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19 Apr 2019 12:16:39
Just been reading about oles press conference and a few starting to stand out for the wrong reasons.

The 3 players mentioned in the article are martial rashford and pogba, apparently the attitude isn't good enough in training and games.

Hopefully ole like the other managers failed to do and gets this sorted and removes the money grabbers from the squad weather it be your 1 in 10 games world beater martial or be it home grown imune to criticism rashford. Or Ken's favourite pogba. Great or not on there day they need to be great every day and that what fergie was good at.

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19 Apr 2019 12:32:20
Fzz my favourite pogba?
He is far from my favourite. Please read the posts.
My favourite😂😂😂.

19 Apr 2019 12:33:26
Its been going on for a very long time and most of us knew that the players are the main problem and they need to be kicked out as one bad apple can poison the whole tree.

19 Apr 2019 13:41:56
Are you suggesting we sell Martial, Rashford, and Pogba? That is what your post sounds like. But to be fair, which of these three do you think can become consistent in paying with the right attitude all the time? I think Rashford does have the right attitude. Sure, he is mistake prone, and forces things too often, but he does work and affect the game when he is on the pitch. The same cannot be said about the other two often enough.

19 Apr 2019 13:47:13
FZZ if you know Ken it should be Martial?
Right Ken? 🤣🤣.

19 Apr 2019 13:48:27
No player is immune from criticism. Rashford needs to be more clinical but people forget how old he is. Anyone ever see Thierry Henry at the same age? Rashford has displaced a player we paid £75 million for. He needs to improve in areas and he has the right person to guide him. If there is attitude problems starting then that needs dealing with and part of that is finding the cause. If the cause is another player then that player needs removing no matter who it is.

19 Apr 2019 13:53:20
It's ironic really, that under the last 4 managers the poor form, style of play and poor attitude and performances have been because "the manager isn't getting the best out of them". Now we actually have a manager that people like, there seem to be a lot more people pointing their fingers at the players. (I am not referring to this thread, by the way but in general)
Some of us have been saying it for years, some just seeing it now. Not saying that any "side" is right or wrong, but it CANNOT be just down to the managers.
Ole had a great start, and deserved to be in the running for the permanent position. But yet again, the club have been too hasty in appointing him full time. They have just reacted to the Ole in campaign because of his popularity with fans and press/ pundits.
Ole says all the right things in public, and it all looks great for the fans. I just hope he is as strong with the players behind the scenes. I just hope he is not a yes man who tells the fans what they want to hear and gives into the primadonnas behind closed doors. I have no reason to doubt him, and am not trying to be critical, but there are several players that need to be gone for the food of the team.
In fairness, despite a few that are just not good enough, there is plenty of talent in the squad. What's lacking is desire and commitment. United players are on the whole, earning vast amounts more than their peers at City, Liverpool, Spurs etc. It is about time their salaries reflects performancea. At the moment, it just seems to be a given that if you play for United, you are at the top of the earnings league.
It's time this stopped, and players were rewarded for good performances and winning titles. Not earning more than anyone else in the league just because they are at United. When players are 'demanding' 200k or 300k per week, they need to look at their performances first. We are becoming a team of mercenaries, most of whom go missing when the going gets tough.
Get rid I say, and replace them with players who will be proud to play for United. And players who will fight to succeed.

19 Apr 2019 14:20:06
It's a good post that but here's a question do players play for the team or the badge now or do they play for a manager .
Does a player dream of playing for United the same way they once did? Do they maybe dream of playing for pep as opposed to playing for city .
Would city be at top, if they didn't pay the big wages?
Is mane doing his best for liverpool or for klopp?
Would pogba be a star in this city team while not good enough for this United team .
Would sterling be average in this United team as opposed to one of the best players in Europe in this city team .

Actually that turned out to be more than one question but I think it shows it takes a lot to have a successful team, to create the right environment for players to do well .
Maybe it isn't as simple as buying and selling players?

19 Apr 2019 15:38:41
I wouldn’t care less if every player was shown the door not one deserves the over inflated wages they get. We are a shambles and we need young hungry players who want to play for us. Just because Rashford and Lingard are local they seem to get a free pass off some. Personally don’t rate Lingard one bit but Rashford has potential but needs to knuckle down.

19 Apr 2019 17:03:03
Jred, the point is that City players are performing, whether for Pep or the club. It's the same for the players at Liverpool. Yet United players aren't, on the whole, and haven't done on a regular basis for the last four managers. Yet I would bet that there are a hell of a lot of United players who earn massively more than their direct counterparts at any other English club.
We made Rooney one of, if not the highest paid player in the league, when on the decline, then Schweinsteiger even more I believe, and then again with Zlatan. I know they have all gone now, but it just shows how desperate we have been to get names here instead of building a team.
There is no incentive for players to perform better when they are already being paid more honsomely than any other team will pay.
Look at the ridiculous wage being paid to Sanchez to sit on the bench. I am guessing a bit here, but I bet we have some pretty average players, or players who aren't performing on bigger wages than say Harry Kane, Sane and Salah at Pool, I bet even more than the likes of Sterling, Silva or most other City players.
To be honest we've become a bit of a joke overpaying players who we are then stick with due to salary. We then have to virtually give them. away to get rid, or pat part of their future wages for some other team.
I'm not really bothered about the money side in essence, with rewarding players for mediocrity is part of the reason, I am sure, why we have so many players that don't seem too bothered by bad results. If players are performing to a high standard, consistently and winning us major trophies I have no problem with them being rewarded accordingly. But not for some of the half hearted, couldn't case less attitudes that some of our 'superstars' seem to have.
Just my opinion though, of course.

