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23 Mar 2019 00:59:18
Ed001 hope all is well.
Id like to ask your onion of the england team and how you think the squad is developing under Southgate.
Im not an english fan but for the 1st time really since gazza robson and co in the late 80s early 90s i enjoy watching england.
Players playing with pace and confidence and a surprising amount of technical ability.
I know intl football is not a great barometer especially for epl suitability but i was very impressed with sancho tonight. that's the best I've seen him and he looks a real talent.
The diff between him and hudson odoi is about 50 snr games as he looks a great prospect too. With alli rashford kane sterling and lingard also available thete is a crop of really talented young players to choose from.
Full back options are more than decent in walker trippier TAA. Chilwell shaw rose. Not all great defenders but again at intl level in most games its about overlaps and attacking support.
Gomes should come back soon along with stones maguire keane its possibly at cb where options are not at as high a level. Rice dier hendo give good defencive midfield options.
I feel the missing link is a top midfield playmaker with passing range and tempo setting ability.
Southgate for me has been a revaluation. He broke up the playing on reputation stigma that's been holding England back for years.
Only 1 Liverpool and no united players starting tonight. 2 18yo played.
Ok the opposition were poor tonight they are not the force they once were but England look very much on the up.

{Ed001's Note - sorry no interest in England at all, I don't watch them, so I have no idea. For me international football is my chance to get a break from football.}

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23 Mar 2019 08:24:27
England and the FA have set up a DNA of football that is coached all the way down to grassroots .
It has had a huge affect in my area, every local team has a qualified coach coaching to the same principles. This goes right through to the ACC teams up to the England school boys . It's been a long process but as a country we are seeing the benefits.

{Ed001's Note - yes, no one can actually play or think for themselves, but there are lots of technically adept but not very bright players around. No leaders. No commanding defenders. Just lots of samey players who are not coached, but taught instead, so they all play the same way instead of their natural talents being brought to the forefront.}

23 Mar 2019 08:49:57
For me the biggest thing that strikes me about this england team is that it actually feels like a team.

Previous generation have had had cliques formed along club lines. But these guys seem to put their club loyalties to one side and actually get on well together.

Also it helps that england are actually nurturing talent from one of the most talented areas in the country and that is south london.

23 Mar 2019 09:33:12
Ed I would say the opposite is true, excite on the ball Express yourself big mantra of the DNA .
Future looks good and very exciting for English football, the work at st George's park and the likes of people like sturgess is having an effect .
The English youth teams are all looking to promote and develop the right type of player/ brand of footy .
The sooner our clubs fully buy into it the better.

{Ed001's Note - if you say so, but they are all just robots following a tactical plan and it is boring as hell to watch. It is the same reason why I can't stand Pep's teams. They play with no freedom or expression, everything is drilled into them. You are quite simply wrong in this matter I am afraid. It is not good footie, it is robot along the lines of Pulis, but just with a different tactic of passing to death. They all follow instructions, there is no off-the-cuff Jimmy Johnstone/George Best-type players around because of it and football is much the worse.}

23 Mar 2019 10:39:53
Ronaldinho would probably get crucified if he played in this era.

23 Mar 2019 10:34:16
Ed we will have to disagree then, I've watched a good bit of the England youth games I think they play some great footy.

{Ed001's Note - that is not what I am disagreeing with, I am disagreeing with you suggesting they are playing with freedom to express themselves. They are following a tactical plan closely. As for the 'great footy', each to his own, but it is not my thing, I find modern football tedious and repetitive and based solely on keeping the ball.}

23 Mar 2019 18:59:42
Ed001 I agree with you, players are over coached, half afraid to move out of position, no freedom, take off the shackles,
I seen a young lad playing down the local park one day with his mates while I was walking the dog, I said to my self there's a player so I watched him for a while, I found out who he was and saw him playing a few months later, he was being coached by tha fai, right back he was playing and wasn't allowed move past the half way line, I said what a waste, he should be playing in midfield with free roam,

{Ed001's Note - it has moved away from coaching into directing. Managers all micromanage everything so players have to fit in.}

23 Mar 2019 19:29:22
I thought England were good to watch last night. Lots of off the cuff stuff skills etc. Sure its mostly done within a tactical framework but it was easy on the eye last night.
It was not possession for possessions sake. There was attacking intent throughout and a great work ethic. Such a young team too. Harry kane could break rooneys intl scoring record he is still improving and there will be plenty of soft games to add to his tally.



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