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02 May 2021 21:03:42
I hear a window was damaged inside old Trafford today. The Glazers won't be happy. 😜.


{Ed0666's Note - don’t worry the bill for the window will be leveraged on the club

1.) 03 May 2021 10:00:11
What a pane!

2.) 03 May 2021 20:12:32
I don't mean to be sill-y, putty they are in a bit of a jamb financially, so if it's inside then they can just knock out the remaining glass and save the expense of fixing it, or wait until the transfer window is upon us again.

3.) 04 May 2021 04:30:58
Our Window ( transfer) is damaged since years.




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09 Feb 2022 02:36:09
Rather embarrassing - I sat down to watch the Burnley game tonight and accidentally must have rewatched the Boro game.


1.) 09 Feb 2022 11:29:39
The thing is though that 10 weeks ago against both Boro and Burnley we'd have struggled to create 10 chances in each game. With them being teams the would sit deep and compact and we'd have struggled to find a way to open them up.

Yet against them we had 52 shots which shows the improvement we have made.

We should have been 3 or 4 nil up in both games by halftime based on the chances we created.

I see both games as a step forward.

2.) 09 Feb 2022 11:56:50
I think we’ve improved but why after 60-70 mins we look lethargic and knackered
Both games should of been put to bed before half time
Maguire needs to be dropped, he’s a liability and we need another proper central midfielder as both Fred and McTominay are squad players at best
We need to start picking up wins sharpish or top4 will be gone.

3.) 09 Feb 2022 12:13:49
Valid point shappy but points win prizes, and at the minute we aren’t winning the games we should be!

4.) 09 Feb 2022 12:17:35
Agreed Shappy. We have created chance after chance, just haven't been able to finish them. The one thing that worries me though is the fitness of the players. We seem to almost be knackered in the second half and teams get back into the game.

5.) 09 Feb 2022 12:25:00
Blackpool, the assumption is that the players look knackered after 60 minutes or so is because they are knackered. They don't have the fitness to push themselves for 90 minutes. They have had an easy ride and haven't been conditioned to try and play on the front foot for the whole game.

Whether this is true or not only those working in the club with the squad will know.

Maguire I agree has been awful, he seems low on confidence and based on recent performances would have been better off in a Greek prison. Personally I think Jones was miles better in his one game against Wolves than anything I can remember seeing from Maguire.

I said at the time when we signed Maguire that there were at least half a dozen players I'd take before Maguire, most of which were available for less than half of what he cost. Yet many pointed to his leadership and organising abilities needed in our defence. I wonder what happened to those? ??‍♂️

Fred isn't good enough and should be sold as soon as we have better options. McTominay I think could be good enough, but we need to stop trying to make him into a CDM. He isn't a holding midfielder and he will never be a top class one. If played as a roaming box to box player who can put himself about in midfield with the security of a proper CDM behind him then he would be a great asset. While having the license to get forward from time to time means he should get 8-12 goals a season with his excellent shooting accuracy from distance.

6.) 09 Feb 2022 12:27:44
Tim, that they do. But I think focusing on improving performances makes more sense than sacrificing performance for points. That short term vision keeps us trapped in a forever cycle of just trying to get the points without playing well. That is a very inconsistent way of getting points.

However, if you can consistently put in good performances, eventually the results will come.

Then as fans we get to watch good football AND winning. Rather than crap football and sometimes winning.

7.) 09 Feb 2022 13:16:00
Performances were a massive issue under Solskjaer. It felt like most weeks we were fairly abject but getting by with a bit of brilliance or luck. It's something many of us were rightly critical of.

We've improved under Rangnick, especially in the last few weeks where we have played at a more consistent level. Getting the level of performance we showed in the first half yesterday and in the first half against Middlesborough to be the standard is what we want. If we keep playing at that level we will win plenty of games.

We haven't taken chances, we've had a few poor refereeing decisions go against us and we have Maguire. Improving the finishing and dropping Maguire are the two things the club can control and it is what they should aim to do this weekend.