19 Apr 2019 17:40:27
Yeh I was only joking about pogba Ken I just remember we disagreed on him a few weeks ago.
Agree with betty as well above good post.

And yes zidaniel I’d rid of anyone not putting in the effort. No name is too big for the club, whoever you are.

19 Apr 2019 17:32:58
Blackpool i agree the squad is a mess.
We do have a few very good players and a couple with potential that needs to shine.
But the squad is a mish mash the players can't play the way ole wants to or won't in some cases.
A few have had their head turned if they don't want to stay then sell them simple.
Really poor contractual situations have led to plenty of disharmony.
Over inflated egos a plenty.
45m a year between darmian rojo valencia bailly mata herrera and sanchez. Very little value for money there so far this season.
Other high end earners show form occasionally pogba lukaku martial.
Even going back to the 70s and 80s i had an affinity with the players all through the 90s and 00s i had an affinity with the players. You knew what you were going to get week in week out.
Effort commitment pride passion belief all of the above. We didn't always win. We didn't always have a squad of superstars we didn't always play great attractive football. But you knew 9 times out of 10 that those players chosen every week to represent our club would do it with endeavour and pride.
But with our squad for the best part of 6 years very little of those qualities have been apparent.
Lots of them have talent of course they do, but they either can't won't or choose when they want to apply that talent. There are too many 'mr jhonny big balls' walking around our club for the last 5 years talking the talk but rarely walking the walk. But always picking up obscene money
Players at Manchester United should be paid a premium imo but if the club make a fair and reasonable offer either sign it or leave. We are Manchester United we don't need anybody who doesn't want to be here.

19 Apr 2019 18:49:32
That was over his earnings mate.
I was saying he makes for off the pitch than united pay him. Which is true.
The more publicity he can make for bookmaker the more money he makes. A little bit like the Kardashian's😂😂.

19 Apr 2019 19:19:53
Wages will be performance and incentive related.

19 Apr 2019 19:29:13
If that's the case Jred then Sanchez must be having one hell of a season. Any idea who for though?
Certainly isn't United.

19 Apr 2019 19:58:14
I would of thought his reported wage is the top end of what he can earn including incentives etc .
Not many people didn't want us to buy Sanchez at the time .
It wasnt that long ago the club was accused of lacking ambition and not spending money . Now it seems we are spending to much .

19 Apr 2019 20:10:46
You're missing the point again Jred, or choosing to. If we were spending big bucks on top quality I don't think many would complain. But we aren't, we are paying big bucks to band average players, or players that only came in the first place because we were the only mugs stupid enough to give them what they wanted.
Would Pogba be here is Barca, Madrid, PSG or City were prepared to pay the fees and wages?

19 Apr 2019 21:12:12
Again Betty not many argued when we bought pogba.
Is the issue what we are paying or how the players are performing.
Would people care what Sanchez earned if he was producing his arsenal form .
Imagine if he was doing it for city and we hadn't of coughed up to sign him .
Not many players would turn down Barcelona or Madrid for United if they had the chance .

19 Apr 2019 22:14:57
Jred, you would make a great politician. Better still a "spin doctor". Are you really Alistair Campbell?

19 Apr 2019 20:31:51
Jred its not the amont we are spending that offends me. Its the value for money.
Players at United should imo be earning a premium as long as they are producing
Currently we are paying large amounts of money to players that deliver very little in return.
Not too many would be moaning at sanchez if he was scoring 30 goals a season.
I don't care how much people earn if they are doing a great job or even a good job for a period . But a poor job for a prolonged period means questions need to be asked.
Its been really poor squad management and maintanance by whomever is ultimately responsible.

20 Apr 2019 08:07:44
So like I said nobody really cares how much some one earns as long as they play well .
Sanchez can earn 300k a week as long as he does well.
So the issue isn't what United are paying players it's how they perform.
The flavour of the month is saul ( a very good player ) he will cost a kings ransom not many can afford him infact the ed has said city have stepped away due to price . So should United step back even if we have the desire and money to buy him?
What if we buy him and he doesn't play well, does that suddenly make him a bad player .

People think its black and white or it's easy to build a team and ed is right when it comes to money .
Player x earns 300k, how much of that is for commercial rights, how much is incentive based, what are the players commitments to the club off the field . Footballers don't just get paid for what they do on the pitch anymore.



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