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17 Aug 2022 22:11:44
Is Elon Musk buying Utd? He tweeted that, is he being serious?


1.) 17 Aug 2022 22:25:13
No, he is joking.

2.) 18 Aug 2022 01:15:30
K listened to a podcast earlier that said if Elon Musk if tweeting about buying Man United (even if he joking he is) he is as as aware they are for sale. If you as selling something those who can afford it will have been told. Make of it what you will.

{Ed001's Note - the podcast are talking bollox. He said it because he knew it would get him publicity on a massive scale, nothing to do with whether it was up for sale. The guy is just a publicity whore, that is why he is so rich, because he knows how to milk the limelight.}

3.) 18 Aug 2022 01:31:08
Well good to know. I did get suspicious when he said I can't say who told me this etc. Like some CIA agent. Mind some of what he said is true. The club is rotten to the core and we have owners who are basically asset striping the club .

{Ed001's Note - the club might very well be up for sale, I don't know, but I do know Musk's tweets and they are just based on what is going to get him talked about. So it would not be because he had info the club is up for sale that he tweeted it. It would just be because United are all over the news.

The fact that Ratcliffe has gone public over his interest would suggest it is not up for sale or he would be more likely to just start discussions direct with the Glazers. He would not want to get drawn into a public auction in case it lifted the price up. No one but the Glazers would benefit from a public sale process and even they might suffer as a lot of potential buyers would not be interested in getting involved in that kind of situation.}

4.) 18 Aug 2022 01:36:23
Oh sorry to post this again, . but had a full length conversation tonight with my mate, on who as a neutral ( he a Sunderland fan) would you choose as the manger of Man United to be your captain. Took him an age and said Varane (if he was fit for every game) it's a major issue I keep bringing up. Not one leader in the squad.

{Ed001's Note - I can't think of one either. Certainly wouldn't want Varane as a captain personally, even if fit. He has never shown an iota of leadership potential.}

5.) 18 Aug 2022 02:08:59
I am one for a conspiracy theory, do you think the likes of the Glaziers and the billionaires of the world, help each other out. So Musk, Ratclffe ( both I don't think need publicity) discuss things like this to boost the price of what they own ( I scratch your back you scratch mind mentality) Musk does it in a way he always wins in the long-term. I personally think football will turn out like the NBA and do drafts for players. It certainly needs something (been a united fan would love to win every year) but some leagues (Scottish, French, German) these leagues have the same top two every year, I know this happened before, I just can't see any European league having any other top 3 each season for a long long time. The money gap is bigger than ever.

{Ed001's Note - quite the opposite. Most of them see each other as rivals.}

6.) 18 Aug 2022 07:47:18
Kev that would be stock manipulation and illegal. Musk likes to insert himself in whatever is the hot topic. He is brilliant at what he does but also a wind up merchant who gets a kick by the media frenzy when he says something.

7.) 18 Aug 2022 08:35:45

If it was for sale it would definitely be run like an auction. That's how you get the best valuation and bids. we do this very often and just got chopped on something unrelated to football in the penultimate round. There were 4 rounds and each round bidders got dropped based on their bids and attached conditions. its going to PIF's from what I understand.

The Glazers are poor owners in terms of knowing how to run a football club and the structure they have put in but when it comes to something like this I suspect pretty smart and will not leave anything on the table.

I personally think getting PE firms involved in football clubs is a terrible idea because of how we look at deploying capital and the end goals, which is generally an exit date where you think you are at max profitability and get max valuations and payout since your capital raise from investors always has a redemption period.

{Ed001's Note - I very much doubt anyone would get involved in an auction like that for Manchester United, due to the emotional attachments people have to clubs. It will be similar to the way they bought it themselves - someone coming in and just hoovering up all the shares they can get and gradually picking off direct from the Glazers as they look for funds for other projects.}

8.) 18 Aug 2022 09:55:28
Ed- do you think that is the way in for someone like Ratcliffe? Buy a stake now and just through time gradually add and eventually take them over?

Obviously lots of others could do it but he’s the only real name I’ve seen so far.

{Ed002's Note - No. If Jim Ratcliffe wants to take over he will enquire about availability and then put together a formal offer.}

9.) 18 Aug 2022 10:10:25
Thanks Ed.

10.) 18 Aug 2022 12:02:38

Would Utd a good buy for any prospective new owner (s) given the work required at OT and at Carrington etc. Of course this may well be potentially covered in the offer made to the Glazers, to reflect the costs needed for the additional upgrades etc.


