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14 May 2024 12:34:55
So Varane is off. Shame didn't quite work for him, like him as a player but certainly not what we need now. But with that news, I just looked up United weekly wages and if the following players, who I think we'd expect to leave do go we would be saving a huge amount of weekly wages.

Varane, 340,000. Casemiro, 350,000. Martial, 250,000, Eriksen, 150,000. Amrabat, 65,000. Evans, 60,000. Sancho, 250,000. Van De Beek, 120,000. Greenwood, 50,000.

Then if you include Williams, 65,000 and Lindelof, 120,000 that's a saving of 1,820,000 a week on wages. You'd hope the club will be capable of using that money a lot wiser moving forward.

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14 May 2024 13:28:43
Hopefully Maguire goes aswell, otherwise he will leave for free next year.

14 May 2024 13:30:51
It's incredible the bad value we have got from them imo ports.
When you consider we spend over 300m to sign that lot and probably more than that on their wages. That list of players alone will have cost somewhere in the region of 600/ 700m over the last few years and delivered little or nothing really, and that's before you get into the Anthony or onanas of this squad.
If we recoup 100m from all the names in your list in fees before associated costs we'd be doing well.
On the brightside nearly all the decision makers are gone the rest soon to be gone. So we can only hope and I think it's fair assume that they won't be repeating these hideous decisions.
Sadly we will be paying the price still for a couple of seasons until they sort out this mess.

14 May 2024 14:03:01
The biggest indictment for that money is that I don't think we will see much of a hit to the first team should they all go. Yes Verane and Casimero when fit and well would be in but the rest will have little or no impact.
Side note, I am a fan of Evans especially as a leader/ mentor and would not object if he wanted to work on his coaching badges with us.

14 May 2024 14:31:58
He is a really nice guy Brad and I think he has lots of potential to coach but also he could be set for a career in within the media.
The world is their oyster these days when they retire thay have so many opportunities.

14 May 2024 15:02:38
Brad, Evans is certainly the sort of character you would like around the younger players. Certainly Big Willy and a couple of the others. I agree, wouldn’t be a bad thing for him or the club to stay and do his badges with us.

Also thought the same when I listed the players, what impact will it have on the starting 11, not a great deal!

Ken, I have a look at Palaces wages also and Olise and Eze are both on £100,000, Ghuei is in £50,000 and Wharton on £35,000. We could offer them all a £50,000 pay rise and still be in a better position. Obviously there would be big transfer fees but the point being, players are out there who could make huge impact on the team and I hope the new set up allows us to find and get these players.

14 May 2024 15:15:20
Shame that with a lot of these high profile more experienced players we've bought over the years like Schweiny/ Sanchez/ Falcao and Varane we've never had many glimpses of the players that earned their reputations. Ibra showed it in glimpses and had the character to boot.
Good luck to Varane, still young enough to offer something to a top team if he can manage his injuries.

14 May 2024 15:35:51
Think Shaw should be moved on as well, Spends more time in the treatment room than on the pitch, a good player when fit but that's not often these days.

14 May 2024 16:11:24
You could say the same about Jose and LvG, spenno.

14 May 2024 16:33:54
Maybe sack the clown (s) that agreed such wages, if not already done.

14 May 2024 17:33:46
It makes for dire reading.

We're giving out Real Madrid level contracts, without the Champions League medals in return. The club has had ideas above its station and has behaved in a delusional manner at the very top. No wonder our players behave the way they do.

14 May 2024 19:54:07
Massive wages off the books, problem is whoever comes in will likely be the same.

15 May 2024 05:19:54
Took the words right out of my mouth, Danny. Fully expect us to see us handing out ridiculous contracts again this summer. Hopefully, though, the players we sign are ones who will earn their keep and retain some kind of resale value if things don’t quite work out.



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