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04 Feb 2024 20:51:20
I might owe Dalot an apology. Still prefer Wan-Bissaka but that block off Bowen was absolutely outstanding.

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04 Feb 2024 21:05:51
He’s got far more dimensions to his game than AWB. If he could gain a bit more composure I’d happily lose AWB tbh.

05 Feb 2024 06:10:36
ports with the wealth of talent at portugal he starts every game for them. a very good player imo. if people want to judge defenders based on mistakes here and there, there is not a single defender that will past that test.

05 Feb 2024 07:00:26
Dalot is twice the player AWB is. The only thing AWB has over Dalot is his excellent one on one tackling. Otherwise Dalot is a far superior player in every other aspect of football.

05 Feb 2024 07:15:09
He is way in front of AWB, it’s clear ETH thinks the same too…. Is Dalot a great modern day full back no, but AWB is even less so.

05 Feb 2024 07:41:22
I know unruly, bit different but I kinda like my defenders capable of defending.

05 Feb 2024 09:24:01
I don't disagree Ports. The perfect fullback would be a blend of Dalot and AWB.

05 Feb 2024 09:30:10
Jesus he makes one great interception and has a half decent game he's Cafu now.
He's a bang average full back just like AWB.
Very poor defensively and constantly out of position.
I think this is one of the positions that Ten Hag will look at in the summer if he is still in the job.

05 Feb 2024 09:48:22
Ahmaf who Are all the full backs that dalot is keeping out of the perusal team. Who do they play for? I'm not sure they have a wealth of talent sitting not in the squad?

05 Feb 2024 09:57:21
Sim, watch games and try to remove emotion out of it. No one is saying that he is Cafu, that is just you making stuff up.

05 Feb 2024 11:48:30
Unruly - i do watch the games every week. He's a poor full back.
If you think Dalot is the answer at full back then we are bang in trouble.
Stop looking at things through your rose tinted red glasses.

05 Feb 2024 11:53:15

I don't know who else there is in terms of right back options for Portugal. I rate Dalot personally and nothing to do with that block. Very good on the ball, touch, control, passing and good pace and chips in a few goals. I can live with the occasional defensive errors, they all do it.


He gets up the pitch and when we lose possession he can get caught out of position. Its part the risk all teams take when they push their full backs up the pitch and into midfield areas, which seems to be the new trend. Its more to do with us being sloppy and losing possession than Dalot being out of position imo.

05 Feb 2024 12:23:55
Everyone has different opinions which i respect.
Personally i think he is bang average and the right back position needs looking at in the summer.
I would keep Dalot as a squad player and sell AWB.

05 Feb 2024 16:28:15
Ken, Cancelo, Semedo and Pereira, Cedric and João Mario are all players who have represented Portugal playing RB over the last three years.

Cancelo is an excellent full back and was brilliant for City for a few years. He fell out with Pep and has since been loaned to Barcelona where he's first choice.

The fact that Dalot is currently keeping him out the national side is pretty impressive to be fair. Portugal are in a similar position to England where they have 3 or 4 international quality RB's. Dalot being one of them.

06 Feb 2024 09:46:29
I don’t remember Ken playing for Portugal Shappy.

06 Feb 2024 10:50:44
Portuguese granny qualified me gds2.



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