8.) 09 Feb 2022 13:25:55
I'm not saying Ralf will have anywhere near the same impact, but in Klopp's first season at Liverpool they took a little while to get to grips with they new style. They would then play really well going forward and create lots of chances, be suspect in defence and they were all exhausted after 60 minutes.

Liverpool would regularly be 2-0 up at halftime to end up drawing 2-2 or even losing 3-2. Mostly because the players weren't fit enough to maintain that style for 90 minutes.

9.) 09 Feb 2022 15:48:35
Shappy we always look like we are jogging or walking in games with the odd burst- there is no urgency, slight movements off the ball and after 60 mins as you say, we look shattered. These are supposedly prime athletes and stroll around nonchalantly, tippy tappy to each other ala van gaal era. RR came with the backstory of gegen pressing*SP and fit organised style but tbh I just can't see it in this team, not blaming RR.

Therevwere a couple of snippets to hang on to in sancho and PP playing a better game but for all the first half pressing I was never confident of us putting the game to bed. I called it yesterday saying we would probably sneak it but we left ourselves vulnerable to getting 0 points: southampton won't be easy and brighton will cause problems: its simply not good enough from the players.

10.) 09 Feb 2022 16:11:52
Funky, I think it's difficult, almost impossible to go from sitting on your sofa eating chips out of the wrappings to winning a marathon. Especially in a short time period.

It took Klopp most of a season and a whole pre-season to get the Liverpool players into the condition needed to play his high energy style.

We just simply do not have the time to get our players stamina to where it needs to be. We have had two international breaks, a couple of players off at the AFCON, injuries, Christmas, games postponed, and pretty much trying to fit in two games a week in the 10 weeks or so that Rangnick has been here.

Not to mention several players wanting to leave and the who MG debacle.

To get the squad we have to be playing anything like half decent football, even for 60 minutes is a hell of an achievement.

11.) 09 Feb 2022 17:44:44
Whatever you wrote Shappy, I tend to agree with all of your assessments.
We've actually been playing well even though we haven't won the last 2.
McTominay even as a DM is playing well than he did before.
Dalot makes so many progressive passes than with AWB were mostly passes infield.
Bad luck with the referee decisions, handball goal, a clear pen we had last game, and wrongly ruled out offside goal have definitely made us look bad.
Ronaldo is out of form and is missing chances that we was burying at the start of season.
And Maguire is our worst CB, I rate him below Bailly and Jones.
He's slow and doesn't suit us one bit, he keeps losing the ball and tries to go forward with none of the recovery pace.
Lindelof is far more assured than him.
If Rangnick can drop Ronaldo, or Bruno then definitely Maguire can be dropped as he's nowhere near their quality.
Rashford starting again has meant we don't have much from his side, a couple of late runs and finishes fr him has made elanga drop to the bench, who overall in the game has had more impact than rashford.
Sancho, who I feel is uncomfortable on the left, started to show last game what he's capable of, they were quite a few dribbles, he has to take the man on more often even if it means he loses the ball 2-3 times a game.
We are not far away from putting 3-4 goals in a half if things go our way as we've been very unlucky with decisions.
We've seen dross football under solskjaer and this looks like a beginning of something which I can call football, it's nowhere near want we want but it's the right direction.
Top 4 will be something we are very likely to miss out on now, but I feel we are not far away from converting these draws to wins. We are creating chances now instead of that one chance one finish anomaly solskjaer days.

12.) 09 Feb 2022 17:56:19
Don’t compare RR with Klopp, what as RR ever achieved to be warranted with comparing, that’s ridiculous
As is the players not fit enough, have you heard yourselves these are elite athletes like it or not, have you considered they are just not inspired by RR, they maybe don’t believe in what he is trying to do or just not taken in by him, maybe they just see coaching from lower league level and are not interested overly in what RR try’s to put across, maybe he’s coaching methods are antiquated or just downright boring, remember this man not coached in years and never coached elite level. Maybe that’s the problem.