{Ed002's Note - It would depend on the price and who is interested in buying the club.}



06 Apr 2022 22:26:55
According to Fabrizio Romano, Man Utd board are pushing for Erik Ten Hag, he's approved by Ralf Rangnick and His priority has always been Man Utd.


1.) 07 Apr 2022 10:58:43



17 Jul 2019 14:51:34
If we going to sign Maguire is best to do it as soon as possible and have him on the squead this week so the club can focus on the next signing ( hopefully a midfielder) then a right winger. we need to speed up the process, this new players need to gel with the rest of the squad specially players coming from other leagues.


1.) 17 Jul 2019 15:12:53
I'm sure everybody involved with the transfer is aware of that. These things take time. It's not like buying a packet of fags.

We should take however long is needed to get the best deal for us.

2.) 17 Jul 2019 15:33:08
still 3 weeks to go. we want the right deals nothing needs to be rushed.

we could have the perfect window if reports are to be true

wan bissaka
and dave signing a new deal

and possibly longstaff

if come the end of the window with all of the above we would have improved the team massively

im still expecting some players to go.

im not sure we will go for a RW this window and i don't think we would replace lukaku

and if pogba goes we need another cm.

3.) 17 Jul 2019 17:43:44
Must admit, I was a bit surprised to see him come on for Leicester in their latest friendly. I know Leicester can't be expected to put everything on hold just for our benefit, but maybe it's not quite as close as we thought.

4.) 17 Jul 2019 17:51:45
Wazza's not bought a pack of ciggies for awhile. You now need photo i'd with proof of age, a doctors note, and to sign 67 page disclaimer in triplicate.

5.) 17 Jul 2019 19:18:39
Really Mort, I thought you just had to pick your favourite picture on the packets behind the cabinet.

6.) 17 Jul 2019 19:53:19
Sky just reporting we are looking at another centre back if Maguire they didn’t say who it was though.



18 Apr 2019 23:28:22
If Ole wants or pretend to have any success as a Man Utd manager he needs to be ruthless and get rid of a lot of average players in the squad and identify and demand from Woodward the players that he wants, otherwise it will be another 2 years of misery, oh and the club needs to appoint a DoF asap. We are in trouble, we really are in trouble. it will be hard to get to Liverpool and City standards but its possible, let any player that doesn't want to play for the club leave, let's get players who want to be here.


1.) 19 Apr 2019 09:05:51
Before any of that, we need to let Ole manage the remaining games and wait for the transfer window to open.

Quite a lot of posts recently saying Ole needs to do A, B, and C. We’re all in agreement. He will know as well as us. We just need to wait to see what happens and not get caught up in things we can’t control.

2.) 19 Apr 2019 09:12:43
And do say all of us reman.
Well nearly all.
Thr odd one is clinging on to the belief that this squad is great.

3.) 19 Apr 2019 13:37:29
We see it. Ole see's it. And some of the players I'm sure see it. But the issue is does Woodward see it?

4.) 19 Apr 2019 14:08:32
Reading the page it's a starting to sound like a bit of an infatuation, should I be worried 🤔.

5.) 19 Apr 2019 15:31:29
Some supporters are saying not to get hung up on the appointment of a Director of Football. That is insane. If we want to be challenging again Manchester United need to take the control of the team off Ed Woodward and give it to someone or people who know football and can run a football team.

How is Manchester City, Liverpool and even Spurs doing so well right now? Some with collosal budgets and others with less. Because they spend wisely on transfers and contract renewals. They have football people running the team. Not just the manager or an accountant. Aitor "Txiki" Begiristain Mujika was installed years previous to Pep coming in and had half the team that Pep wanted ready. Pep gave it a year with them players and cleared the ones he didn't want. No questions asked, no contract extensions cause they're good club men. Michael Edwards at Liverpool has been doing phenomenal work with a small net spend and Daniel Levy at Spurs with the bare bones.

It's nearly May, if you don't have your transfers for the summer lined up at this stage you're panic buying and you know where that has gotten us. Expect more of the same this summer if one isn't installed ASAP.

I have never been a fan of planes flying over stadiums calling for someone's job to end but I wouldn't have problem with a plane and a banner saying, 'Ed Woodward Stick to Commercial Deals' before the seasons out.

{Ed002's Note - You don't seem to understand how the club works at all.}

6.) 19 Apr 2019 18:56:31
I think the issue for many Ed is the convoluted structure in place at Utd where there seems to be many advisors working at or on behalf of the club with no clear visibility of who is calling the shots transfer wise.

