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08 Apr 2018 00:20:16

Not heard from Stand since half time? Only for the fact I've been busy. Nothing to do with my post earlier in the day.

Am I expected to change my view on Jose and this united side because we won that game? I'm sorry but I base my opinion over many games. We won 2-3 today, good result, but let's not kid ourselves. If it weren't for some woeful finishing we could and should have gone in 4 down at half time. Your ok with this though yeh?

People are ok with us consistently poor in the first half of nearly every game? We got knocked out the league cup by Bristol City, Knocked our the CL by a poor side in Sevilla, who we didn't beat in two occasions, and were 13 points behind city, having spent all that money. If people are happy that we're doing well then fine, but my expectations are higher than that.

The brand of football we play is terrible to watch with little entertainment. In fact I find myself browsing social media on my phone while watching recently it's like watching paint dry.

Jose' CV speaks for itself, but that doesn't mean he's still top draw now. I think football has moved and and left him behind tbh. I think we need a new exciting younger manager who wants us playing exciting football.

Just because we came back to beat a much changed city team doesn't really make a difference to anything. We're still well of the pace and I don't believe Jose will ever get us challenging for the title. I also believe we're a long way behind City in all aspects.

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08 Apr 2018 03:05:43
Bar Aguero and De Bruyne i'd argue they were more or less full strength. Oh and walker as well. We’ve just turned the best side in the league over at their home, 2-0 down at half time. Regardless of people’s views on Mourinho, certain players etc. Today was a fantastic performance and something we’ve needed to see for about 5 years. Be happy folks!

08 Apr 2018 04:11:43
Stand, much of what you say is true, but nevertheless we are on pace for 84 points a total that has won the title in 1/ 3rd of EPL seasons, and which in no season would it have earned less than runners-up. So, despite the frustration at our performances, the lack of passion, and sometimes the lack of any apparent skill or teamwork, I simply cannot agree that we're as bad as you are making out.

I do agree that we were very lucky today. City could and should have put the game out of reach by half time. They hit the woodwork twice in the second half, could have had a penalty, and were prevented from equalizing by a spectacular save. But then football is that sort of game. We have had a few games this season ourselves when we didn't put our chances away and then paid the price. It takes a real sourpuss to be quite so negative after we've just come back from 2-0 down against a team like City at the Etihad to win 3-2.

08 Apr 2018 09:25:13
Coulda woulda shoulda, City didn’t go in 4-0 and we played better second half and won so I’m ok with that. I think people give Sevilla a hard time, they are technically a very good team, what did everyone expect that we was ready to win the CL, no chance, maybe the 1/ 4’s at best was our limit this season. Jose gets stick for not playing youth, well he has more than any other coach, for not playing this gung ho football, more than one way to win and he’s won x2 trophies already with an FA Cup potentially this year, any regular season we win this league but some say Jose is past it, no City have been exceptional and teams have been to scared to go at them, they are vulnerable tho as has been shown this week, you cannot turn round and say a ‘weak’ City team, they have a squad of world beaters, they are the so called best team ever remember, we showed them up on their own patch, a derby win means a lot so let’s not make it about having a pop at Jose, we’ve heard that all year despite actually doing well, let’s enjoy the moment.

08 Apr 2018 09:52:00
I don’t get the 80 odd points has been enough for most of the premier league winners, guess what, it’s not good enough anymore. That’s my point. You have to improve and change with the times. City will be just as good if not better next year.

As for arguing we’re not good enough to win the champions league, I totally agree, but don’t tell me we shouldn’t be beating a Sevilla side over two legs. It’s nonsense. A lot on here don’t think Liverpool are a better side than us, they’re going into the semi finals.

I don’t see us winning the league with Jose at the helm. And we’re not enjoyable to watch. I don’t even think a lot of the players enjoy playing for him and his style. Yesterday was a good result, but nothing more than that. We didn’t go and boss the game from start to finish and give them a hiding. We got very lucky in the first half and had a good second one. We’re not a top side, far from it.

08 Apr 2018 12:36:46
Stand. Two years ago Leicester City won it with 81 points and scored only 68 goals, so the argument that it's not good enough any more is not necessarily true. It's not good enough this season for sure but then this season has been a runaway. Who knows what next season will bring. Maybe we're in for a Bayern Munich type dominance by City, but maybe not. They will surely spend again but can they really get much better?

The questions for United are the same as they have been since Ferguson retired. Who is the right manager? And is the one you might prefer available? Is the set up at United attractive? Given where we're coming from any manager is on a hiding to nothing. If he wins, it's no more than expected. If he loses, he will be under constant scrutiny because of our status as the "biggest club in the world". If he doesn't spend he'll be hammered. If he does spend and the players don't come up to expectations, he'll be hammered. Sometimes highly rated managers (Pocchetino and Klopp perhaps? ) perform well for the reason that they relish the role of underdog.

I'm sure everyone will agree with you that we're not yet a top side. The loss to Sevilla showed that. Has the season been disappointing? Yes, but that's largely as a result of United supporter's elevated sense of expectation - that nothing less than winning everything is enough.



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