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22 Nov 2023 16:17:05
It's unfair to criticize Rashford. if he'd done his growing up at Liverpool under Klopp or City with Pep he'd be 1 of the best players in Europe without a doubt. Ole and ETH are both very limited managers / coaches and let's be honest not the most inspirational of fellas.

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23 Nov 2023 08:46:49
the most difficult thing to coach a player is attitude. Rashford is lazy, always has been and its rubbing off on garnacho. Last season was a one in terms of his return goals scored and seriously think if we were not playing so badly at this time the stars could align and he would be considered if offers came in.

23 Nov 2023 09:05:40
On the gers ????????

Did you watch last season at times he was fantastic, who was the manager?

Rashford form boils down to one thing and one person, himself and his attitude/ application!

If pep had sancho imagine how good he’d be …. Oh wait a minute!

23 Nov 2023 10:27:43
I'm on board with the sentiment, LvG, Jose (who has rarely successfully developed a young player) then Ole.

That is not a great run of managers for a young player to have to support their development.

I'm not sure how you can include EtH in that list. For starters the only full season Rashford has played under EtH has been the best of his career.
While looking at the list of players who have developed under EtH during his career would suggest that he at the very least doesn't hinder young players developing, but more likely that he actually helps them develop. Players like FdJ, MdL, DvdB, Timber, Gravenberch, Andre Onana have all developed from academy kids to top players under him. All earning big moves to top clubs. While the likes of Martinez, Alvarez, Tadic and Haller all improved and development under him.

Some people might point to the Ajax academy and rightly so, it does have a great reputation. Yet the sheer number of players who have developed into top top players under EtH's management is much higher than we have seen in recent years at Ajax. Suggesting that he has had a helping hands.

23 Nov 2023 12:11:47
Thats the Ajax model ain't it develop sell move on limited spending now TH is definitely a cheque book manager i dunno thought LVG was brave he threw loads of youngsters in he was your last manager who did now its very rare a young gun gets a decent run. Poor managers for developing all round at UTD since VG Rashfords a strange 1 thought hed be world class when he 1st broke thro is it bad coaching or just overated? Still UTDs best chance of a goal tho shouldn't consider selling him specially not with a manager like TH be the last man id trust to spend the no doubt sizeable fee.

23 Nov 2023 16:50:48
Which one of that long list you spurs out is actually a top player at a top club? They are all nearly men at best, even Onana the keeper that’s took over from in is much much better in every area and stats to back up are double in most areas.
Probably about the best in FDJ and TBF he hardly setting world alight!

23 Nov 2023 21:23:11
How many idiots can post on one thread? We got two big ones here!

24 Nov 2023 14:47:19
Chris, it’s surely no coincidence that Gers and Rangers red keep posting on the same threads.

In the subject of Rashford I’ve said many times now because I know for a fact; he’s been a little idiot to the point that his form will be affected. He needs to put it behind him now because it’s been long enough, but I can assure you he has had an off the field issue to deal with. He also needs to think more carefully about who he aligns himself with - in and away from the club.

Unfortunately he does represent the players who have thrown other managers under the bus, and his application right now is not helping the current manager.

I for one am fed up with the attitude of most of our players, and am p****d off that the current manager is seemingly out of a job at the end of this season. I really do think that ETH will go on to be successful in the right environment.

24 Nov 2023 19:05:55
Rushford has an amazing first half of that season. then he disappeared. didn't martial have a 23 goal season yrs ago? We can't keep carrying players in hope of becoming great.



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