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20 Feb 2024 16:01:09
Maybe the question we should ask ourselves about whether ETH is the man for the job, is whether, given a structure that attracts and delivers the quality of players that Liverpool and City seem to keep getting, would we be competitive with them?

Of course, we simply do not know the answer. but given the depth of the structural deficits at the club: overpriced legacy players with poor skills and attitudes, a moribund scouting and recruitment department, FFP issues, and the serious possibility of no Champions League football next season, it seems likely that whoever is the manager, will not be on an equal quality footing come next August.

I, for one, think that ETH should be given another season, or at least get to start next season. Quite frankly, given the problems in the squad this year between injuries, low quality, and spoiled brattish player behavior, he's done about as well as we might have expected. and there are signs of improvement. With all the other changes afoot, changing the manager should be on the back burner.

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20 Feb 2024 18:15:58
I agree shaw
I look at our squad compared to other so called big clubs and ours by far is a complete mish mash of quality and style! The best example is he’s only been allowed to sign 1/ 2 defenders who suit his style, Martinez and malacia, to build up play from the back which is what he wants he’s relying on Evans ( loan ) Maguire ( ole ) varane ( ole ) lindelof (Jose ) and none of the above fit his style whatsoever! It’s just one example of what he’s up against and years of mismanagement above!

Last year I saw promise but this year he’s back to relying on previous regimes poor players as I’d have been injured and we’ve stuttered!

I’m not an ETH must stay at all costs fan, but I’m sensible enough to think back to last year, to understand issues he’s had this year and to understand the problems he’s had, and this is without taking into account the fact for the first 18 months he’s been working in a circus if you listen to ineos findings!

20 Feb 2024 18:52:37
Oh yeah because he really shown to be competent in transfer market, Malacia is not even good enough anyway, Onana is a joke, even his kicking is suspect. Antony total waste of space (and he knew him years) Mount we have no idea why he wanted him, Amrabat another waste of space (OK Loan but ETH still picked him to loan) along with the others, Probably the best out of loans was Sabitzer and he sent him packing when available for 15mil, then there’s the Turkish keeper he wanted, the one they call invincible

Why give him another year what’s the point, lots of the problems are of his own making anyway that’s before we even get in to how poor his man management is his stubbornness his falling out with all and sundry then let’s say about his demeanour… oh yeah he finished 3rd ole finished 2nd Jose finished 2nd, ETH spent 400 million finished 3rd well done let’s give him 2 years more.

20 Feb 2024 20:08:35

Do you like the manager? I’m unsure. Give me a list of 10 things you don’t like about him please.

21 Feb 2024 17:25:54
When we play with Shaw, Martinez, Varane, Dalot and Cassemiro in midfield we look a much better team. We have played most of the season without any of those players.

Playing amrabat at left back, Lindelof at rightback and McGuire and Evan's in the middle is not going to work. Style of play comes with playing your best players together to develop understanding and cohesiveness.

We are in a process of open heart surgery. It takes time to rip everything up and start again. We will get there, but we won't if we have no patience to stay the course.

21 Feb 2024 20:53:09
Ornstein says his sources at united Brailsford and Ineos like eth and want they have seen and plan to get behind him and support him come this summer and potentially also extend his contract. Will disappoint some here but personally glad to hear.

22 Feb 2024 10:06:53
I don't think anybody apart from the strangeways is calling for eth to be fired.
I don't think he will align with the Co owners.
It will be a very interesting few years ahead.

22 Feb 2024 10:51:49
Time will tell and interesting 3 months ahead of us. More pressing issues is winning matches to worry about. Unfortunately we have lost our entire left side defensively again.

Read a few weeks ago that Brandon Williams has been injured and recouping at united, I wonder if he would be a sensible option if he is close to being ready.

Anyone know if there was a option to buy with Ipswich and if we can recall him.

22 Feb 2024 16:16:20
No we can't play Williams this season he is not registered as a united player and can't be until his deal with Ipswich expires.



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