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30 Oct 2019 22:51:34
Another big game and Rashford steps up again. That free kick is probably the best I've seen since ronaldo against Portsmouth. Confidence is building, momentum is building. A win on Saturday could hopefully see us start a run.

Credit where it's due to Ole tonight, made a good formation switch after they equalised and we got back on top. It wasn't an outstanding game, but a piece of magic won it.

Brandon Williams was also excellent.

Have a good night.


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31 Oct 2019 10:09:08
That was a beauty indeed.
He misses a lot free kicks but that one makes up for every other.

Good to have 3 wins in row away from home. Confidence is building up and I hope we can sustain it much longer.

31 Oct 2019 10:19:27
Don't get me wrong I loved seeing that ball fly into the top corner. Yet when you hit a ball like that it is more luck than judgement as to where the ball goes. Ronaldo mastered the technique after many many years of practising it daily for hours on the training ground. Even then he only hit the target 50% of the time with him actually scoring from 1 in 10 attempts.

It was a phenomenal goal, but if Rashford scores another 9 like it during his whole career then he will have done very very well.

31 Oct 2019 11:28:23
Who took a wizz in your cornflakes shappy? Free kicks do not have a very high success rate for any player. He’s practicing every day so what’s not to say he can’t master it either and score more?

31 Oct 2019 12:08:01
Caolan, have a look at Rashford's comments after the game. Even he said it was a stroke of luck.

When you shoot through the ball like that you have less control where the ball goes.

Rashford has hit row z this season trying that technique more often than not. It was a beautiful goal, and all power to him for taking that on and trying that shot. All I'm saying is based on Rashford's free kicks this season a huge slice of luck helped nestle that one in the top corner.

31 Oct 2019 12:35:38
Yes, but these guys practice that technique daily, and you reap what you sow. If he keeps working at it, he will score more and more. Obviously a reason for him being on free kicks. I agree some have been rubbish, but he deserves massive amount of credit for that one.
Rather than talking about luck or how many like that he will score in the future, just enjoy a marvellous goal worthy of winning any game of football.

31 Oct 2019 13:12:38
'To be honest, it was the balls, ' Rashford admitted. 'When we were training with them and we were shooting there was this up and down motion and they can go anywhere.

'Thankfully, today it went in the top corner. '

This is Rashford's comments after the game. He admits that they can go ANYWHERE, and that he was thankful it went in the top corner.

He is saying he was lucky. There is nothing wrong with that, he also says they have trained with the ball and it was something he found that with these balls they have more up and down movement.

When you strike a ball it that manner where its movement isn't controlled by the player then luck will always play a part.

31 Oct 2019 14:58:16
Shappy I’m literally saying just enjoy the goal. Almost seems like you’re looking to take something away from him 😂.



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