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04 Feb 2024 16:14:49
Good performance and result. Team looking a lot more like it and cohesive. Martinez injury a worry though we really need him and look much better with him in the team. ?? it's not too serious .

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04 Feb 2024 16:32:16
Let's hope it's not a bad one. It didn't look too bad.
Clean sheet is a good boost.
We were pretty comfortable for the most part. Nice to see garnacho on the right and getting 2 goals and rasmus looking more confidant.
We are not great in possession still but any supporter that has watched us all season can't be surprised by that. A very comfortable win against a depleted West ham. Tougher test next week as villa will prove to be a bigger goal threat.

04 Feb 2024 16:34:57
There is a feeling in some quarters that Coufal put conscious effort into injuring Martinez, bearing in mind how he quite blatantly twisted his body to apply more weight while wrapping his arms.
Despite his reputation for being a dirty player, I'm not necessarily saying he did intend to injure another player, but that was certainly a questionable moment in the match.

04 Feb 2024 17:02:12
It’s so difficult to not get carried away about how good Mainoo is. He has composure in droves.

Likewise the trio of Mainoo, Garnacho and Hojlund has so much potential. Surely we must build the team around these 3 players over the next few years, the potential is really exciting.

You’re right Tim it’s a worry about Martinez. It was an unfortunate injury and he’s the type of player who will pick up knocks and tears by the way he plays. We are much better with him in the back 4.

Casemiro was also good today, the desire to win the ball which led to Hojlund’s goal is what we’ve been missing.

That’s 11 goals in 3 games. Granted 1 game was against Newport and granted we’ve conceded a few. We are exciting to watch again, which is something we’ve all been pining for. It just goes to show the extent of the injury crisis and the length of it has really crushed our season. It’s looking a lot better now, which the more level headed of us expected to happen once our injured players started to come back.

The next game against Villa is massive now. We have to beat them to stand a chance of finishing ahead of them and in the top 4.

04 Feb 2024 18:04:34
Ork. Absolute crap. No need to spread vicious rumours like that with absolutely no proof.

Coufal also went over to Martinez when he went off to apologise.

I guess your quarters are Twitter.

04 Feb 2024 18:33:13
Nonsense like that doesn't warrant a response wazza.

04 Feb 2024 18:52:48
True Ken. Martinez is just as culpable of leaving everything on an opponent. It was two committed players battling for the ball. Nothing more.

04 Feb 2024 20:06:01
It was a coming together, no malice whatsoever. He just fell on his knee. Massive loss if he is out for a while, we've only just got him back after a long layoff. We look a lot more solid with him in the team.

Glad to see our three youngest players have decent games. These players are the ones we need to build around in the summer.

04 Feb 2024 20:40:36
Eth saying it’s a bad one. Could be out for some time again. Sad times - we’re a totally different side with him in it.

04 Feb 2024 20:59:51
Awful news if true, he sets the tone and we are a much more confident unit with him in it. Just not our season with injuries is it?.

04 Feb 2024 22:00:55

My point, that obviously wasn't articulated clearly enough for you or the Weed, was that Coufal was simply wrestling with Martinez - something that happens quite often.
He did twist his body to apply more weight onto Martinez, he did wrap his arms, but he was wrestling with him.
He does have a bit of a reputation for being a little dirty, as does Martinez.

The rumours were already bouncing around before I posted.

The whole scenario is perfectly questionable because, whether or not harm was intended, a player was injured when the ball and both opponents were easily over the line and ultimately battling for no further purpose - the fault of both players.

Realistically, irrespective of the apology, there's a chance Coufal's desire to 'win' in the heat of battle led to an outcome he would rather not have happened, the very same applies to Martinez.

I didn't realise I was being so cryptic, but there we are.

04 Feb 2024 22:47:35
I don't think your were cryptic at all.
You said there was talk that coufal but a conscious effort into inuring martinez and I think that's utter BS.
Your day rumours were circulating and bouncing? Can I ask the source of the rumours and platform they were reported. Considering your post was about 20 mind after final whistle in guessing this had not come from the horses mouth so to soak.
Doris the dinner lady from Cornwall came up with this theory did she? Or perhaos someone else but as heavily in the know as Doris.

05 Feb 2024 05:04:43
There was talk of it, and BS is a good summary of most of that talk.

I think you already know the sources.

The match ended before 4pm, the suggestion of 20mins is garbage.

Ultimately, I'll not apologise for my post simply because you and Wazza couldn't be bothered to read the actual context.

05 Feb 2024 06:15:00
reading what the players and manager have said sounds like an ACL and Martinez gone till maybe next September or later. Terrible for the team and the guy. He is almost mistake free playing out from the back and so composed. Can't catch a break this year with injuries just when you think things are looking up.

05 Feb 2024 09:12:57
Ork your party was at 4.36 I'd say was off pitch at 4.o5 so paydays 30 mind or so.
There is no context it's nonsense. You don't need to apologise for any post or your opinion. If you choose to give credence to that sorT of nonsense iTs your business but anybody that knows anything about football would counter it because its BS.

05 Feb 2024 10:36:55
Weed are you a little geezer with ginger hair? You're never happier than when you're having a personal fight with somebody.

05 Feb 2024 11:05:45
Personal fight ha ha ha? my opinion is that orks post was ridiculous and I'm giving my opinion like he did his.
It's OK to disagree with people fizzy pop. It's OK.
As for my hair colour I'm not sure what that had to do with anything but it is pretty non existent these days but no was not ginger more of a dirty blonde.
Ork is entitled to post what he likes if I find it to be nonsense I'll say it if I agree I'll say it.
I'm sitting back enjoying my bank holiday and in great form.
You have a nice day.

05 Feb 2024 11:55:07

Any extra hair in any color would be highly welcomed in my case. leaving me at an alarming rate:)

05 Feb 2024 12:11:56
I'd be happy if it was all hair ahmad. But still having to go to barbers to get a shave every 2 days its inconvenient.
It doesn't grow on top but still grows on face and is perhaps even intensifying its growth in nose and ears. It just doesn't seem fair??.

05 Feb 2024 21:09:38
Ah Weed, bless ya socks.

I'll remember to remind you of how freedom of opinion works next time you're getting all salty because someone calls you out for something you've said.

Saddle up mate. :D.

05 Feb 2024 23:25:14
I'm never salty ork. Never. Just happy to disagree.
You keep posting your rumours or made up stories and I'll be happy to comment on them.

05 Feb 2024 23:34:20
Wazza I tend to agree. Casimero is lacking the recovery pace and speed and agility to be effective every match so its still a glaring hole in the squad imo.
Mainoo has the ability and bravery to receive the ball in the half turn and under pressure. Terrific composure.
Garnacho is much less wasteful from the right and has a better goal return from their. He was a real handful again today.

Rasmus is growing in stature and confidence.
Good clean sheet although we ride our luck at times.
Martinez is massive hope it's not going to keep him out next week. Beat villa we have an outside chance of catching them and spurs for 4th but it's still a long shot given that we have not gone on a run of wins for a while and we are too prone to slipp ups.



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