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19 Apr 2018 23:24:38
If last summer had gone differently and we got morata instead of lukaku, and Chelsea got Lukaku, we could well be in Chelsea's position in the table and they could be in ours. A lot of opinion on the site was split between the two. They have missed costa this season and Lukaku would have done a great job for them in my opinion. He has put away a lot of the chances morata is missing. Morata has scored a few with his head but with our lack of wide play would he have scored as many headers playing for us?
Likewise with Matic and bakayoko, Matic has been great for us this season, I'm glad we signed him instead of bakayoko who we were also linked to last summer, a "younger better matic" lol.

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19 Apr 2018 23:47:20
Great Post, and to think he had his bleak form around Xmas, as did most of our team. He's still managed to improve drastically and score important goals. I feel after he broke his duck against the top 6 teams he's been brilliant, and even better news if he's left his fat greedy agent and gone with Jay z's company surely that's only a good thing.

19 Apr 2018 23:57:56
If you think Matic has been great for us this season your watching a different game to me. He had a good few games at the start, he’s been poor since November.

20 Apr 2018 00:49:58
He said matic did better than batayoko which is true, matic at the beginning of the season alongside pogba looked like the missing piece, obvs that went tits up. Matic has been Jose's boy who can't go wrong but I don't think he's been poor, he's been brilliant at being slightly above average with the odd exceptional game. Herrera in his past two games in a deep role has been impressive and I'd love for him to be given that role against spurs.

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20 Apr 2018 01:13:19
Stand, I don't know if you go to games or not but Matic is much better than he is given credit for. If we aren't pressing high up the pitch then he can't. When we do he is 20/ 30 yards in their half. He is more than a holding player. When he receives the ball he always looks forward first. More often than not we are static up front so, his passes are either sideways or backwards. he has probably been our most consistant player. Never dynamic or, run a game but, break up play and keep the ball.

{Ed0333's Note - was he bought to press?

20 Apr 2018 06:31:49
Junctionred most teams walk through our mf like it doesn't exist, you could say that happens due to pogba being lazy but even against Brighton with a 3 man mf opposition still easily run through us, if matic is supposed to be protecting the defense then isn't doing a good job of it.

20 Apr 2018 07:39:51
Dodged a bullet with morata really don't get the hype around him other than he played for Madrid.
11 league goals this season to go with the 7 and 8 he scored in 2 seasons at juve .
Matic has done well for United but I'm not sure he is the right player for us . Sits deep and starts a lot of the attacks but he sets the tempo from that position and it's very slow .
There is also not another team in the league that has such an exposed CB. Every time a team goes forward against us they get as far as our back line .
It makes me laugh when people say we don't attack because Jose wants to protect the back 4 . It's the most exposed back line in the league.

20 Apr 2018 07:44:11
Its not down to Matic, overall our players do not press.

Matic won't do it alone, if its Mou tactics I don't know.

Without the ball players look lazy and lack desire to win it back.

20 Apr 2018 08:20:25
Totally agree on Lukaku. I never understood why some posters started attacking him.
Jred and Kennedy have hit the nail on the head and it is something I've been banging on for some time. Our midfield is non existent and we don't work anywhere near hard enough when we lose the ball. Pressing the opposition does not exist in Mourinho's vocabulary. Also, in order to press, you need a mixture of small athletic midfielders to go along players like Matic. Unfortunately, Mourinho is only interested in playing tall big players. that's why our midfield looks so rigid. Our back 4 are constanrly exposed due to this error in tactics. If we had players like thiago, isco, veratti and herrera playing, we'll be a lot more combative in midfield.

20 Apr 2018 12:50:59
You can't defend with players like Jones and smalling that is the reason why our midfielder can't attack and go gungho style. Not saying Matic is slow or is the best aeound but the blame has to be based on our defenders who are absolutely brainless.

20 Apr 2018 13:20:39
Singh . He had last summer smalling, Jones, tfm, tuanzebe, rojo, blind plus two centre Half's he actually bought himself for big money bailey and lindelehoff . Whatever you or I think of people like smalling Jose given all those choices has decided smalling has been his go to centre half . I get that people don't rate smalling but he isn't selecting the team and picking himself . Jose given free choice of those players selects him . People then imply what chance has Jose got to play more attacking when people like smalling play but then gloss over he has had lots of other options including players bought to replace the likes of him . I know Bailly has had injuries but Jose has had lots of other options.

20 Apr 2018 14:02:31
Smalling is picked week in week out by Jose he his Jose first choice cb.
Jose has said Valencia start tomorrow again his captain and first choice rb.
An area we are not looking to strengthen.

That's not the reason Jose isn't going gungho style it's also not the reason some of our cm aren't playing well.

20 Apr 2018 18:44:56
Id actually say Jones is more his cup of tea except he's always injured.

20 Apr 2018 19:12:45
And that is why smalling and jones are up for sale. Maybe smalling plays because he's in the shop window.

20 Apr 2018 19:13:43
We are after a lb and maybe because we can't buy all thr players we want this window that is the reasson Valencia isn't to be replaced. If Mourinho had the chance he would rip thr whole defence up.

20 Apr 2018 19:32:28
Would Jose or you? Jose bought 2 cbs smalling still get pick before him .
Valencia his captain plays when fit and is no where near as bad as you and others make out .

20 Apr 2018 19:51:43
Ok Singh you feel then that utd can't attack much because smalling and Jones at the back don't allow this so Jose has spent the full season handicapping himself by picking them infront of all the other options and forcing himself into being more defensive than he wants to be in order to put them in the shop window . While taking a completely different method on other players he may wish to sell like darmian, Shaw and blind .

21 Apr 2018 00:17:14
Outfield players only matic and lukaku have played more than smalling .



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