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21 Mar 2018 22:35:20
Hi ed0333

That long ago I can’t remember what we talked about. I remember revealing my Mancunian loyalties but he wasn’t bothered and the rivalry wasnt as toxic as it is now, seems to have worsened when Liverpool stopped being top dogs, doubt I would have mentioned Norman though. Re drinking, see my other post about a certain Thursday evening back in the eighties, he wasn’t the one laid unconscious over the bar.

{Ed0333's Note - ok mate will do. I honestly think the hostility nae toxicity has diluted somewhat, maybe this is due to the fact that your not winning everything in sight anymore or hopefully both sets of fans realize it’s only a game of football and there are more important things in life like world hunger, poverty, persecution etc etc and 22 guys kicking a piece of white leather around pails into insignificance.

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22 Mar 2018 02:07:35
its not a real rivalry like celtic v rangers, and that's not me trolling as my united leanings are well known, i find all the english derbies quite tame, up here you have to be streetwise and have your wits about you going to and coming back from old firm games, people have been murdered up here for the rivalry which is about more than just football sadly.

{Ed001's Note - real rivalry? It is no such thing. It is bigotry and disgusting sectarianism and stupidity and moronic and you fools celebrate it and call it a 'real rivalry'.}

22 Mar 2018 12:46:20
did i not put in my post that its sad the rivalry is about more than football? I think you'll find i did, my club Celtic are non sectarian and open to all, the other fools as you describe them had an anti-catholic sectarian policy for over 100 years, that's why up here rangers are called scotland's shame.

{Ed001's Note - are yes of course Celtic never did anything of the sort, such as when Jock Stein was told he would never go any further as he was Protestant. Just accept your 'rivalry' is nasty and you lot up there need to grow up and stop celebrating stupidity, instead of coming on here casting scorn on other rivalries as not 'proper rivalry'. If you can't see that what you wrote makes you a fool then you are an even bigger fool than I thought.}

22 Mar 2018 13:11:18
Ed007 will tell you, Aberdeen v Hibs used to be a pretty tasty fixture back in the day. Amongst the supporters at least. Especially during the height of the Casual scene. Mind you, Aberdeen people tend to hate everyone with equal enthusiasm.

{Ed007's Note - Aberdeen didn't mess about, Stevie. When I was about 17/18 they threw me through John Menzies on Union Street's window.}

22 Mar 2018 13:40:44
it just makes me look like the decent football fan i am who has no hatred or bigotry in his body and was merely going on about the severity of rivalries as someone who has also attended manchester derbies and united v liverpool games, as my point was i find them quite tame and relaxing compared to glasgow derbies.

{Ed001's Note - that is not what you said is it. So perhaps you should think about what you say before insulting other rivalries that are just as real as yours. Hatred and violence does not make something more real, just more stupid.}

22 Mar 2018 14:21:12
again you missed my original point, i'm talking about the intensity of the rivalry not the cause of it.

{Ed001's Note - it is not me missing the point. Still going over your head I guess.}

22 Mar 2018 14:26:45
Ed there is hatred and rivalry in England when it comes to football and when all the clubs join together for international games England are the most hated in world football.
And in other countries Italy, Germany, Brazil Argentina and so on are full of hatred where football is concerned.
It's everywhere in football
I don't agree with it buts it there.
The last time England came to Ireland they ripped up the stadium and I was there and will never forget the look on some kids faces, they were frightened for their lives.
I hope it has moved on from that now. but there will always be a handful that will start it off.
Give some clowns 6 pints and they are off.

{Ed001's Note - you are missing the point as well. I was saying that you cannot judge a rivalry by the hatred. Everton-Liverpool, for instance, has lost a lot since it becoming hatred rather than a friendly rivalry. Hatred does not make a rivalry, it does nothing but produce idiots who glorify in it. Has Liverpool-Man Utd rivalry become better for having more hatred in recent times? Not at all, it has just made it nastier, not better or more real.}

22 Mar 2018 18:09:03
Ed01 is right. For some daft reason the Glasgow clubs seem to wear there 'rivalry' as a badge of honour.

It often gets disgusting and nothing to be proud of. Certainly nothing to come on a united message board and boast about that's for sure.

22 Mar 2018 18:49:30
What ever happened to being rivals without hating each other? Why the need to hate? I'm a very competitive person, which has a tendency to create quite a few rivalries. However, I don't hate anyone. To be honest I find the idea of hating someone foolish, time consuming and self destructive. You hating someone has a far greater effect on you and your emotional state than it does the person you hate. Just let it go.

I grew up with loads of Liverpool fans, the kids of glory supporting fathers who have no connection to Liverpool but they were the best team when they grew up. Then I had to endure taunts of being a glory supporter because I'm not Mancunian and United have done very well during my life. Yet I was a United supporter because I was brought up (within football) by United supporting Mancunians. Yet I don't hate a single one of them. Because I know that they know deep down United are just better. lol.

22 Mar 2018 19:56:14
who was boasting? i was talking about the intensity of the atmosphere, who would want to talk about the bad side of it? and i'm talking on a manchester united site because i'm also a manchester united fan of 40 odd years.



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