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14 Jun 2017 22:08:59
Personally I hope United take a back seat when it comes to bringing in players like Belotti and Morata this season fro extra extravagant costs.

I would like to see United revert back to the United of old and buy from within the league as that is where this club generally has had the greatest successes over the years.

For me its a no brainer, there are some wonderful players in this league who turn up almost every week who would love nothing more than an opportunity to play for this club. If the club is going to splash cash and really go for the title let's bring in players who are proven in this league.

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14 Jun 2017 22:31:54
Who would you go for, who the selling club would do business for less than £100m and would improve us better than others outside the league? I'd take Kane but it won't happen, Alli again wouldn't happen, Sanchez looks like he wants City or Munich so not him, Rose is a possibility but for a high price no doubt, Matic is also very possible and I wouldn't be upset with him coming in tbh, as long as the price was right.

I just don't see that many players at CM, on the wing or up front that would be available, want to come or who would improve us.

14 Jun 2017 22:37:32
Erm, like who?

14 Jun 2017 22:41:20
Teams in the league are getting paid a lot of money now due to tv money and prize money.
They no longer need to sell there best players to balance the books.

14 Jun 2017 22:53:22
It's nuts the transfer market at the moment .
Morata 80 mil for a player who has scored 30 league goals in 3 year played 90 minutes 5 times last season .
He is for Madrid what solskjaer was for united .
If he is worth that how much is kane worth 130?
How much would RVN of been worth or a young Henry.

Morata is a decent player as is lukaku but are they great players compared to the best, not imo is there maybe a lack of great players at the moment?
A zidane ronaldinho Ronaldo rivaldo etc where on a different level .
Take Messi and Ronaldo out of it are the rest really great players?

14 Jun 2017 23:02:08
I'd love for a lot of things to be like the olden days. Unfortunately things move on and change.

That Fergie model is gone and has been replaced. It's just the way life goes, it evolves.

14 Jun 2017 23:18:39
Easier said than done, sure we would all love to cherry pick the best players from the other teams (not that that is what we always did, we have signed players from abroad for years) .

The 20 premier league teams are in the 30 richest Blu clubs in the world, they don't need to sell their biggest assets and would therefore charge us a huge premium which you would then moan about as well.

15 Jun 2017 01:12:57
Not necessarily GDS. I believe there are some really good players in this league and I would rather see a significant amount spent on a player like Sanchez than a Greizmann for instance or a Lukaku than a Morata. It is now the era of player power and dollars so you get and give enough either way the player is yours.

Brendan for me the players you mentioned are some I would have a look at but there is also many more.

Supa players like Barkley, Gueye, Sigurdsson, Tadic, Mahrez to name just a few and would cost less or equal to these international higher risk signings United have been linked with recently. These are guys that turn up almost every week and in my opinion would improve our team without the risk of a ‘settling in period’ to adjust to a new league.

15 Jun 2017 03:03:40
I love the idea of signing Epl stars but the reality is that we aren't as dominant in the market as we used to be - greater competition from the likes of Chelsea and City plus lower teams are now raking it in so less need to sell. I would love us to buy the likes of Sanchez, Alderweireld, Aguero personally but they have to be attainable and need to fit the managers plan too. We used to be able to bully a team like Spurs for their biggest players but that's not necessarily the case now. And the majority of the players outside the top 6 aren't good enough to improve us.

It's also important to remember that the increased TV revenue has inflated values dramatically (sadly) and increased the asking price for any player to an Epl club.

Having said all this I would take Alexis Sanchez over almost any other player in the world and wish we had a registered interest at least. But it seems we have other targets.

15 Jun 2017 03:25:31
Wow Maze and then you want us to be a great team and then again want us to sign these mediocre players.

15 Jun 2017 04:33:22
Maze if sanchez was remotely possible we would be trying to make a deal, lukaku is a ftb with a touch that could make rooney think his touch isn't that bad. Barkley is your average english player overrated and rubbish. Gueye is a decent but we have all seen what signing mf from midtable clubs leads like schneiderlin and anyway fabinho is miles better than either geuye or barklry, i am not a fan of perisic but tadic is seriously rubbish, mahrez is a whining crybaby who will throw his toys out of the pram at first sight of trouble just like at Leicester.

So much for better options, for starters this isn't 90's we aren't the one of 2 top teams now there's 5-6 of them, secondly the talent level of english players has seriously gone down, i don't see a rio level player anywhere in england that we can buy or anyone close to likes of scholes gerrard or lampard, kane right now seems only great player england has but at his price we might as well try to sign neymar or messi first.

15 Jun 2017 09:20:16
Sigurdsson haha turns up every week apart from when he signed for a better team and was awful and got sold. I couldn't disagree more with that list, we have players in our youth teams I would rather promote than spend any money on average like that.

Some people seem to think life is so simple, let's just sign all these players, it isn't like that at all and Jose and the scouts will have done extensive research on our targets and know who they want, just because you watch the prem more doesn't mean Dusan Tadic is better than Alvaro Morata and you would be daft to suggest it does.

I am happy to trust our management and scouting team in bringing in 4/ 5 players they think will improve the team with the right attitude and attributes to improve us and push us on, i don't bitch about signing like some, just wait and see who we have got and get behind them at OT against West Ham.

15 Jun 2017 07:43:42
So Shan and CSM you think Morata or Belotti would be better options than players like Lukaku and Mahrez in the PL next season?

CSM many posters said Mane was average but was the best winger in the league last season.

AS for Snachez it is well documented he will probably leave so I cannot even begin to think where you got 'not even remotely possible' from.

15 Jun 2017 10:17:27
There are players in this league I would look at. Sanchez would be my priority. What can city offer him we can't? Sanchez, lukaku, Rose, Bertrand, are all players if happily have.

15 Jun 2017 10:50:49
I agree completely with those players you mentioned Stand. Also there is others out there who are better than we have. Some folk just need a Greizmann.



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