretty good business in the current market. If not, we’d be better off spending the money on somebody who’s a bit more polished and reinforcing elsewhere.

15 May 2024 06:54:32
The latest leak is that team mates don’t pass to Hojlund because of his inability to finish.

The article cited a number of public spats with Rashford.

If I was Hojlund I’d be tearing into my team mates on the pitch for not picking out his runs. This is what I want to see from him. Less air guitar, more demanding the ball.

15 May 2024 09:13:23
Wazza surely you don't believe that load of bullocks from Luckhurst. He's been known to make up stuff about Utd and banned by the club because of it.

15 May 2024 10:56:21
I like Sesko and aside from being another young raw striker his profile is quite different to Hojlund, so it would be nice to mix it up with a different option.
But I don't see it, his value has rocketed since the £20m we turned him down for two years ago.
I'd like to see a player who fits in between the raw upcoming talent and the finished article who demands to start every week. Not a superstar, but a shrewd more experienced player good enough for Hojlund to learn from.

15 May 2024 11:40:40
No Unruly I generally don't read the nonsense in newspapers. That article just caught my attention and I found it to be an interesting claim. What caught my attention the most was the mention of a rift with Rashford, who has famously struggled to get on with other team mates but is best pals with Sancho. It furthered my theory that Rashford might be at the centre of dressing room cliques.

15 May 2024 12:05:47
That rubbish about players not giving the ball to Rasmus is utter nonsense, totally made up bollox.

As a more direct rebuttal of that nonsense, is the fact that Rasmus Hodjlund has the second best conversion rate of goals to chances in the premier league, he is only behind Haaland who has a conversion rate of 23%, while Rasmus has a conversion rate of 22%. Clearly Rasmus has had far fewer opportunities.

Here's a radical idea, give him the ball much, much more. I am quite sure he would be a 20+ league goals scorer.

On the subject of Sesko, don't know if true, but I have seen a number of reports saying he is available for 50m euros. If true, that makes him even more of an appealing target.

{Ed002's Note - Benjamin Sesko (S/F) RBL could be offered a quick profit. His agent has not stopped offering the player around since his move to RBL. Described by a well known ex-Premier League player and high-end scout as "raw but improving". Was on the list for Spurs as a potential Kane replacement but their interest has likely gone. Newcastle enquired as they are concerned they will lose Isak - but continue to struggle to sell their project to players. Chelsea spoke with his agent but have a preferred option who looks likely to join. Milan offer an option as a potential Giroud replacement and they are looking at adding two strikers this coming summer. Arsenal have met with his agent but he appears to only be second choice for them. A wildcard may be Manchester United who need to replace Anthony Martial this summer - but Sesko will not move to simply be cover.}

15 May 2024 13:59:33
Thanks for info Ed02, is that 50m euros figure in the right ball park?

{Ed002's Note - No.}

15 May 2024 14:37:36
Thanks Ed.



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