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02 Apr 2019 23:42:30
I was hoping we would wait until the end of the season to appoint a manager.

The club has made some bad decisions. Woodward will not do what is best for the club and appoint a DOF.

Bizarre decisions to allow players contracts to run down.

What next, a mega money signing in Bale and offer him a monster contract.

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03 Apr 2019 06:02:34
I have no faith that the glaring deficiencies will be dealt with this Summer, the players that have proved to be not of the standard we require will still be here next season and the club will be embroiled in a "will he, won't he" sign scenario that drags on all Summer. Major surgery is required, without it we are destined to be one of the also rans, City and Liverpool are streets ahead of this bunch of chokers.

03 Apr 2019 06:08:35
Let's wait for the summer transfer window.
Hopefully the club starts acting smartly and brings players who suit the United DNA.

03 Apr 2019 06:49:00
Woodward has put the club in another potential crisis situation. He has made a decision to appoint Ole without any noticeable decision making process, he didn’t consider anyone else by the look of it. The timing was after we started to falter, so if that faltering continues to the end of the season the manager is already under pressure. I can’t see us buying what we really need in summer, but hey, we have a club legend in charge so there will be so many more clicks on the app. The other plus is that the club legend will be less likely to moan about limited spending or the lack of financial support, win win.

We are also in a position that Ole is more difficult to sack than Moyes, LvG or Mourinho, creating an even bigger problem.

Some of the players got their way with Mourinho and now look like they are not trying again.

The owners and the puppet Woodward are the problem and I feel sorry for Ole right now.

03 Apr 2019 07:26:54
It doesn't matter who the manager is or even the players, as long as Woody is there we will be a football club that is run for profit only. Soon we will drift down the league again but we'll have 76,000 in the stadium so as far as woody is concerned its all going well.
Ole will buy who he is told to buy, the main reason being price. If he's any good, that will be a bonus.
I watched us being beaten in every department last night. Fred ran around at 100mph with no clue where he was going. Centre backs that let a high dropping ball bounce to the side when they should be behind it, Lukaku couldn't trap a mouse, and Martial just doesn't have any fight in him. Would we choose him above RVN, Rooney, Ole, Sheringham, Cole, Yorke? Only Rashford would get near. Wheres Robson, Ince, and Keane. Wheres Pallister, Bruce, Ferdinand? That's how far away we are. We now have no players that could live with any of them. and Woodward will keep it that way until the money stops coming in.

03 Apr 2019 09:28:05
I agree Woodward needs to not be making these decisions on players however appointing Ole was inevitable after his results, EW would’ve been hammered if he didn’t appoint him. We won our match directly after his appointment don’t forget.
As for the players, the decision that has led to Ander Herrera potentially leaving for free is unforgivable and there are players at this club that have no right to wear the shirt, Young, Jones, Smalling, Fred to name 4, 3 managers before didn’t get rid of such players, actually hoping the contract extensions are so they can have some resale value in Jones and Smalls case.
Ole isn’t a miracle worker and can only work with what he’s got, happy, smiley was only going to get us so far, now the hard work starts.
Appointing the right DOF is crucial, the Pogba situation needs dealing with asap and targets need identifying quickly as we are likely in need of a centre back, x2 Centre mid possibly, a right back and right side attacker too and I agree on the Bale point, yes a fantastic player but I hate this galactico style united spending, he’s injury prone, would cost in a fee and wages, we need to get back to adding the right player for this club in the right position not just a ‘name’ as this has just not worked out for us.
Anyway, Barcelona next, I feel we will be on our game for this as it’ll look after itself but the old lazy attitude has reared its ugly bead domestically of late in some, we have had years of injury problems, who deals with that side of things at our club I don’t know but it’s a massive issue and we just look tired, years of not covering ground like ole wants this team too has taken its toll, and at the wrong time, ole thumbs 15/ 18 points needed, I think 18/ 18 and prob handing the title to Liverpool is what’ll be needed.

03 Apr 2019 10:10:22
EW wouldn't have been hammered for waiting till the end of the season - there was no logical reason whatsoever not to wait and then make an informed decision in the summer based on all of the options available. It's madness.



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