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26 May 2024 22:33:30
Now the season is over and we've played our last game, we’re getting close to where we will start to see genuine links to players and deals start getting done. That being said, here’s my ‘realistic’ summer window.
I think we move on Varane, Lindelof, Evans, Casemiro, Eriksen, Sancho, Greenwood, Pellistri, Martial. Amrabats loan expires and Hannibal and Antony amongst a few lads from the academy go on loan. I think we sign Branthwaite, Tosin, Ait Nouri, Fofana, Olise. I’d like to think there’s a possibility of another midfielder or striker as well but that’s my realistic summer. Does this improve us as much as we need? What’s everyone else’s thought for how our summer goes?

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27 May 2024 02:13:19
Squad for next year, transfers in CAPS.

Onana/ Vitek
Shaw/ Amass
Mainoo/ NEVES/ McTom/ Gore/ BARKLEY (if not already signed for Villa)
Bruno/ Mount
Garnacho/ Amad/ OLISE/ Anthony/ Rashford
Rasmus/ Greenwood/ GUIRASSY/ DAVID

Could easily agree with your Ait Nouri for Heinrichs. Fofana also. I went for more because I think we and more importantly INEOS understand we need a high churn this summer.

Any of current squad not named, assume they are sold on or contracts expired, basically surplus.

A couple of those signings improve our current ones, without needing a massive pay check and transfer fee to obtain.

I doubt I'll be right on all fronts, and welcome discussion!

27 May 2024 04:38:43
Jimbo. Stay off the drugs eh? Look after yourself.

27 May 2024 05:19:56
What don't you agree with DB? Interested to hear your views on squad for next year.
Much will obviously depend upon if EtH stays/ goes. I've assumed he stays and has an appreciation of what he currently has and has seen the highs (not many) and lows (all too often), of most of the current squad.
A new manager may still have the will pulled over their eyes by some of them!

27 May 2024 07:29:51
Bayindir, Lindelof, Malacia, Casemiro, Eriksen, vdBeek, Sancho, Greenwood, Martial.

There are a few more who I’d like to go, but moving that amount on is going to prove tough. The above should bring in £100-£130m.

Johnstone, Todibo, Hato, Amrabat, De Jong, Fofana, Olise, Haller.

Around £250m spent, so a net spend of about £120m-£150m, which doesn’t seem unrealistic.

27 May 2024 08:34:14
I think we are seeing the beginning of the end of a crop of players who have been mentally weak, leaked information, and haven’t worked hard enough.

Moving Rashford on will be expensive for anyone interested and therefore I think he will still be with us come September.

I would like to see Tosin and Olise signed. I’ve not seen Branthwaite have a good game yet. I don’t get the hype. But I must be in the wrong as he appears to be highly rated.

We definitely need a DM, that’s the most important position for me. Cas needs to go and we may get a half decent fee from Saudi.

Then the forward position. I like Hojlund and think he will eventually score 30 goals a season. I’d like to see a more experienced striker come in for a couple of years. Not Morata though.

We need a left back as well. Ait-Nouri is a good shout if available.

27 May 2024 09:34:33
I think Amos is ready for game time next season. Full preseason with the first team and some game time in friendlies will help.

We won be challenging for a couple of years but I think he will be part of a squad that in 3 to 5 years is ready to push.

I don't want us to bring someone in who hastens his development. Yes, he will make mistakes' youngsters do, but United fans are forgiving and supportive of youth as they develop.

27 May 2024 09:55:42
I’ve zero clue who will come in. More confident on the outs. If I was on football manager now I’d probably look at the following:
Tosin to replace Evans
Branthwaite to replace Varane
Olise to replace Sancho
Sesko to replace Martial
Kambawala promoted to replace Lindelof

I think Toby Collyer will be the next young player brought into the squad for next season, seemed pretty involved after the game Saturday. Maybe to replace Eriksen?

Casemiro obviously needs replacing and from what I read there are a number of strong defensive minded CM’s who could replace him so not sure who that would be.

Then Van De Beek, Greenwood, Hannibal, Pellistri all moving on.

Whatever happens though I’m quite excited for the window and looking forward to see how we conduct our business this year.

27 May 2024 10:06:41
Lots of movement and unfortunately the euros will mean the window will go quickly then slow down and go again after.
The majority of players we want to move on are not going so should help on that front.
Rashford is one that I think will stay if EtH remains but may go if the plan is to move more towards the possession based city model. Quite a few of the utd podcasters (sorry I know quite often just speaking for hits) have hinted that local rumours are he is off.
Excited to see how we go and for the new hierarchy they will be looking forward to actually being able to make some on the pitch changes.

27 May 2024 19:16:27
I think the outs will tell us if anything is really changing or its a slow slow change that ill test people's patients. we talk about it every summer transfer window and hardly anyone goes for whatever reasons. Very difficult to bring in new players if you have a bunch hanging around that we can't shift.

My only wish is we get proper CB and DCM and striker and LB. Branthwaite does nothing for me. Watched quite a few of their games and nothing stands out defensively or offensively. He is mid premiere league table material imo.

Rumours arsenal are looking at Rashford. They will pay a lot i reckon if its true. He will do really well there too. interesting decision for the club if true.

27 May 2024 21:14:58
As expected DB, literally nothing to add to the discussion, maybe you should lay off the drugs lad ?
To give you some justification of my selections. you have to bear in mind, we are in Europe now.
There seems a general consensus on JB/ OLISE/ TOSIN I think all three instantly improve us.
HEINRICHS has one year left, is quality and provides competition for Dalot and won't hinder anyone from youth coming through, which is something we need to ensure we don't do going forward.
DIOMANDE I just think complements Licha too much to ignore and we will need 5 CB's including Willy. This obviously assumes the rest of the CBs depart (varane, Maguire, Lindelof)
NEVES has been done, we just get him 100%
BARKLEY adds some experience and off the back of a great season at Luton, he could work. Kind of a wildcard to be honest, but CM is a difficult one because if we proceed with Mainoo/ Neves, you obviously need someone who is effectively a bit part role, hence McTom is still there and Gore promoted.
GUIRASSY is attainable and will provide experience and bolster the attack line instantly.
DAVID is also attainable and will again provide options in attacking positions, I feel we need 4 attackers again, hence I opted for 2 additions.

Ive kept the likes of Rashford and Anthony as I'm not sure if they will depart, or be given another season to prove their worth.

Again, happy to discuss.



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