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21 May 2024 20:50:44
Lots of reports Dan ashworth accidentally sent an email in February from his NUFC account implicating that he was being tapped up by Berrada while Berrada was on gardening leave. Bit worrying if this is true!

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21 May 2024 21:44:22
Imagine still using email to conduct this kind of conversation!

21 May 2024 21:44:58
Fergie spent 25 years tapping uo players.

21 May 2024 22:30:01
No doubt we will get punished while city continue to dodge the bullet ?.

22 May 2024 07:40:36
This Ashworth appointment feels painful and is dragging out a little. I’m sure we have contingency plqns in place.

Not sure how Utd can be implicated as if true, he was approached by someone who is still not employed by the club.

22 May 2024 07:59:00
Was Berrada a United employee at that time? And if not does that make any difference? ??‍♂️.

22 May 2024 09:10:06
It’ll just give Newcastle more leverage to get higher compensation fee in upcoming arbitration.

22 May 2024 13:10:22
It's all quite messy. He's claiming he was sacked by them in which case the compensation fee wouldn't be valid. Since the outset I thought it beyond unlikely that he'd be in place for this summer, but that once we go beyond the summer the case for a considerable compensation fee by NUFC drops off massively. It would shock me if a large compensation fee ends up being paid now.

22 May 2024 13:14:06
Legally yes bren morally no.
Wallace is on the money imo.

22 May 2024 20:34:30
When was the lass time anyone had morals in football?

If he is who United want, and he wants united, which it seems he does, then surely the longer it goes on into the summer the less money Newcastle will likely get. Bide our time and let things play out would be my suggestion.

He should be a long term appointment, so an extra few months won’t make any difference.

It’s not like there will be no contact of any sort between him, Berrada, Wilcox etc in the coming weeks whether employed or not, if he knows he will definitely end up here. Right or wrong it will likely happen.

Hopefully not via his Newcastle email account ?.



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