13.) 09 Feb 2022 17:59:08
shappy agree to a certain extent but they have one job, one- train and play football which taken all the things you mention they still fall woefully short of where they should be. let's be honest they are well played, highly pampered should be top of the ladder, athletes: it is bandied about by numerous pros/ ex pros that once the season is on its way then matches keep them at the levels . Afcon, couple players away- not nailed on starters
thats why we have a squad, xmas- same time every year for 2000 years games postponed -ok but we haven't got cup games and 2 games a week - howay shappyour postie works 40 hours a week, plays twice a week, does the school run and has two women on the go and still shows more energy. Final thing is - its the same set of excuses at city, liverpool etc etc etc. I try to cut them some slack but it is hard to sympathise with them in the cold light of day.

14.) 09 Feb 2022 19:09:31
Shappy I think your assessment of Fred, McTominay and Maguire is spot on. I'd be less harsh on McTominay than others for the reasons you say. Maguire on the other hand is a continuing problem that directly impacts our fullbacks and our CMs. His positional sense is very poor so he is caught out far too often. This drags our fullbacks in to fill the gaps he leaves. His speed on the turn is appalling for a professional footballer. As such we cannot play the high line that Rangnick wants. Added to this he focusses on the man rather than the ball at an alarming rate. He really is just not very good. While Lindelof is a decent player I'd love to see Bailly and Varane get a chance. We'd finally have 2 CBs with enough pace to play the high line and to cover the fullbacks if they go forward. Maguire isn't our only (on field ( problem, but I think he's our biggest.

15.) 09 Feb 2022 21:22:30
I’m afraid we are stuck with Maguire for a long time. We’ll never recoup anything for him. Maybe he won’t be second choice CB this time next season but noone else would pay half of that fee for him.

{Ed0666's Note - you’ll be lucky to get half of half

16.) 09 Feb 2022 21:36:04
Don, I don't think Maguire's positional sense is poor, I think it's completely missing.

I've never seen a top level professional defender who gets caught ball watching even half as much as Maguire.

He doesn't know where his teammates are, he doesn't know where the opposition are and he doesn't actually know where on the pitch he is.

Because he is only watching the ball. Unless he has the ball at his feet he doesn't look up to see where anyone else is.

That's how he has ended up tackling his own teammates at times.

I'm sure if the ball was small enough or his ears big enough that at the right angle and trajectory the ball could pass right between his ears and clear out the other side.

He has one strength, his slabhead is so big that it often gets in the way of crosses and the ball bounces off his noggin.

However, he's often in the wrong place and bowls over his teammates in a desperate attempt to head the ball.

In many ways he defends in the same manner as Smalling, but without the recovery pace and mobility to make up for his poor positioning.



24 Oct 2021 18:23:25
I’m genuinely interested in a poll if possible …

Ole Solskjaer should be sacked. Yes or no? Surely there can’t be many left for no?!


{Ed033's Note -

Ole Out Poll

1.) 24 Oct 2021 18:38:21
Yes. I wanted him to do well but reality is this squad whilst it has some gaps is much better than this and he can’t get the best out of this group.

2.) 24 Oct 2021 18:40:46
I agree with you at last nothing changes.

3.) 24 Oct 2021 18:46:00
Yes he should, but I hope he walks before they get the chance to sack him so that he retains a bit more of his status at the club.

4.) 24 Oct 2021 18:48:57
I suppose all the "no" are votes from other team fans ?.

5.) 24 Oct 2021 18:50:08
Yes. Today if possible.

6.) 24 Oct 2021 18:52:26
So 16people think he should stay on the poll. Can't be united fans surely.

{Ed014's Note - I was 15 of them ?

7.) 24 Oct 2021 18:55:27
Ole would do well as a no 2. But dosent comand respect and is far to pally with the players. His demeanour tells you everything. A nice guy. But the job is way way to big for him. Carrick no coaching experience mcenna youth team coach. Fletcher no experience. What is his role again? I hear he takes Training with mcenna and Carrick?

