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02 Nov 2023 04:33:14
EtH has made some horrific errors of judgement recently. However, sacking him is not the solution. We’ve gone through 5/ 6 managers with each one suffering the exact same issues. Until the entire sporting structure is fixed we will burn through managers with no long term improvement.

Compare us to the 2 best run clubs in the league, City and Brighton, they both have a recruitment structure modelled around how they want to play, and bring in staff to fit that model, whether it’s playing staff or backroom. Presumably that was the logic of bringing in EtH? To model his way of playing, so sacking him is just starting again from scratch for a he fifth time. The manager is not the problem at United. United is the problem at United, and until the entire hierarchy is replaced, we’re going to burn through managers and players.

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02 Nov 2023 05:54:10
Pogba’s Hair

You asked “Presumably that was the logic of bringing in EtH? To model his way of playing”. After the City game ETH told us he will NEVER be able to play how his Ajax team did.

Where were our attacking ideas, we don’t get behind full backs, we don’t cross the ball, when Garnacho tries he gets taken off. Antony stays on, teachers pet or just one of them, because he doesn’t cross. Shambolic, whilst everyone knows my thoughts on the structure, owners down, only the manager coaches the players and there is no semblance of cohesion on the pitch. That’s not asking for the sack, but reality is he is under extreme pressure now.

02 Nov 2023 06:06:29
What exactly is “his way of playing” though? Over the past 18 months, all I’ve seen is a bunch of individuals doing their own thing and hoping to get a result.

Ten Haag’s biggest mistake was getting rid of Ragnick, and the club’s biggest mistake was to let him.

02 Nov 2023 06:49:15
Antony is not teachers pet.

Last week, he was the only half decent performance against Copenhagen. He got hooked while Rashford was moved to the right.

02 Nov 2023 07:06:23

Ed002 has said over and over it was not eth decision on ragnik. Generally consultants have no real say in decisions anyway and paid to give advice. Can't hang everything on his neck that the club does.

Not moving players this summer and replacing them is a club failure and not his.

I don't think he has anything to do with negotiating deals and wages as that's done at executive level with players agents and other clubs.

I would personally sell a bunch of these players before even contemplating a managerial change. Arsenal stuck with Arteta and he had a similar issue but not to our extent and took time to clean things up. They finished 8th two years in a row and then they clicked. They had a lot of house cleaning to get through and were in a better financial position than we are and got things done unlike us.

02 Nov 2023 07:11:36

Antony is poor. Even when he has a step on the fullback and can get down the line does this stupid stop thing and comes inside.

I don't mind that as many inverted wingers do but you better get past him on the inside if you are going to do that. He does nothing. He lost the ball 15 times yesterday, higher than any other United player and for a winger who have more space comparative to someone who is playing in midfield, its terrible.

I would sell him this summer. He is not good enough and football IQ is zip. Andy Cole summed him up pretty accurately yesterday.

02 Nov 2023 07:27:01
Ahmad, I’m not saying different and that wasn’t the point ?.

02 Nov 2023 07:51:32
Play Antony on the right so he can use his one half useful foot to cross the ball!

02 Nov 2023 12:10:20
Ahmad. Multiple reporters claim that Ten Haag played a big role in Rangnick’s exit. Ten Haag himself basically told the press that he had no interest in working with him during one of his first pressers. With that in mind, I’m inclined to believe that Ten Haag had a say in Rangnick’s fate.

Not all of our problems are down to Ten Haag, but a lot of them are. Most of the players in the dressing room are his signings at this point, along with his choice of captain and several players that were given contract renewals at his behest. If it’s not his fault that the squad he’s assembled doesn’t respect him and does not respond to his coaching methods, whose is it?

Even when they weren’t getting results, Arsenal showed clear signs of progress. There was a clear style of football being targeted and the club signed players that would enhance that style. Can you honestly say there’s any sort of semblance of that at United? What is Ten Haag’s style? His recent comments suggest that he’s not trying to replicate the way that Ajax played under him, so is what we’re seeing now Ten Haag ball?

Aside from us pressing higher up the pitch a little more often than we used to, I honestly can’t see what Ten Haag is working toward. We’re not a possession-based team, nor do we play on the counter. We don’t use the width of the pitch, yet our build up play is slow and unfocused and we seem scared to play forward passes most of the time.

