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25 Feb 2024 06:44:06
Whilst he might not be available, nor willing to head to UTD, Davies from Bayern might be a good option to refresh our LB.

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25 Feb 2024 10:02:36
I think he will end up at RM.

25 Feb 2024 12:56:58
I doubt we are shopping at Harrods with the big boys this summer, because those players simply won’t come.

Estupinian is a quality LB and seems ever so slightly out of favour with De Zerbi at the moment. I have no idea if we are interested but he’d add much needed energy and attacking threat.

25 Feb 2024 13:01:48
Bit of a position change that, Mad Hatter ;)

25 Feb 2024 15:14:20
I'm starting to think we might be better off signing a LB over a RB this summer.

Dalot looks like he could step up and possibly challenge for the role. While AWB could be kept for a season and allowed to leave to leave on a free in 2025 and we sign a RB then.

If Shaw and Malacia can stay fit then great, but we can't be sure either will be.

25 Feb 2024 16:06:03
Davies is not coming to United

Shaw can’t stay fit I’m not sure Malacia is good enough, AWB 100% not good enough, be easier to say who is good enough, but you have to play the hand your dealt and that’s where ETH lacks big time.

Poor team, Even poorer manager and awful coaching, don’t make for good reading, but least only about 10 more games of this crap.

25 Feb 2024 16:20:04
I’m not sure we to sign both. Dalot is not the answer but a fine understudy.

Frimpong and Dalot would be very good options.

LB - I’d give Amass minutes as see where he’s at this season. Sign a Left Footed CB who could potentially cover LB at a push. Shaw, Malacia and Amass should be fine in a normal season. And revaluate in 2025.

I question how much ETH training is affecting injuries and energy on pitch.

25 Feb 2024 16:43:20
Shaw has to be sold imo.

25 Feb 2024 17:48:48
yes i think we should sell everyone and buy some new shiny toys.

25 Feb 2024 18:31:15
That's not possible amad unfortunately. But Shaw won't be in our team by the time we are competing again that's for sure.
The sooner we get shut of these players the better.
Much like Liverpool and arsenal. Klopp had zero of the team he inherited before they competed. Arteta has zero of the team he inherited before competing. Same will bairn for our new coach except for the young kids from the academy and rasmus.
I could well be wrong but imo that's what will happen.
Happy to field your sarcasm until I'm proven wrong. There is no coming back for 90% of these players at this club. Same goes for the coach imo.
Watch yorkie change his tune as the tide turns he will follow the club narrative as he should.
If sjr and team back eth. So will i 100%.

25 Feb 2024 20:12:16
David Raum would be a good option at left back.

25 Feb 2024 20:16:15
Bang on. Most teams that reach the top are built, not inherited. Especially in the EPL. Ole was the best effort at taking the existing squad and giving them everything they wanted and trying to win with them.

We are in a full reset. And anyone thinking we should be competing during this phase is kidding themselves. 4th place this year would be remarkable - especially with injuries, yet people think EtH is failing. Madness.

26 Feb 2024 08:17:30

Funny you say that. Got hammered on the golf course yesterday and yorkie was playing behind us in another 4 ball and we had our usual banter in the clubhouse. We actually don't agree on many things and have our differences.

He does not like the manager and blames him for not getting rid of quite a few players and blames our results on the players we have allowed to stick around. I agree with him on the poor quality of some of the squad but disagree its in eth hands completely.

He always refers to fergie and how he would force players out even to the point of sending them down to the reserves if he had to. Will not mention names but you can guess some of the players in the current squad.

I disagree with him because given where our finances are, no united manager can do that. People upstairs have made those decisions for a long time post Fergie.

Many of the players we have are difficult to shift and don't think some would even care one bit if they played for under 23's as long as the weekly check came in.

Only way to make substantial changes is to pay players off to go but our finances are so bad that's its not an option and hence we get a disjoined group that goes back to 3 or 4 managers.

I suspect many of the players will be here next year bar a few due to contracts expiring and a couple maybe getting sold if we can accept the minimal fees we will get comparative to what they have cost us no matter who is the manager. It will take time to revamp this squad and until then its painful to watch some of these games.

Look at Sancho have a stinker at Dortmund, Hanibal same at Sevilla, its not the manger as other managers can't get a tune out of some these players either and they all come back and hardly anyone gets sold post these loans.

Forrest away will be a horrible fixture and city the same. Buckle up and enjoy:)



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