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25 May 2024 00:16:53
When it comes to our next manager I’m surprised Xavi’s name hasn’t been mentioned.

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25 May 2024 07:50:39
Most likely because he was staying at Barcelona until yesterday. Give it time.

25 May 2024 07:56:06
Now that would upset Liverpool should Xavi come to us. ???.

25 May 2024 09:04:44
Why would it fizz? Xavi has no connection to Liverpool.

25 May 2024 09:34:05
Wasn't he touted as the replacement for Klopp when he announced that he was leaving?

{Ed001's Note - that was Xabi Alonso - there is a B in there not a V mate. Xavi was of no interest.}

25 May 2024 09:42:15

25 May 2024 09:53:59
Ooops. Cheers Ed. I must pay more attention ?.

25 May 2024 10:19:06
Fizzy pop way off the mark again. ?? need to pick up the encyclopedia ? comedy gold.

25 May 2024 10:46:22
This might not be the most popular of takes but all things considered of the names that have been linked I actually think Thomas Frank would probably be the best shout to replace EtH if what seems like the inevitable happens over the next couple of days.

Southgate is a big no, he's been good at international level, but has shown to struggle with club management.

McKenna I wouldn't be upset with if he was hired. I just wonder if he's ready for what would be a huge step up.

Pochettino would be an okay appointment, but I'm not sure he's got that ability to really go the next step. His team's play good football, he creates a good environment and gets on well with his players, he has a history of helping young players develop. Yet his teams seem to lack that killer instinct to get over the line in the key games. I think he'd be fine to start the rebuild, but I think he'd be replaced in order to bring someone in who could push the team from that challenging level to the winning level.

Thomas Frank I think is very underrated still. Given the budget and restrictions he has to work under he gets Brentford playing decent football and getting results. He's shown himself to be very tactically flexible and astute, he knows how and when to change things and he isn't wedded to playing a very particular style of play. While some people might see that as a negative seeing as we want the side to develop a clear playing style. The reality is that someone like Frank wouldn't have an issue playing a style the club wants, whereas a manager like De Zerbi will never alter his playing style for a club. So unless the managers and clubs ideals line up perfectly hiring a manager who has very strict ideas about his style of play will likely lead to tensions between the manager and the club. Frank is also a great commentator and an interesting and engaging personality who can charm the press. Along with EPL experience and a clear knowledge of how to succeed in this league.

That is why for me he is probably the best of the bunch and the least of a gamble.

{Ed025's Note - i dont agree Shappy, have you ever watched Brenford play mate? they are a bunch of thugs and time wasters who,s main aim is to grind teams down, its all about power with no finesse and for me Frank is not a good fit at all, but its all about opinions i suppose..

25 May 2024 11:29:39
Shappy if Frank has a clear knowledge of the league and how to succeed how come poch has finished ahead of him in every year they have competed.

25 May 2024 12:47:58
Pochettino has managed teams operating on at least 5 times the budget of Brentford.

If you look at points won divided by money spent then since Brentford have been in the EPL they have best return of any club. Showing that as a manager he has consistently overperformed other managers in being able to get the most out of what they have to work with.

The fact that Frank has managed to compete in the league while practically working on a championship budget highlights just how good a manager he is.

25 May 2024 13:25:59
The only way of 1 manager outperforming another is by their points tally shappy.

25 May 2024 13:59:51
Quite liked Frank last season, Brentford were looking good. I guess the Toney thing hasn't helped this season but Wissa and Mbeumo are a great pair IMO. But much like de Zerbi and Brighton the cogs have come off a little this season with Brentford not far off the relegation spots. I like him in interviews and think he'd do ok.

25 May 2024 14:00:25
Frank is the next Moyes. We need a manager who has at least tried to handle a large dysfunctional club before. Pochettino, Tuchel, McKenna have that experience. Would be very surprising if we didn't choose one of them.

25 May 2024 16:46:25
So Ken what you're saying is that during the 2020/ 21 season when Ole finished second with United that he was a better manager who outperformed all of:

Klopp, Arteta, Tuchel, Ancelotti, Bielsa, Mourinho, Potter, and Rodgers. Who were all managing EPL teams that got less points than Ole that season.

Good to hear you being consistent and praising Ole.



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