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09 Jun 2017 18:16:42
Just a quick post about Morata. I keep seeing people saying things like 'why would we spend X amount on a player who was only bought for €30m last summer', and it's getting a bit annoying. Real Madrid had a buy back clause at that amount if I'm not mistaken, otherwise he would still be at Juventus now I'd say, or would have been sold elsewhere for quite a bit more. Real saw he'd done ok and probably bought him back to make more money which looks like they will.

Now I don't want united paying stupid money for him, anything around £50m in this day would be ok I guess, which is ridiculous to say. Question him as a player if you don't feel he is right for us, but don't beat him and the club because he had a clause in his contract set at a price and now will be sold for more. Hardly either parties fault is it?

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09 Jun 2017 18:53:18
Jose's a fan, if he is spending big for him then he sees something that will work for us, let's crack on and get things done.

09 Jun 2017 19:28:26
Jose hasn't got a clue tho AJH, you must have read that on here this past season.

09 Jun 2017 20:49:46
Disagree. RM decided that at the end of the 2016 season Morata will be worth £26m. Now they are deciding at the end of the 2017 that he is worth £70m.

Now because MU are interested our fans are finding ways to justify it. Take off the rose tinted glasses. 2 weeks ago there's not one person on here who would've been happy with paying so much money for Morata but now it's actually happening I'm seeing people clutch at straws to justify the price.

Form someone who generally isn't bothered how much money we spend, this is an exception and is ridiculous. We are buying RM's backup for close to world record fees.

09 Jun 2017 21:29:27
It was a buyout price not what Real valued him at. They sold him for €20m and put a €30m buyback in the contract. The buyback was a good value price for a potentially very good young player. Last summer they knew they'd get more for him if they sold him on, I think Arsenal and others were looking at him at that time, so bought him back. For Real it made huge sense. It cost them €10m on the transfer fee, but saved them 2 years wages, plus he got more experience and in another league/ country. Now he will be sold for £50m+, can't fault Real on this one.

Also, I think you'll find my post was just aimed at people, like yourself, mixing up what he could have cost last summer to someone like Arsenal etc, compared to the price real paid, which was set in the contract and no doubt a lower price.

The argument that people come out with for not buying him because the difference in price between €30m and €60m or whatever is plain stupid, as last summers price wasn't a true value of him at that time.

I'd personally go for Belotti but if we get Morata then so be it.

09 Jun 2017 21:37:04
As soon as we are linked to a player he becomes world-class and just what we need .

Decent player imo not great but if we sign him great, I hope he kicks on .
Would Madrid be looking for 70 mil if it wasn't united, who cares it's the club money .

10 Jun 2017 08:16:21
Brendan. The buy back price is a fee that both RM and Juve greed would be a fair valuation for a player after further development over the time of the contract. Take off the rose tinted glasses and see what's in front of you. Another 12 months on the substitutes bench coming on to score against minnows does not treble a players value. What trebles a players value is when MU declare an interest and people trying to justify it are blinkered.

Jred is absolutely right. We get linked with a player and suddenly he's world class. Morata is not world class. Benzema keeps him out of the team and he is not world class, nor would I take him either.

10 Jun 2017 09:38:52
What has the price of a football transfer got to do with any of you unless we have the CFO of United hidden amongst our ranks? Doesn't effect the price of my season tickets one bit (yet) .

Jose loves Morata and that's good enough for me. Sign him up.

10 Jun 2017 11:47:34
Depends on the price agreed for the sale between Real and Juve. €20m for a young player highly regarded is pretty cheap, which is probably why the buy back price was set very low. Imagine Rashford being sold for that price now? This site would go into meltdown!

To have rose tinted glasses I think I would need to want the player. TBH I'd buy others before him so that argument doesn't really work on this occasion. By all means say he isn't worth X amount or you don't want him, but don't base that argument on a lower price paid last year agreed 2 years previously. Pretty sure Arsenal were rumoured to be after him last year for about £40m. Prices for all players have gone mental this summer with all the extra tv money, not just for united.



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