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25 May 2024 11:13:10
Read a good article today from an interview with mitrovic and neves on their experiences on the Saudi Pro league.
Leaving the fact that both are earning 5 or six times what they were in the epl with both earning 400k pw plus. The are enjoying the lifestyle and the privacy. They're is so much less intrusion into their lives and their family time and life has improved to a huge degree.
In many ways its like the LIV golfers experience.
I can only see a greater exodus from players wanting to put their family 1st and gaining new experiences.
Really insightful piece and gives me a different perspective on why players are making the move.
I don't spend as much time out in the M. E as I used to but my experiences from the region were nearly all positive. I see the attraction for the players outside of the obvious financial gains.

{Ed025's Note - lets be honest Tumbleweed it has nothing to do with family life mate, its all about the money...and nothing else..

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25 May 2024 12:00:28
I don't think that's true at all ed025.

{Ed025's Note - do you think these players would have gone to Saudi if they were on the same money then Tumbleweed?, i fear not mate, yes i may be getting cynical in my old age but i say it like i see it..

25 May 2024 12:13:56
The money is of course the instant attraction that's what's required to take them away from the Premier comps but the lifestyle / family life will attract others to make the jump.
If it was money only and no other benefits I doubt you would see the exodus we have seen and an exodus that will grow.
I don't think too many English lads will go early in their career as they don't travel well are generally less educated than their European counterparts and culturally handcuffed to the English way of life.

{Ed025's Note - personally Tumbleweed i dont think its the greatest place for every family mate, men yes, but women are treated as second class citizens and dont even get me started on the gay issues they have out there, all just opinion though i suppose mate, money and weather yes...the rest is a big no for me..

25 May 2024 12:39:16
While it'd be disingenuous to say the money isn't a big factor. I also think it's unfair to suggest that it's the only thing that or is ultimately the deciding factor.

When I was a child my dad was offered a job in China where he'd have earned 5 times his current wage at the time. This was during the mid-90's when the communication globally wasn't what it is today. For context he has never been a big earner and we had a very working class upbringing. So this was a massive opportunity.

He ultimately decided that it wasn't right to move a young family to the other side of the world. He was concerned about the quality of life my mum would have, and how it would impact me and my brother's education and wellbeing.

There is always a lot of things to consider when making a move like this. For those players who have young families being able to give their children a more free and private childhood will be a big factor.

25 May 2024 13:40:50
Ita all about the money money,

25 May 2024 13:58:55
The money wouldn't and never did turn my head.

25 May 2024 14:37:08
Them players that went to saudi. it was all about the money.

25 May 2024 14:38:25
And if I was only in my 30s and coming to the end of my career in football and got offered millions to play in Saudi. I'd be on the next flight cause it's all about the money.

25 May 2024 14:49:35
For sure leahy for a final payday in your 30s it's a big attraction but as Henderson found out if you don't like it and don't need the money it's not worth it.
But for most non English players I think there are a lot of upsides that make that move not only about the money. If it was miserable for your family then it's not worth it even if you need the money.
Look at how the relative anonymity helped Greenwood in Spain. Until you live in a goldfish bowl you don't appreciate how nice it is to be outside it I guess.

25 May 2024 19:54:40
They went for the money. And if the Saudi equivalent of my role offered me a wage a number of times greater than what I get paid for my job I would be straight there.

25 May 2024 21:51:25
If you go somewhere for the lifestyle, you go to Spain, Italy, Portugal and the South of France. They go to Saudi Arabia for the money. I work with a lot of Saudis. Nice people, but the cultural/ religious differences aren't negligible.



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