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31 May 2024 09:17:05
Eric Cantona on Erik ten Hag:

I am happy with the fa cup win, he done well to win it but you can’t play counter attack football for 38 games and win the league.

Even when they have all their players they still don’t play beautiful football.

Let’s see the top reds out in force today knocking The King.

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31 May 2024 11:29:16
Only the opinion of the leadership team counts g nev.
It won't be long now until the decision is made public.
I don't expect the leadership team to do a U turn.
I feel his position is 100% untenable. He knows they want a new coach he knows they are talking to others. So we just have to wait for an announcement.
Lots of ex players say he should stay others that he should but the only opinions that matter are those in charge.
Imo there is no rush or urgency required at all at this point and that the leadership team are handling the situation perfectly at the moment.
Eth is on a well deserved holiday and will be spoken to in due course. Lots of time and lots of things to get aligned.
No rush at all imo.

31 May 2024 13:09:42
@G_nev2 I saw the comment. Struck me as interesting timing as it wasn't that long after SJR tried to convince Eric to take a role in the club.

31 May 2024 13:26:33
The difference Martinez brought is immeasurable. Infectious. And, this time the players raised their game and carried out an astute tactical plan.
Keep him injury free, buy the best right footed centre back available, keep Amrabat, buy Olisse and the first part of the rebuild is there. Promote from within. Amass? Unless a much better coach is available keep Eric.

31 May 2024 15:36:05
Pretty sure Leicester won the league playing counter attacking football. Not that it overly matters.

As Ken said, leave it to the opinion of the experts, not the ex-players with no relevance.

31 May 2024 16:14:57
Good to see Eric take some time off from shilling for gambling companies to share his expert opinions on management with us.

31 May 2024 17:43:10
Patrick Martinez is my favourite player. I fear that he will always pick up injuries due to the way he plays. He is batting above his weight every week and that leaves him susceptible and takes its toll, but he is a born leader and I love his attitude.

31 May 2024 19:16:53
Ken, Pep puts him in the top 5 in the world. Who are the other 4? Buy the right footed one! Also, did Cannovaro or Baresi get injured often? Also, on Saturday did you notice how well the rest of the defence played? He is infectious. He is that good.

31 May 2024 22:42:29
They weren't playing in the epl Patrick, the fact is he has been available about half the time he has been here 2 great players you mention neither were as aggressive as him and played very differently.
Yes he is infectious a true sign of a leader.
The whole team not only the defence played well mate. Quite simply they had a plan played to, and executed the plan. Well drilled and set up.

01 Jun 2024 08:27:04
Agree Ken and yes the epl is a lot tougher. I was comparing him with the Italians on ability and wishing Lecha could stay injury free! Yes, the whole team played well. When you have someone of his ability, drive and tenacity behind you your inhibitions go and your confidence exudes. That allied to an excellent game plan won the day.
I thought Baresi was quite aggressive mind!

01 Jun 2024 10:17:14
Yeah but he hid it well Patrick. Top player.

01 Jun 2024 11:05:25
He was Ken. And played in an unbelievable team!

01 Jun 2024 11:11:22
He is fantastic, critical to the team.



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