Perhaps you could argue that we don’t have the personnel to play the way that Ten Haag wants to, but whose fault is that? The money is clearly there. For £400m (or whatever it is he’s spent) he could have assembled a brand new squad. Instead, he’s sanctioning deals for players like Mount (£60m), Hoijlund (£70m), and Antony (£80m) while City are signing better players like Kovacic (£25), Haaland (£50m), and Doku (£55m) for significantly less.

You’re right that he doesn’t decide the fees, but if he feels he needs six players to play the way that he wants to (or whatever it is), then surely it would make more sense to look for cheaper alternatives rather than blow the entire budget on just a few? He must know how much money is available, so when the club tell him that they’ve agreed a sixty million fee for Mount (or whoever), why doesn’t he say “hang about. let’s look for somebody cheaper so that we have money for the CB that I need as well”? When Ajax come back and say they want £80m for Antony, why doesn’t he say “actually, let’s move on to the next target instead and use the rest of the money on a backup CDM”? Did he honestly believe that he the club couldn’t find a better RW than Antony for £80m?

Ten Haag is far from the biggest problem at our club right now, but let’s not pretend that he’s completely without blame for our current situation. Yes, we have rubbish owners, but there is still plenty of money available. Yes, we have a bunch of overpaid players on our books, but most of the current squad are either players Ten Haag signed, renewed, or promoted from the youth team. Yes, we have a lot of injuries right now, but so does everybody else.

02 Nov 2023 19:43:32

I read its eth team. We had 4 players in the starting line up yesterday that are his signings. Even after the changes we had 5 players. The team out there is still predominantly a team of players that have been here and loan deals that are either forced by injuries or putting a plaster over an issue until we deal with it eventually.

I agree with you on Antony but can anyone honestly say they know the process and decision making chain of command on how our business is conducted. Is he involved in the conversation of fees, I would think People like murtogh, Arnold and the owners are the ones to sanction such a spend. if in actual terms he is involved, i totally agree we should have walked and never done that deal. I just think its not fair to stick a rod in him on things none of us knows how they transpire.

Antony has becomes the stick we beat him up with given where we are financially and because a purchase of that kind of cost is viewed/ hoped as a massive game changer. If it was 30/ 40 you would imagine people would be more forgiving. DVB cost 40 mill and hardly kicks a ball but no one talks about it.

I think mount is a good player, so is Onana and Hoiland and in a couple of years when we look at them as successes.

I think the CB was planned but maguire move did not happen and to make things worse martinez/ shaw injury has left us in a worst position that he imagined and completely ruined whatever plans he had in terms of how he wants us to play. People might say its not that relevant but i like to believe having a tough back 4 and stable makes a big difference to how you play and your set up. No decent team in this league wins on a consistent basis if you are leaking cheap goals.

I think changing managers will get us nowhere and back to square one.

03 Nov 2023 01:33:52
Five of the starting 11 were his signings (Onana, Reguilon, Cas, Mount, and Antony), not four. That he decided to bench another five of them is his business, and to me a sign that he either doesn’t think they’re good enough or that he doesn’t think that all of his signings can play together. Neither is a good look.

I’d be very surprised if Ten Haag isn’t kept informed about how negotiations are going and the kind of ballpark figure we’re going to have to pay to secure the deal. If not, why isn’t he asking? If it were me, and I needed to sign X players for £Ym, I’d want to know every little detail so that I could change my plans accordingly.

Maguire deciding to stay was unfortunate, but hardly a surprise. Surely Ten Haag could have asked him whether he’d be open to leaving beforehand though? It seems a little foolish to plan a transfer strategy around players like HM and SM leaving when both wanted to stay. If getting a new CB was that important to him, why prioritize Mount: a player that we don’t need? Why let DDG go and waste a quarter of the budget on Onana?

03 Nov 2023 06:05:17

Reguillon was a deadline day signing and I don't consider signing like him as eth signing just like weghorst. These are plasters and a reflection of our financial issues and where we are at.

I doubt the manager would ever say they were my 5th option even if we could just sign someone on a permanent basis.

Being a revisionist is easy, handing out a contract extension to DDG is doing exactly what we have been doing and masking issues and kicking the bucket down the road.

Mount is a really good player and Ericson is not able to play 55-60 games. If we had shaw and Martinez I like to think defensively we would look very different and coule get away with another season of rotating for varrane when not available.



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