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08 Aug 2018 15:17:46
Long time reader here, but I haven't posted much. I'd like to suggest another view. I think complaints should focus on the club owners and CEO. The Glazers are happy to take millions out of the club each year. To do that we don't need to win anything, just stay in the top 4. They are not interested in buying experienced leading players who can help win the premiership; the shelf life of such players for selling on at a profit is not high enough for their purpose. They would be very happy with an Arsenal situation at United, so long as the profit keeps rolling in.
Why did we not buy Perisic last summer? Does anyone believe we would not have been a more effective team with him on the right wing? Why have we bought only one top player this summer? Has Woodward not had lists of who we need for 4 months? Of course Woodward is probably also incompetent as far as football transfers are concerned. Like the owners, he knows very little about the business. But there is great resistance from the owners to the idea of employing a director of football, someone who could actually do football business. Much less important than having more commercial sponsors than any other club!
Many posters want to get rid of Mourinho, but I feel the problem is much deeper. Mourinho is not being supported in his desire to challenge and win. No wonder he seems fed up. In the current situation, would any other manager be given that support? I don't believe so.

{Ed0333's Note - omg the Glazers have spent ridiculous and gargantuan amounts of money. How you can with a straight face complain of penny pinching by the Glazer family is laughable and lamentable. Did you ever think that the reason Perisic wasn’t signed was because of other reasons other than United not paying the fee? Maybe he didn’t want to come? Maybe his agent was asking for too much commission. You payed 90million for Pogba two years ago which helped distort the market amongst other signings and then you have the temerity to blame your owners for being cheap? Mourinho has been given plenty financial support it’s not Woodward’s fault he’s a decaying manager with Bronze Age tactics. I despise people that blame others for their own shortcomings. Pardon the pun.

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08 Aug 2018 15:41:18
Ed the only thing i can think of at the word Bronze is your manager's teeth.

{Ed0333's Note - he’s actually had them cosmitecally enhanced (veneers, crowns, etc) a while back so unless your still living in 2017 mate you need to work on your banter.

08 Aug 2018 15:42:59
Perisic has played left wing exclusively for nearly 3 seasons.

Alderweireld was the clear first choice centre back. If we do sign him for whatever the cost it's good job Woodward. Cus Levy.

Can't remember specifically but it sounded on the sharkopod like Alex Sandro was Jose's pick for LB. If we pay 60m for him and he repeats last seasons form you would add him to the list of left backs Ashley Young has benched.

One of the Eds has said we've been chasing a right winger all summer. Maybe the one position where Woody has goofed up.

08 Aug 2018 15:43:26
Got to agree Ed. Mourinho is on a ridiculous amount of money each year and the way he moans you would think he's on a big labouring job for 3 quid an hour. he's the second favourite to leave his job in the premier league. Its inevitable for me that he will go and ill be stunned if he makes it til Christmas.

{Ed0333's Note - honestly mate he’s toxic for everyone’s sake he should just do one. Can you imagine the party in the Woodward household when Jose leaves United? There will be champagne, hookers, cocaine the lot.

08 Aug 2018 15:51:24
Thanks for the reply Ed0333. The Glazers actually haven't spent a penny of their own money on the club. Scattergun random buys over 4 years has lacked overall planning - unlike City, where there has been clear planning and a total spend half as much again as for United. This is my point. I'm sorry you aren't willing to seriously consider issues beyond your clear hatred of Mourinho.

{Ed0333's Note - why would the glazers spend their own money. It’s makes sense to borrow money against your business? It’s not as if United are the Glazers first love. You have to appreciate their businessmen not fans. I’m willing to consider issues if they are logical and devoid of bunkum. Please give me examples of your lack of spending?

08 Aug 2018 16:02:10
Hahaha definitely he will be having a month long binge! I can't for the life of me see how he hasn't been backed? He wants to overspend on older players and ship out the younger players with bags of potential. Why would you trust a manager when all the players he has signed, either haven't worked out or he wants rid of. There's clearly issues between mourinho and the board so they should have ended it before the season had started as we now run the risk of ruining and wasting another season.

08 Aug 2018 16:18:12
Putting the blame solely at the feet of Woodward and the Glazers is a cheap shot.

The transfer targets that Mourinho has given to Woodward are in the main from top clubs in Europe, who are either champions league or premier league rivals. Clubs who do not want to lose their best players and who don’t need to take the money.

However when you go outside of the top teams in Italy, Spain and England as is the case with Fred and Dalot then the signings are much easier.

You can’t have Utd telling Barcelona to get lost with Pogba and then expect to easily sign Sandro, Willian, Alderweireld, Perisic and the like.

If Mourinho could develop players who are a bit younger and at the so called lesser clubs instead of buying 29 year olds who are at the top clubs then we could acquire his targets much more easily.

Why didn’t we buy Maguire last summer and develop him into what he is now! Instead if we can get him it will cost us £60M plus now.

{Ed0333's Note - super post Hoggy but don’t concur with your last two sentences. Mcguire is a mediocre player at best. You may not be able to go over him but you can go round him and behind him easily. If you fail to sign him Woodward deserves a pat on the back.

08 Aug 2018 18:36:22
Dont agree with the comments about Mourinho. His teams have worked everywhere. I would blame the players now a days for not following what the manager tells you to do.

Pogba sbould play the manager wants him to play until he is employed by our club. When he leaves then he can go to a team which plays the way he wants to be playing.

Martial shouldn't sulk and just play where he is being asked to play.

The club should buy players the manager has requested or they should not have employed Mourinho in the first place.

It is the club'a fault for employing Mourinho and now are in two minds whether to fully back him or not.

If i was Mourinho i would feel the same way. He might be a bit harsh sometimes but he is not here to mess around nor is here to amake friends. He is a born winner and wants to win at UTD. If he wanted an easier rout he wouldve gone to PSG this year.

Players like Pogba, Mhiktaryan and the inrs he's signed all knew how he plays or his teams tend to play so they shuldnt be complaining now about how United play it is their fault for signing up for United.

If the players signed for us because of big wages then that is an even bigger reason to get rid of players that have signed for us because of getting famous or the potential to earn money.

08 Aug 2018 19:29:14
I don't get the negativity. We finished second and invested in one first team player who would improve the midfield and we bought Sanchez for this season. you look at the team on paper and you think that team is capable of competing for the title. Let the season kick off and if we are struggling by end of October then I would worry.

08 Aug 2018 20:34:12
Ed0333 thanks for the comment and I agree with your view on Maguire. Just pointing out that if Mourinho wants him then why wasn’t he considering him 12 months ago.

{Ed0333's Note - McGuire didn’t play relatively decent in an international competition 12 months ago mate.

09 Aug 2018 15:43:25
0333 - I'm glad you've come out and said that as it might carry a bit more weight from you.

The Glazers have spent a ridiculous amount of money, I have no idea how any football fan, let alone United fan, can see it any other way.

002 has also hinted several times this week alone that the issue here is not with Ed Woodward either.

I'm mid 30's so not exactly of the older generation but I've followed the club going enough to remember when we wouldn't 't spend money on the big players bar one or two (Cole, Rio, Veron) and what I see now is ridiculous amounts being spent on some of the biggest transfer fees and highest wages not just in England but World football.

Last summer everyone on here was saying Perisic isn't good enough. He's another player hitting 30 who will command a fairly large fee and will want the wages to match. You really can't fault the board for not jumping feet first into signing a bunch of 29 year olds simply to feed the ego of a manager who only wants short-term success.



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