8.) 24 Oct 2021 19:02:37
All those saying no are Arsenal fans.

9.) 24 Oct 2021 19:02:45

10.) 24 Oct 2021 19:04:27
Not one person at the club has a big pair of bollocks. There all yes men.

11.) 24 Oct 2021 19:08:28
Ole is a scapegoat for just how poor the club structure. Yes he should have done better, but he has poor coaches and assistants.

12.) 24 Oct 2021 19:11:41
Mad hatter. Ole chose his assistants.

13.) 24 Oct 2021 19:15:20
Did anyone see the tweet that said what are Liverpool doing? They are going to get Ole fired!

That made me laugh. It really does some up how poor we are and how much the PL fans are loving it. If the club can't see it then we will be doomed for along time.

14.) 24 Oct 2021 19:19:00
Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, speaking after game
"It is not easy to say something apart from it is the darkest day I have had leading these players. We were not good enough individually and as a team, can't give a team like Liverpool those chances but unfortunately we did.

"The whole performance was not good enough. We created openings, they had chances and they have been clinical. The third goal decided the game. "

Whose responsibility? "It is mine, that is it. The coaching staff are very, very good, brilliant. I choose the way we approach the game, we were not clinical enough and gave too much spaces and when you give good players space they score.

"We are at home, playing against Liverpool, we have gone here over the last two and half years and had a similar approach to high press but today they scored on their chances I think as Manchester United we should always try to stamp our authority on the game.

"That fourth goal is when you go into half time with having to score one every 15 minutes. I know these boys are capable of it. The fourth, that was probably game over.

"You can look at last season we lose to Spurs 6-1 this is worse, miles worse. This is miles worse for me as a Manchester lad. I've just got to say we have to get over this as quickly as we can.

"I have come too far, we have come too far as a group. We are too close to give up now.

"It is going to be a difficult one. The players will be low but there's loads of characters there.

"We know we are rock bottom, we can't feel any worse than this. Let's see where we take it. "

{Ed014's Note - close to what? Unbelievable tosh

15.) 24 Oct 2021 19:25:56
Why on Earth would he walk shappy? Give it a rest. He genuinely believes he can win something the absolute cockwomble.

{Ed014's Note - he does and it’s a beautiful thing ?

16.) 24 Oct 2021 19:31:40
Doesn't sound like a guy who's going to walk. Not sure if he is deluded or just wants his payout. He does really seem to believe what he is saying so maybe the former.

The club need to put this to bed and end it now. They won't and this will be allowed to roll on. Maybe defeats to Spurs and City might nail it, but I wouldn't be surprised if he's still our manager in December.

As a club we don't have a Scooby-Doo.

17.) 24 Oct 2021 19:33:14
RedWhiskey, probably he already does win something in his dreams.

The poor guy is trying hard to bring those dreams to reality ?.

18.) 24 Oct 2021 19:42:31
I'm surprised at Neville. Carragher and Souness are making good points, too much inexperience in that team.

19.) 24 Oct 2021 20:28:20
Basic organisation of the team is all over the place, the press was shocking today, we would have been better just not to bother like normal.
Ole thinks we are close, I believe him, unfortunately the weak link is himself, there is a very good team hiding under this manager.

20.) 24 Oct 2021 20:48:34
Exept mguire wan bisaka and linderoff are nowhere near good enough. Linderoff looks afraid. Mgurire beloved in his own hype. United captain.
Always looks like he's pulling a cart behind him
Shaw again believe in his own hype.
Pogba needs to go . Lingard needs to go with vdb for their own good. Lingard 29 acts like he's 19.had half a decent season at whu. Vdb should be playing every week. Mctominlay hindered by tactics. Bruno should be playing much closer to the cm. But him and Ronaldo do not work well together.

21.) 24 Oct 2021 21:44:08
Macguire should act like a captain. I want to see him putting in a proper shift and organising the team. At the moment he is not. But I don't think he is anywhere near as bad as some make out.

