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12 Feb 2024 19:57:54
hello Ed01, have you ever done a player profile on Hojlund? if not can i please request one, thank you.

{Ed001's Note - I don't think I have, so I have added him to the list for you.}

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13 Feb 2024 10:26:00
Thanks Ed. Keen to see that. I'd also be curious what your thoughts are on McTominay. Such an enigma.

{Ed001's Note - McTominay just needed guidance and coaching when he first came through and never got it. You can see when playing for Scotland that he can be better when he understands what he is meant to be doing. Unfortunately it is too late for him now, he will never achieve what he could have been and all he is useful for now is late runs into the box. So you either build a team around that or he is not much help.}

13 Feb 2024 13:21:15
Jesus ed that is harsh.

So when he plays for Scotland it's fine but it's too late now? He's still playing for Scotland and playing well.

{Ed001's Note - international football is a much lower level and he has a very much more limited set of instructions to follow there.}

13 Feb 2024 14:45:17
Thanks Ed. Insightful.

{Ed001's Note - very welcome and thank you too.}

13 Feb 2024 15:04:34
Do you have the same opinion of Rashford Ed? As with McT he's really good (possibly great) at some parts of the game, but is incredibly lacking on a lot of the rest. I'd assumed that with dedicated coaching he could push on. We've all been putting it down to attitude that he hasn't done so, but perhaps the lack of good coaching over the period that he was first coming into the first team is the issue.

{Ed001's Note - to a large degree, yes. He has also massively suffered through a lack of coaching. You can see he has no idea how to press or when to press. Watching him on the ball is frustrating as you can see he has not learnt how to use his options to open the game up for himself and others. Attitude can also become part of a problem through that lack of coaching, as a player with no ideas becomes frustrated with themselves when things are not working. Because he has not had coaching on options when his play is not working, it means he doesn't know what to do to change things.

I do think attitude is not helping him. His lifestyle choices have become more geared towards living it up than living the game. A few more hours spent watching players who play his position and seeing how they look to do more than just cut in and shoot all the time would do him good. A bit of 1-on-1 coaching after the main session has finished would also be a benefit, but both things need to come from him. He needs to be looking to improve now, he has to want it.

In McTominay's case, he has and does put in a bit more effort in training, he clearly does want to be better. However he has shown to operate at his best when his responsibilities are limited and his role is laid out for him. It is very difficult to do that for a midfielder at a high-level club, they need to be capable of more. Someone like Roy Hodgson would give him that limited role, as does Clark with Scotland. But I can't see him ever getting that luxury at United.}

13 Feb 2024 17:59:35
Thanks Ed. In both cases I think you're absolutely right.

13 Feb 2024 21:28:55
So would McT want a bigger role with a smaller club, or a bit part role at United.

I think he is like a Fletcher, O'Shea or Smalling, can do a decent job when called upon.

One thing for sure, I'm glad he stuck around this year.

13 Feb 2024 22:34:02
100% agree on rashford.
I think he would benefit from a move abroad. I think he could do really well but it will come down to him and his desire. If doesn't matter if he stays or goes its down to him and his application to his profession.

13 Feb 2024 22:43:52
Grim no he’s not. Oshea and smalling were defenders and pretty poor ones at that. Oshea had a solid career fair enough.

But to Fletcher, he was a very good player and well coached, won multiple league titles, very under rated. Mctominay is not even close to him. Fletcher went to other clubs and became their captain, Mctominay doesn’t have that in his locker.

13 Feb 2024 23:44:11
G_Nev2 say what you want about O’Shea but he never let us down.

14 Feb 2024 08:08:40
Damning about lack of coaching…

Wonder what other players (past and current) have had their potential limited by United because of this.

Woukd hope new regime bring in players that can be coached and really raise their games.



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