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09 Jun 2024 17:47:46
Not tuchel then by the looks of it. seems that he's getting his story out there that he's taking a break and wouldn't take the job if offered. I'd say it's more likely that he's been informed he's not getting it and is saving face. That leaves eth, poch de zerbi and Southgate. Why do I get the feeling that it's going to be the latter after the euros?! .

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09 Jun 2024 18:43:36
I have it on good authority that it definitely will not be Southgate and he hasn’t let me down before

Praying it ain’t him.

09 Jun 2024 19:18:03
Hope you're right BR, ETH runs rings around Southgate.

09 Jun 2024 21:01:59
Really hope so Blackpool, really hope you’re right.

09 Jun 2024 21:50:21
Hope so Blackpool…think that announcement would send this whole forum into a meltdown! Might actually be the one time we are all in agreement ??.

09 Jun 2024 21:54:56
If it’s between ETH, De Zerbi, Poch and Southgate, ETH's CV is better than all of them so would be strange if one of them was chosen ahead of ETH.

09 Jun 2024 22:17:20
I was under the impression a technical director had been appointed to oversee the strategic direction of the Club, to define the style of play and recruit accordingly.

That being said how does Gareth Southgate, Thomas Tuchel and Roberto De Zerbi all end up on the same list?

Completely different managers with completely ideas, principles and styles of play!

Incompetence personified, Ineos are a shambles and to be openly speaking to multiple other managers, having just won an Fa Cup, when the vast majority of the fan base still support the current manager and he hasn’t even been sacked yet, over two weeks later is an utter disgrace!

EtH outers complaining about the style of play and the Ineos are seriously considering appointing Gareth Southgate is perhaps the biggest irony of them all! incredible, absolutely incredible!

09 Jun 2024 22:32:47
Honestly, if Southgate becomes our manager I give up! How he is even in any conversation is mind boggling. He is useless.

09 Jun 2024 22:43:53
And I’ll add another thing, hundreds of staff facing redundancy for alleged efficiency savings, all whilst the Glazers fly in on a private jet for the Fa Cup final and stay in the finest hotels, as the Club foots the bill!

How many people have to lose their job, just to cover the cost of the Glazers jetting in for the Cup final?

Is this really what our beloved Club has been become?

Are we really supposed to believe that making people redundant, in order to save money has been the problem and is suddenly going to transform the Club or make any kind of meaningful impact on performance or allow us to compete in the transfer market? That making the poorest people at the Club redundant is the answer and one of the first acts of the new minority owners in supposedly returning us to the top!

The treatment of staff is deplorable, the treatment of EtH completely disrespectful, beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

10 Jun 2024 16:02:50
If I were in eth shoes I would acknowledge this is a poisonous marriage, stand my ground and not give an inch and go by my contract terms, get paid and exit.

They have done their best to encourage the public shaming and ridicule eth has received and have not lifted a finger to show any sort of support. These leaks cannot be coming without someone from all sides leaking it.

Why on earth would you want to manage at a club with this type of environment. life is too short and other jobs will present themselves. Piece of mind and feeling wanted is worth more than a shiny thing on the outside but rubbish on the inside.

11 Jun 2024 12:04:46
What leaks? What have Ineos done to undermine ETH? I've not seen any announcements. So far all I've seen are rumours and speculation.

What have I missed?



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