{Ed002's Note - It is nothing to do with advisors Eric.}

7.) 19 Apr 2019 19:32:09
The problem is Woodward though. GE doesn't want to hand power over. He's unwilling. Who are you expecting to suddenly move him aside and appoint a football person in charge of football matters?

8.) 19 Apr 2019 20:29:00
could you please explain to us how it does work Ed002?

{Ed002's Note - It is best not to as all it will do is give everyone two their people they know nothing about to trash.}

9.) 19 Apr 2019 23:25:28
Scouse here, go easy.

You're right in what you're discussing. Football men need to be handling football, but I'd you think Pep and Kloppo just shipped everyone out, got rid of those who didn't want to play for the badge and leaned on a DoF then you're absolutely deluded. We're carrying loads of dead wood, so are City. It's sound and efficient management and being wise that has produced points, not getting rid of half the squad and appointing a mythical figurehead.

10.) 20 Apr 2019 08:29:45
Ed002 is not possible to explain without going into too much detail then? If you unable, thanks a lot I do understand and appreciate your response.

{Ed002's Note - Whilst the ignorance of the fans is quite frankly astounding, it will simply lead to the trashing of other people the supporters know absolutely nothing about.}

11.) 20 Apr 2019 12:05:22
Other people that are doing such a fantastic job.

12.) 20 Apr 2019 20:59:15
So you’re astounded how people can be so ignorant, but you won’t deign to step off your throne and explain? Because. then fans will be trashing people they don’t currently know are influential?

{Ed002's Note - So it seems I did explain. It is the cretins like you that keep me so cheerful.}

13.) 20 Apr 2019 23:31:05
Ed002 please do your best to ignore idiots like the above. Your input has been greatly appreciated by the majority of us and we'd hate to lose you from this page again thanks to the odd numbskull.

14.) 22 Apr 2019 08:50:23
liverpiol fan here. I must say, that whilst we are riding the crest of a wave it has been trophyless so far.! so kudos to manU for picking up titles aling the way!

But, that aside, one thing I have really enjoyed about FSG and Klopp's relationship is their shared vision and identity for the club. Rodgers had lost our identity and you could feel as a fan that there was little plan or direction. Since Klopp has come in that purpose has been common and we've progressed from there. Yes you make mistakes along the way, but the core of the machine is in tact. ManU look a bit like us from decades ago, trying to panic buy players that will shoot them straight back to past glory. it doesn't work like that and manU should really be look at the fabric of the club and putting key pieces in place to deliver on that.

Hope you guys turn up on wednesday. ! have some pride lads!



26 Jan 2019 00:24:12
Give Ole the manager job.





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21 Apr 2022 11:48:44
Welcome Erik Ten Hag, hopefully this is the start of a true rebuild around the club.


1.) 21 Apr 2022 12:48:50
need the fans to be patient and ignore the media and go out and get 4-5 young hungry players with good potential who want to play for the club and give 100% every game.

include young homegrown talent and some experienced players with good character who don't have huge media profiles (Neves, ward prowse, tielmans, Ndidi ) and don't be afraid to kick out the big names and keep an eye on those who play 10 times for the club and thnk they've made it. cut them down to size or kick them out too.

Club, manager and team first, prima donnas not required.

2.) 21 Apr 2022 14:17:09
1 thing he will get is time, these players have shown there true selfs.

Leaches that get managers the sack. down the tools in november these lot, as bad as ole was this squad threw him under the bus.

They won't get away with it again.

3.) 21 Apr 2022 14:26:02
The prima donna's are rewarded with giant paydeals. If I was in that squad and saw the contract that Pogba has and is allegedly being offered when he doesn't try a leg, it would affect my happiness with the club too. Same with Maguire and others. They need to attend to that.

4.) 21 Apr 2022 19:17:19
Good luck to Ten Hag. He has a very tough task ahead of him but he seems to be up for the job. Just as long as he ignores the scathing contributions from ex-player turned media presenters/ muppets Ghosts of Christmas past. They seem to have all the answers. They might mean well, say some, but their comments denigrate many of the players and possibly sap confidence.



29 Mar 2022 23:32:40
Looks like Raphina is on his way to Barcelona this summer, were United ever interested in him?


1.) 30 Mar 2022 07:24:55
No thankfully.

2.) 30 Mar 2022 09:02:49
Along with Antony, Salah and keeping Dembele they'll be well-stocked down the right flank for sure.

3.) 30 Mar 2022 10:35:20
Spenno Don forget Adama Traore ?.