Shaw last year was immense. How quickly people forget. But maybe he has got a bit complacent and needs to be reminded he has to defend first and foremost.

AWB seems to me to be suffering from a bit of fatigue (no regular challenger to his position) and he keeps having to adapt to a different right sided centre back. BAILY, Lindelof, Varane and has not built a proper relationship with them. Also he doesn't have the protection of a player in front of him who is willing to track back and help out.

Cannot understand how Donny is still not integrated in this team.

Fred and Mctom are just not good enough defensive shields. I like both and they normally put in a shift but honestly do not think they would get anywhere near Liverpools or Citys first team and that tells me they are not good enough for us too.

Pogba the enigma. He is a great talent but one we cannot afford right now. The team has to take precedence over the individual.

We need Cavani up front as his work ethic is fantastic and he leads by example in fighting to regain possession.

But all of the above is useless without a top coach.

22.) 24 Oct 2021 22:12:33
Slabhead is absolute toss unless he is chaperoned, he needs constant supervision!, Very bad buy,!, Love know what vidic would say to him if he was alongside him!



02 Oct 2021 18:29:11
I'm a pretty laid back guy. I care about football but not enough to post on here often, whether in joy or sadness. But right now I'm pretty angry. I like ole. He seems a good man and a dedicated professional. He's not the worst manager in the world. He's overseen a good transition.

Before I wasn't angry because I thought, well, the squad's rubbish so I can't expect much. But now. the squad is brilliant (minus a Rice type holder) . It's truly an incredibly array of talent. And I'm angry because I don't get to watch them being amazing because Ole lacks the ability to coach them. Nothing angers me more than squandered opportunities, wastefulness, unrealised potential.

We have assembled a premier league title winning squad but have a championship manager in charge. We could be watching this lot DESTROY teams but instead we're watching them struggle like an Olympic runner in flip flops.

In short, we are a Ferrari being driven by a toddler.


1.) 02 Oct 2021 19:29:17
As a Liverpool fan I take great delight in your demise and poor performances. But also would like to see this Liverpool team go toe to toe with the Utd of old or a team coached as well as.

Saying that matches against us has always brought out the best of your players under any manager and you are rarely poor.

As an observation over your last few games you play well for first x 10 mins of each half and then drift through the rest until final few mins or unless you go 1-0 down, sooner or later somebody is going to give your team a real pasting as the amount of chances teams get is ridiculous. Then OGS may get the goober:)

2.) 02 Oct 2021 19:41:43
Meant to read gooner but autocorrected.

3.) 02 Oct 2021 20:54:01

Your right. Fortunately this season DDG has been excellent.

4.) 02 Oct 2021 21:09:03

I actually agree with every word of your post.

I’ve never come on here and said Ole is useless, called him names or said he hasn’t done anything good as I don’t believe that, he’s a good guy and I think he has made some important good decisions. I’ve been pretty solid on my opinion that Ole isn’t good enough for this team long term and the manager who takes over will inherit a brilliant squad. Ole knows what players should be playing for united but he has no idea how to coach them now they are here. Time for a change and soon so that the season isn’t a total write off.

5.) 02 Oct 2021 21:26:45

Welcome to the dark side

I am actually sad, I hope he walks away now before getting sacked. However, I think the 3 year contract has given him the confidence that no matter what, the club are behind him, bit like Moyes with the 6 year deal, didn’t see it coming.

{Ed0666's Note - if he loses/draws every game till January that 3 year contract won’t mean a thing.

6.) 02 Oct 2021 22:17:35
I wouldn’t call it the dark side and it’s not something I’ve suddenly joined after today, the performances haven’t been good enough for a long time but he often gets results that mean there is no way he will be sacked, as DLIB says above I often felt this was because he didn’t have the correct players and once we had Varane we would play a different system, but it hasn’t happened and I can’t see it happening.

The game he decided to play with only one player holding was the game when 3 of his first choice back 4 was out, then when it didn’t work he went back to 2 ‘holding’ players, neither of which can actually play that role.

