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25 Feb 2024 17:07:15
Good morning ed033.
I think it would be interesting to gauge opinion on here.
Can we have a poll please.
Do you think eth will be replaced in the summer?
Thanks Ed.

{Ed033's Note -

ETH replaced poll

Agree1 Disagree1

25 Feb 2024 17:22:57

25 Feb 2024 17:23:21
It’s a yes from me.

25 Feb 2024 18:06:01
If you want eth out, you are not a fan, you are the problem.
I've been on this site for so long and witnessed the same group of people turning on individuals.

We have endured a fall from grace, get over it. But, there appears to be a new direction in place. It will be hard yards, make no mistake. There will be losses to the Fulham's of this world.

Time is what is required for the squad that will remain, the players that will come in, the youth that needs to be developed, the backroom staff that needs a direction, the stadium and training complexes which need a refresh, AND the manager who is at the helm navigating all the rubbish that has gone before.

Just be patient with it all.

25 Feb 2024 18:22:31
I am very much a fan jimbo. I just don't agree with you.
Let's see what the experts in charge want to do. After all our opinions are totally irrelevant when it comes to the decision making.
I can assure you I'm very much a fan and no matter what they decide I'll be supporting the team.
I feel very differently towards eth than I did ole to be honest.
I think he has as you say had a lot to deal with.
But I'm coming to my opinion based on what I see on the pitch. We are not a team at all. Nobody either knows the roles he wants or the manager can't get them across. Oyr play is slow and lethargic and I have zero confidence in eth improving any of our players as he has not done that in 2 years. I also have a lack of confidence in his choice of player.
It's not a happy camp I see no relationship between him the players or the fans.
Let's see what sjr and team do jimbo and if those experts want a change you either support that or become a problem yourself.

25 Feb 2024 18:45:50
Sadly, and I have been supporting ETH until recently, he is not cutting it in my very humble misguided opinion. Certainly not enough to be entrusted with a rebuild.

Even Eric Clapton can get a tune out of the worst guitar.

ETH seems like me with a Fender in his hand. Sure every now and then he can put a tune together but it’s usually luck and doesn’t happen very often!

25 Feb 2024 19:04:25
No relationship between ETH and the fans? You should get to a game or two Ken. The fans very much back him. Internet fans are very different to local fans.

25 Feb 2024 19:08:02
I disagree with some of the above and also agree with other parts!
Think back to last season he turned some players into absolute quality, the imprint so many of them was clear! Shaw rashford awb to name a few!
This year it’s obviously been a struggle . I don’t get the impression it’s not a happy camp, if your gauging that off rashford demeanour then that’s unfair because he looks like he’d rather be anywhere but on the pitch ( next year hopefully he’s someone else problem)

But but
ETH has got to do better it’s as simple as that . I think we’ve been found out in a few areas but one example is midfield and from the wolves game in august up to yesterday the problem is still there . They get walked through! Knife through butter by any midfield with energy pace and power and unfortunately that’s most teams . That’s on the manager, it’s a tactical issue that needs tweaking but he’s yet to do it! I actually think Fred would be mainoo best partner out of our current selection but we sold him ( rightfully so ) but never upgraded the position!
That’s one example that bugs me . Yes it’s a mish mash of styles within the squad which isn’t easy but in that scenario make us hard to beat to give us a chance!
We’re far from it!

25 Feb 2024 19:26:01
The poll doesn't ask whether you WANT him replaced, but whether you think he will.

I don't want him replaced, I think if the club has the right set up then he'll do well.

However, I expect him to be replaced. It's pretty standard that when new owners come in that they want their own man who fits their vision.

What will be interesting is who will it be.

25 Feb 2024 20:10:36
Agree with that completely jimbob. But I would also say I am patient with the manager and the new set up. And the new signings and the youth. But my patience for the players who have been poor for 4 years in our senior team have used up all of my patience. We need to move them all out and build around our exciting young players.

25 Feb 2024 21:34:01
Agree 100% dodgy. Let's get rid of the players and backroom staff who offer nothing and have done for years. What remains will be the nucleus to move forward.

To clarify to others, I'm sure most of you are true fans, but the incessant whinging on here is hard to listen to sometimes. Mostly after a loss.

Listen, we are dire at the moment. But we are on a course.

Personally I think eth will remain in charge. There are too many other essential changes required, SJR needs someone to steady the ship through these times.

25 Feb 2024 23:41:24
Wazza are local match going fans any more important? I have tickets for every game I don't go anywhere near as often as I used to my lads go every other week one was there on Saturday and loves going. He cheers and sang but didn't enjoy the game and can see a managerial change.
I think fergie united the entire fan base as has pep and klopp and arteta and emery and Jose at Chelsea 1st time.
I like lots about eth most of us do I think. However I'm not convinced that he is the right coach for us.

25 Feb 2024 23:47:15
Shappy that's why I worded the question that way.
I was very much behind him and was on the fence a bit lately.
At one point my thought process was I would be disappointed if he was replaced but now I would not be.
But I have always thought he will be replaced.
The poll is asking what you think will happen not what you want to happen.
U think the results at time of writing are about where I thought they would be in fact I thought it would be more 50/ 50.



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