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24 Feb 2024 22:26:56
We’ve had two Dutch managers now - and it hasn’t been good by either
I hoped to see a progressive style of play with us comfortable on the ball but it’s down to individuals
I can’t imagine ETH being in post next season but we’ve had lots of managers and little progress - does anyone know why?

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25 Feb 2024 01:37:52
The whole club is a mess, the recruitment including the recruitment of the manager has been a joke for years.

25 Feb 2024 07:55:46
What does nationality have to do with it?

That’s like saying SAF and David Moyes are the same no?

25 Feb 2024 08:01:52
Gds2 that's true but I'm now 100% convinced eth is not the man to sort it and I'm 100% convinced that he won't be given the opportunity after this summer.

25 Feb 2024 08:53:45
I'll be surprised if he makes it to summer! I like to think I'm always behind players and manager, but we just aren't progressing atm. The thing that worries me more than anything is who will replace him? Managers are like strikers atm, not that many good ones about .

25 Feb 2024 13:26:07
Nice enough fella but not good enough for United. Again, I don't know who would be but if you imagine a room with SJR/ NEW CEO/ Brailsford/ dan Ashworth on one side of a desk and ETH on the other being appraised for his last 2 years would they be impressed enough to give him a new contract? I think not.

25 Feb 2024 12:55:51
It's hard not to overreact after a defeat. It's a frustrating team to support. We beat Villa and Spurs lose, gaining ground on both, then the week later lose a cheap game against a side assembled much cheaper than ours (without Palinha even playing) who should have won a lot easier than they eventually did.
The manager insists he was pleased with the character we showed and that we're on the right track. He has to say those things but they're hard to go along with.
I'd like to think it was purely down to the mess that saw us forced to play Rashford through the middle again, a tactic that hasn't given any joy all season, simply as there was no other alternative. I hear the calls to play McT or even Diallo there and personally think he did the only thing he could. The bigger issue is the whole Martial saga, a player that's been more unavailable than available in his years with us. I don't even know what the injury is, if he's a flake, or is just happy to watch from the sides and pick up his dosh. He doesn't strike me as a player busting a gut to get fit and play a part. Even then when he is fit he's not made an impact for ages.
Yet Liverpool, City and Arsenal have all lost their main striker this season and are still all fighting it out at the top.
There are much 'lesser' sides assembled much cheaper who are more enjoyable to watch and you know what you're going to get each week. With Utd it's like a lucky dip, and the wins are usually by the skin of their teeth.
Unless we get some form of European football I don't see how the manager stays, with all the other changes being made around him. It may well be viewed that the next manager just gets another patchwork quilt with yet another assortment of players to blend but I guess all managers are in the same boat in that regard. I guess Onana, Martinez and Hojlund are here for the long haul but not so sure about Antony/ Eriksen/ Malacia.
Massive few months ahead and we had been on a nice run. Just a bit frustrating that the games we'd expect to win can't ever be counted on which is the nature of the Prem.

25 Feb 2024 14:40:26
Glad people are finally coming round to the fact ETH is not good enough….

But did I just read it right not many good managers about atm.
Tuchel will be

That’s just the ones who are out of work atm, so if we want none of them there will be the ones they replace!

25 Feb 2024 15:14:05
Quite a few of those managers are deemed (and have proved) to be quite difficult characters. But suppose it doesn't always need to be a problem if they're doing a good job. Would be interested in what Nagglesman does next but obviously Bayern didn't like something about the way he went about things. But please not Potter, nice guy I'm sure but I don't feel he's able to step up as he's proved.

25 Feb 2024 15:56:41
Bayern is difficult to manage as us, always under spotlight in Germany and lots of interference from directors, ex players, etc…. So would not put much on that.

That’s without Southgate even being on that list which is most worrying.

Potter not for me either, but I am not sure it’s been proved he is no good, you can’t take Chelsea fiasco into it.

25 Feb 2024 16:21:16
Dutch people can come off very direct in my opinion, not always the best cultural fit.

25 Feb 2024 16:45:34
It's a big blot on his copy book and he would not be my choice. But frankly all of our opinions are irrelevant when it comes to choosing.

25 Feb 2024 18:09:04
The grass is always greener fellas.

26 Feb 2024 07:10:02
Isn't Nagelsmann Germany coach until the end of the Euros? Tuchel might be a good manager, but I think he is more suited to the continent that the Premier League, the others on the list feel like yesterday's men, like including Sparky and Bruce.

The only other option is to look at the next generation of managers like Alonso, Amorim, de Zerbi or even Farioli, but that can be still hit and hope and probably for the moment best to stick with EtH, it is just one bad season after all.



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