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09 Mar 2019 08:55:49
For me Ole has put the long lost passion and romance of football back in to Old Trafford. By all means accuse me of looking through rose-tinted glasses, but if a manager makes me do that then he's doing something right. I haven't done that for years. Football is a joy again. Matches take too long to come around. Press interviews are interesting.

Its now Ole Trafford. He now has my respect above and beyond what he achieved as a player for United. I don't buy this "anybody could have done this", I'm sorry but that's utter nonsense Mr. Ince. "This" is now quite incredible. Ole is demonstrating an ability to work with, respect and listen to his coaching team, make shrewd and brave team selections, make effective substitutions, promote and motivate youth players, recognise and utilise the strengths of the experienced players, mobilise the fanbase and deliver results time and time again - some in the most incredible of circumstances.

Taking Ole out of the debate, looking for the 'logical' best fit has not worked. In some cases there was a serious lack of logic anyway. Ole is a dam good fit. There may be weaknesses but United is a club that promotes youth - and that ethos should in some ways be shone on the manager too. He is young and inexperienced, just like so many now legendary players from the past. I look at him and see so much potentia. The guy drips class, humility and has not once frowned, snarled or shown any resentment to the press. How refreshing.

If he is having a fraction of the impact upon the players that he is the fan base then we are on the right path. Personally I really don't see what Blanc (mentioned elsewhere) offers that's worth the risk of changing. What am I missing? He may be a tactical genius, and I haven't even researched his CV because it shouldn't even be a possibility, but from memory nothing particularly stands out.

For years now we've been saying we need to recover from the loss of Sir Alex, if nothing else Ole is doing that. and then some. I believe it is shrewd and wise to wait until the summer before announcing anything, it gives Ole more time to grow in to the role with less (and its all relative) pressure.

Gary Nev said there's only three questions that need asking. Well there is a fourth, and that's the DoF. The club needs somebody that can support Ole, if the club get that right (Edwin van der Sar would be my choice) I believe there is a very bright and exciting future ahead of us all.

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10 Mar 2019 02:41:46
Good post Tim with which I agree with most if not all the points.
Recently Schmeichal has raised his hand to be the DOF. I would be against that as I think EvdS is more suited. Not really a person who draws controversy and attention, he would be a good fit and would know the DNA of the club. He would work well with OGS I feel. Kasper would be too imposing in opinion and I see him to be a little Woody-like.
Just my humble opinion.
Looking forward to the game later. Best opportunity to level 3rd but trailing only by goal difference. All the way Man Utd!

10 Mar 2019 09:00:36
His dad might be better!

10 Mar 2019 11:00:53
Good post Timbo, it remains to be seen if he can continue to motivate and inspire if he is given the job full time but he certainly deserves a chance.

With good results comes expectation and having to deliver is significantly harder to what he's doing at the moment when the only real pressure is that he's put upon himself.

He'll soon find people won't be as forgiving when he's expected to challenge for the title and every game and performance matters.

Next season will be completely different but he's earned his chance and there are no guarantees; Mr Mourinho has taught us that.

11 Mar 2019 04:38:42
Great post Tim, well said.



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