My worry is that a new manager coming in now has a really top heavy side, loads of our best players all play in the same positions and we don’t have a midfielder capable of playing how we want to play.

What is frustrating is that the 4-2-3-1 isn’t working so why are we playing it every game, why is there no intensity until we go 1 behind? I’d imagine people at the club are starting to see these issues that aren’t being fixed and at some point will have to act. It may be a way for the new chief executive to get fans on side straight away, depending how many have turned on Ole by then.



12 Jan 2021 22:35:29
A quick note about Ole's lack of tactical nous. Today our goal appears to have come from him/ his team focussing not on competing in the air but cutting crosses back to the edge of the area. Credit when it's due. Top of the league. Enjoy your week and be happy x.


1.) 12 Jan 2021 22:46:39
Good times! 🙌

Agree it looks like we’ve been working on things in training to find ways through their defence.

I thought we were really good in the 2nd half. We kept possession and the game was played in their half until the last 5 minutes. Just what I’ve been wanting to see. We have the players to do it, we need more self belief that we can dominate teams.

Shout out to Bailly who was fantastic tonight. I’ve given him some stick on here but I can’t fault him at all since his return to the starting 11.

Roll on Sunday!

2.) 12 Jan 2021 23:53:45

He appears to be learning on the job, something many including myself didn’t think was necessarily possible, but there really is an improvement. Wait until we struggle on Sunday though haha.

3.) 12 Jan 2021 23:58:58
Burnley played like a bunch of thugs for the majority of the game and only started playing any sort of football after we scored. They remind me of Stoke City. Probably won't happen but i can't wait to see them relegated to non league football.



05 Dec 2020 21:07:55
So, here's my theory as to what's been going on, especially away from home, this season.

In the first half of games we have been (not by design I'm sure) playing within ourselves with low energy and low concentration, while our opponents have been out the blocks like Duracell bunnies.

Inevitably, such teams take the lead but then tire in the second half. Meanwhile, we are fresh (from our own lack of first half effort) and so as they tire and we pick up our game (by necessity of being down) our superior individual players shine and we hammer a few past the tired opponents.

Honestly, if it was deliberate it would be the most Machiavellian, bold, crazy like a fox tactic in world football. But I rather suspect it's not.

We won. Be happy. Enjoy your weekends x.





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27 Jan 2022 14:08:51
DSG, he hasn't had many chances but that's under two different managers, which suggests he's not looking that impressive in training. And when I have seen him on the pitch he's been quite underwhelming. Really odd one. I look forward to seeing what he's like when playing regularly and if he can force his way back into out plans for next season under the new manager.




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27 Nov 2021 12:23:17
When he coaches the team we will win more it seems, THAT's Amorin.




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22 Nov 2021 19:43:42
The right type of appointment if we want to avoid a problem at the end of the season when the interim does too well again!




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05 Jun 2021 02:09:49
The hype about Trippier is he’s just won La Liga and might be happy to be a rotation RB for a minimal fee. He’s a very solid player who would help our squad without busting the bank. Not every signing can be a worldie. Although of course we need a couple of worldies as well.




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26 May 2021 19:21:07
Fabrizio Romano says done deal. He’s rarely wrong.





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13 May 2022 19:33:31
I’ve given up on predicting anything about this club. I though RR would get us top four and felt sure he could get these players playing with verve. He’s turned out to be a bang average manager (albeit hampered by players downing tools) . McLaren? Ten Hag? Who knows what’s going to transpire. I am at best mildly optimistic.




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08 May 2022 07:43:06
Never mind Ten Hag, even Eleven Hag couldn't sort this lot out.




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11 Jan 2022 01:32:12
The silver lining is that RR sees exactly what we see. He's no fool. Be hopeful.




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07 Jan 2022 12:43:04
They're not running a football club Noucamp.




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31 Dec 2021 00:23:44
Did OK? Bit harsh. He was great tonight.