29 Jan 2022 16:22:47
Looks like we are going to finally get rid of Phil Jones lol


1.) 29 Jan 2022 18:13:31
No chance….

2.) 29 Jan 2022 20:23:10
According to Fabrizio Romano only the final green light from Rangnick is missing to complete the deal.

3.) 30 Jan 2022 09:40:05
Where is he going?

{Ed002's Note - Bordeaux on loan.}



07 Oct 2020 21:12:11
Donnie is looking really slow and lost against Mexico today.


1.) 07 Oct 2020 21:45:20
He’s only been here a few weeks and we’ve ruined him 😉🤣.

2.) 08 Oct 2020 09:18:53
We will be loaning him out in Jan and then in the summer CF Malaga will bid €8.5m 🤣🤣.



09 Jul 2020 22:31:01
I don't know about you guys but it only took us seven years to look like a proper football team on the pitch, It seems to me that the Amateur one is building something here. Very excited about next season, oh and It's good to see other team fans posting desperate comments here, You already know what that means lol.


1.) 10 Jul 2020 07:14:38
Amateur one, hahaha. that will hurt a few.

2.) 10 Jul 2020 11:36:01
I actually like the monkier "the Amateur one", I think its said with a little tongue in cheek due to his lack of experience. I'm not saying Ole will ever get to the level of these managers but let's not forget that at one point Pep and Zidane could have been called the Amateur one at Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Having a great CV is not a guarantee of success nor is the lack of one a guarantee of failure.

3.) 10 Jul 2020 12:56:59
The Amateur one gets Utd the same way Pep gets Barcelona and Zidane gets Real. I could not stand the "parking the bus" one anymore that's not who we are as a footy club, controversial manager playing defensive footy? nop that wasn't going to last, now I don't know the ins and outs of how the club is being run, I keep hearing from someone here that they are amateurs and that includes the coach, well that coach has us playing the best footy post fergie, plain and simple. We finally look like a proper footy club and with 2 more quality signings we could hit a lot of more nerves lol. To me Ole is building something really special for him and the next manager (if there is one coming in the next 4 years which I doubt it if He delivers) remember fergie wasn't an instant success.

{Ed047's Note - great to see you immersing yourself into the new Arsenal role, only two more players, building something big, 4th place trophy and next year is our year. 🤷‍♂️🤣😉

4.) 10 Jul 2020 13:18:30
Oops someone didn't properly read my comment, I have never said It's going to be our year, we are going to champions, I said 2 more quality signings and we "could" hit some nerves but it looks to me, we already starting to do that lol.




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01 Sep 2020 16:19:25
Agree with Mad Hatter here, I would rather see Pereira, Lingard and Mata out than Fred.




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29 Jul 2020 11:54:18
I hope not, neither of the them are what we need.




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11 Jul 2020 12:43:10
I don't know what other people see in him, to me He is not good enough, plain and simple and same goes for Chong too, they are not good enough in my opinion, now Laird, the right back yes I do like him a lot and He is almost ready, thing is we have Bissaka there already but everytime I have seen Him play in the first team he has done well, can't say the same about Gomes.




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26 Nov 2019 13:22:11
Yes CSFThat would be a way better midfield than the one we currently have, Fred's commitment can't be questioned but sadly he isn't good enough and don't let me start on Pereira, i don't even think he is a championship player let alone a manchester united one. We need a very good holding midfielders and a good creative, attacking one too, Maddison or Fernandes would be great in that position.




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14 Aug 2019 17:34:29
I want him as far away from the club as possible, he is done and dusted, has offered nothing so far, how the heck did the club get into this situation idk, some people here don't think Ole has what it takes to make it but if he gets rid of Rojo, Sanchez and have us playing very entertaining footy, he may well be the one who takes us back to challening, early days but i do like how he is setting the team to play and our average age, that's very important most of these players will flourish in 2,3 years.





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14 Aug 2022 15:32:25
I got crucified in here for saying that Henderson should be our number 1 and now even more that Ten Hag wants to play from the back, oh well.




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11 Jun 2022 15:28:31
Pellistri looks ready too.




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11 Jun 2022 15:27:31
@Brad76 Scholes to me is the greatest midfielder that have played for Man Utd.




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06 Jun 2022 13:42:39
Keeper is a HUGE issue when you are trying to play from the back, just look at City and Liverpool, that's all you need to know.




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29 Jan 2022 20:23:10
According to Fabrizio Romano only the final green light from Rangnick is missing to complete the deal.