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23 May 2024 23:54:00
Anyone remember the so called leaks about Mckennas training sessions being likened to academy training sessions and players didn’t take to him

This story now breaking that his reps have held talks with Wilcox and berrada a few days before the final is a complete joke

And what disrespect to ten hag regardless if your going to get rid of him no matter what go about it the right way.

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24 May 2024 07:39:53
INEOS, between the cutting down of tickets for staff and family members, the back to office memo, awards cancellation and handling of ETHs situation, are not covering themselves in much glory at the minute.

24 May 2024 08:58:36
100%right on extra match tickets for staff and family members
100% right on back to office
I don't think I've seen a quote from the club re eth. But he eth himself has known for some time.
The place has been like a holiday camp.
It's not making money the way it should.
It's a business and needs to be run as one.
Crack down on all bad habits and put the business 1st.
100% behind their ways of working.
They won't get everything right but it's not a holiday camp or charity.
Imagine any company not being as profitable as it can and having 15% 20%too much staff.
Crackdown and streamline.
If people don't like it too bad let them talk when they have but in the sort of money sjr has.
If you don't need 2 te ladies get rid of one.
Poor practice for way too long.
Thankfully we have professionals in now who know how and what they are doing.
Very easy to be so considerate and care free when it's not your money.
Spoken like a man that's never put millions of his own money into a project.
It may seem churlish to you Angel but the waste has been extra ordinary. Every single dept and job should be looked at. Get the costs down all over the place and get the profits up.
That's what we need to do to be able to reinvest into the squad and facilities.
I hear players from the 70s and 80s moaning that their free tickets might or have been moved.
Too bad and they call players of this generation snow flakes ?? they are free, if you don't want them where they are offered jog on.

24 May 2024 09:24:10
Angelred, INEOS getting a grip on runaway finances and expenditures is absolutely required.

24 May 2024 09:39:49
Free tickets should be earned and not a privilege. I am sure once the club starts to earn the rights to such things that they will be back.

But until then play because you want to and not for what you get!

24 May 2024 09:43:45
Long may they continue to get into every detail of every area of the club and look for improvements. You don't get and sustain success any other way.

Whilst Brailsford isn't a football man he is an expert administrator. His thing was always look for improvements everywhere because all those tiny improvements stack. I don't think this will be a quick fix but it will be a gradual and constant process I am very hopeful will work.

24 May 2024 09:56:59
It happens in the vast majority of businesses when someone comes in, change which proves unpopular. They wouldn’t be hear if the glazers were running a successful club which was performing on and off the pitch.

I’ve been through it before in my own work.

However, I don’t like speculation before such a big game. However at the same time, I’m not sure the club are briefing this and it seems that it’s coming from agents? Could be wrong.

24 May 2024 10:00:20
Players, employees (some of them) and board members have all been on easy street for years due to the ownership, now someone is trying to instill standards and work ethic and they are all throwing their toys out of the pram. Fair play to INEOS and let’s hope they keep it up. Perks, bonuses have been handed out like confetti, they should be earned not expected.

24 May 2024 10:36:17
Bolger have you ever moved jobs?
Did you tell your employer you were going to interviews elsewhere?
Did your prospective new employer meet you before or after you informed your current employer?
Why is it a disgrace? In every single walk of life people are interviewed for a position before the incumbent leaves and in many cases the incumbent does not know about these meetings.

24 May 2024 10:42:48
Yeah, I'm not so sure on it the ticket situation.

Back to office? Lol, I mean a lot of people are working from office and I think that number continues to grow. Don't be a dinosaur.

Also, ridding the club of the awards this year when women's an u18s had stellar seasons. Poor move.

24 May 2024 11:14:24
They didn't rid the club of the awards angel don't be Peddling nonsense and hyperbole.
All the awards were awarded.

24 May 2024 11:15:08
Dalot named players player of three year this year. He seems to be very popular within the squad and has a good season.

24 May 2024 11:19:35
Not the first awards do the club has cancelled, and likely not the last.



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