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05 Jun 2024 17:47:41
Ed 001, would I be right in saying Kobbie Mainoo and Joao Neves are similar players?
And if so, will playing both of them in the same team (Utd) be tactically smart?

{Ed001's Note - from what I have seen of Neves, he does seem to be fairly similar in role and style. It can work, but it makes more sense to look for players to compliment Mainoo's skillset with a differing one, imo. It doesn't matter how good a player is, you don't really need two the same. You really want players that mesh to get the best out of them.}

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05 Jun 2024 20:13:18
I wonder if mainoo will replace Bruno eventually and play a little further forward.
I suppose it very much depends on who he is playing for and what system they prefer.
I'm not suggesting a toti type no 10.
It's probably way too early to define where he will end up, I see something in his inter play in tight areas around the box that leads me to think he will develop that side of his game to a high standard.
His longer range passing has not been evident but that can be down to the role he is playing. He should be in no rush to pigeon hole himself just yet.
There are some players I really just like watching in the epl. They have that little something so natural looking and it's all fun and easy.
Mainoo catapulted himself into that list very early on.
Foden rohdri vvd (prime) odengard maddison mcallister Bruno G, are others I like to watch as at times the make things look so easy and that's not easy?.

05 Jun 2024 21:07:04
I'd disagree, in that Mainoo Neves and Bruno provide a midfield that has all the attributes required, as a collective.
Overlaying all their attributes, they actually are near perfect.
Of course, they have to help together, but my position there is that there is already playing relationships, with Bruno being the link between the two as in Portugal/ United. Another good reason to keep Bruno, and have him assist in bonding Mainoo/ Neves together.

05 Jun 2024 22:35:45
Mainoo and Neves are similar players with similar skill sets. Neves I think is slightly more suited to playing as the holding/ shielding midfielder and Mainoo more as a floating box to box player, yet both are technical players who have great skills and reading/ understanding of the game, they are hard workers with a great attitude. What both of them lack though is physicality. Neither are tall, strong, athletic or particularly quick players.

I agree that we need to add some physicality to our midfield, ideally without losing any technical ability.

I like Neves, he looks a phenomenal talent, but I don't think he's the right profile of player to partner Mainoo.

05 Jun 2024 23:52:51
Shappy, I agree.
Neves in the DM position
Mainoo in the B2B
Bruno in AM

Neves frees Mainoo up. He plugged the hole in DM this season, but that is not his position.

06 Jun 2024 10:21:15
Jim, I don't think Neves can play DM, he always has a DM playing alongside him.

06 Jun 2024 13:20:25
Xavi and Iniesta shared some similarities.
I’d back these lads to figure it out.

06 Jun 2024 15:48:11
UTD Road yes they did and they had Busquets sitting deep behind them. Same way Kobbie and Bruno need a good DM behind them.
Joao Neves has Palhinha playing that role in Portugal's national team and he has Florentino doing same in Benfica.
As much as I like Neves I also believe we need a good DMF in our team.

06 Jun 2024 18:43:54
Both Mainoo and Neves require the same thing in a midfield partner, someone who has a bit more physicality and athleticism to pair with their technical quality.

Both Mainoo and Neves can be physically bullied, both are hard workers, and neither shy away from a battle. But ultimately they will come off worse 9 times out of 10 against a player 3-4 inches taller and two stone of muscle heavier.

The problem with having them both play together is the third midfielder will absolutely have to be the muscle and be a tough battling, physically imposing, athletic monster. Which means one of Mainoo or Neves will need to play as the more offensive attacking midfielder. Maybe Mainoo could develop that side of his game, but he looks far more suited to being that facilitating box to box player. Allowing him to make the most of his ability to progress the ball forward by giving him the licence to be where he needs to be during any stage of the game to do so.

The EPL player Mainoo reminds me of most is Fabregas. I remember when he was a young player (17/ 18 years old) and he started to play regularly for Arsenal. Good on the ball, but just a really intelligent reader of the game, wise beyond his years. Mainoo like Fabregas could do a job as a No.10, but playing him that far forward negates many of his best aspects, and limits his ability to impact the game.

Fabregas could and did on many occasions (more as he got older) play as that controlling No.6 with a more defensive No.8 along side him. Yet really he was best when he was the No.8 and he had a more physical midfielder alongside him. At Arsenal that was Gilberto Silva.

I think if we want to see the best of Mainoo then we need to find him a modern equivalent of Gilberto Silva. Someone with the physicality, athleticism and defensive nous to given him the freedom to move where he needs to be to be most effective.

From what I've seen of Joao Neves he isn't that guy. As mentioned above neves has thrived with his version of Gilberto Silva alongside him, be that either Florentino at Benfica or Palhinha for Portugal.

Phenomenal player that Joao Neves is, he doesn't look like the right fit for what we need to partner with Mainoo. When you factor in the price he becomes an extravagant expense that will not bring value for money in terms of improving our team. I could probably find 50 players for half the price that are more suited and as such would improve us more than Neves (despite them being far less talented) .

06 Jun 2024 23:08:37
All depending of course on the system which is to be implemented and the manager charged with implementing that system by the new DoF.

06 Jun 2024 23:17:53
Mbd/ shappy, he is a defensive midfielder who has additional attributes to play a bit further forward, if say, a Paulinho is available to allow the team to benefit from his additional attributes.
This is a team sport and the attributes of Bruno, Mainoo and Neves provides a formidable midfield.
Neves has the combative side to his game that people believe we need, he also has the intelligence, as does Mainoo to realise if one or the other is found to be pressing, the other won't go with them and leave a gaping hole.

As someone said, I would trust these two to figure it out between them.

07 Jun 2024 12:38:57
I understand you Jim, but that was why I started this off with a question to Ed which pretty much confirmed what I thought. Mainoo needs someone to compliment him, not another similar to him.

08 Jun 2024 11:04:52
Yes, again, they aren't as similar as people are making out.
Neves literally compliments Mainoo and helps him to play to his strengths.



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