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02 Dec 2018 10:19:05
Serious question here, If your manager at your place of work kept making you do your job in a way that didn't get the best out of you, didn't seem to be working, wasn't getting results then he went out of his way to blame you or your co-workers for every failure while never accepting any blame himself.
Would you be motivated to give 100% and work as hard as possible for him?

Click agree if you would, click disagree if you wouldn't.

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02 Dec 2018 10:37:25
Shappy, everyone knows you want Jose sacked. No need to come on with another attempt to justify your opinion. All this site is these days is negativity surrounding the manager. One of the main reasons I’ve not posted anywhere near as much. Would love to see a thread with a positive discussion.

02 Dec 2018 10:41:34
There are several flaws in your post. First point is in whose opinion is it “a way that didn’t get the best out of you”. As a worker you think you know better than the boss who does know and been appointed on that basis, really? That is a basis for chaos. If you downed tools in nearly every other job on that basis you would be out the door, not pandered.

Secondly, they should be playing for the shirt, for the club, the fans. Your point highlights what is wrong with some of these players, they are letting the club and the fans down by giving less than 100%. Highly paid, prima donnas need sorting out and your post seems to suggest the poor darlings are not motivated because they are hard done to.

Appoint Roy Keane on a short term coaching contract and that will wake some up.

02 Dec 2018 11:20:55
Caolan, I don't want Mourinho sacked, I never wanted him appointed for reasons that should now be obvious. Nearly everything I said as a reason for not wanting Mourinho as our manager has come true. That's not me wanting a pat on the back, just pointing out that it was obvious even before Jose was hired that it wouldn't work out well. However, many back then were prepared to ignore that fact if it meant we win another title. In fact the only prediction I made about Jose that didn't come true was I said he would probably win the title in his second season.

You want us to talk about something positive about our club at the moment? Well what would that be? The scintillating football? The abundance of youngsters coming through and realising their potential? The world class signings that are taking us up to the next level? Or the obvious titles we are going to win?

The only positive thing is the club is doing well in signing new sponsors. I hear we are about to announce a deal with Durex, the United condom, for when your really f**ked.

Red Man, you would play for the shirt, I would play for the shirt. However, when was the last time you went to work for the glory of your company? When was the last time you worked over time and didn't expect or want to be paid for it as you wanted the company to do well? When we signed players and managers who have no personal attachment to the club then it is only fair to assume they are working for money. No one moves from Madrid, or Paris or Milan to Manchester for the weather and the culture. They move to earn more money and win titles. At the moment our club can only offer one of those incentives.

Also I'm not talking about "down tools" I'm talking about the level of commitment you, I or anyone else would give. No one is accusing the players of refusing to play, just that none are 100% committed. If you are one of those very rare people who will always give 100% at work regardless of the situation then I tip my hat to you. The majority of us will not give our best in a situation where we feel undervalued, underappreciated or down right bullied.

Your point on Keane is an interesting one, he was a great player and totally committed. Can you point out which job as manager he was successful at though? You back Jose on the basis of his CV, yet I'm sure Keane's managerial CV doesn't make great reading. Unless he did win something that escapes my mind.

Keane's abrasive attitude although awesome to watch as a fan, is very much a product of its time, and sadly doesn't appear to work well in modern society.

I don't think the players are hard done by, and I'm frustrated with the performances they are putting in. However, I appreciate that not all car crashes are due to mechanical failure, in fact most are driver error. People say we lack leaders, yet Jose is supposed to be THE leader, yet no one wants to follow him. Maybe his time at the top is done. It happens to us all eventually. If Usain Bolt refused to retire, and kept going eventually someone would beat him, he would slow down, and he would eventually be an all so ran. Sir Alex was a complete and utter one off, no other managers in modern times have been able to have his level of success over a 25 year period. Most spend the first 10 years of their managerial careers finding their feet, then maybe 10 years of relevance then they peak, then football moves on and they spend the rest of their time in the twilight of their careers.

Stick this Jose Mourinho in 2010 and he would win everything, but this Jose Mourinho isn't in 2010, its 2018 nearly 2019. The world has moved on and he hasn't.

02 Dec 2018 11:21:43
Redman what did the boss do yesterday, he played 5 at the back against the second worst team in the league, and I agree with you about the highly paid players,
The football world is too soft for Roy Keane now, if he had a go at someone in the training ground where things should be kept in house, it would be all over social media, too much political correctness for Roy in the football world today.
It was interesting what Harry rednapp said, when he was manager back years ago when they all got on the bus going to a game they would talk and have a laugh, now the have satalite dishes on their ears, like zombies, no togetherness, no spirit.

02 Dec 2018 11:40:59
“Would love to see a thread with a positive discussion”.

Based on the football we are enduring, I think negativity is apt. And I’m positive about that.

02 Dec 2018 13:31:59
The question is why would you keep Mourinho? His CV or his form currently? His History proves, 3rd season is a disatriuos as it gets.
With him til May we will be in between 6th and 10th on the table, anywhere near top 4 will be a miracle.

02 Dec 2018 14:47:06
Currently we have four people who would still give 100% for their company even if their manager was being a total p***k to them. Fair play. In my mind your either extremely dedicated to a company who wouldn't think twice about replacing you or you have so little self-respect your prepared to allow someone to run rough shot over you and take the p*** out of you and still ask for more. All power to you, there are no wrong opinions just misguided ones.

02 Dec 2018 17:15:15

Every day I work overtime without being paid for it and I do it to try and make a difference to the company.

I don’t want Keane as manager but we could do worse than get him in short term as part of the coaching staff because he is someone who would come in and root out the bad attitudes. The one I really think we should get in is Rio Ferdinand.

If there are players there not trying, sell them, it doesn’t matter what there social media profile brings to the club, get rid and stop fawning over them. What I saw from Pogba yesterday was pathetic. If we don’t solve the issues the next manager will have the same problems, just like Conte did when following Mourinho.

02 Dec 2018 17:44:14
Get rid of he from whom all negatively flows. Until then we are all just * in the wind.



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