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04 Oct 2021 07:36:05
I wonder what the consensus is amongst United fans about AWB. I don't watch United often but when I did yesterday I thought he was BAD. I remember when he signed most of you were happy about signing a RB that is a defender 1st but maybe you and the management didn't really have the foresight to see were football is going as far as the evolution of the position.

Random Red

1.) 04 Oct 2021 08:12:23
he is great 1v1 and great at tackling

but he can't pass, can't cross and whenever he's on the ball he looks like he's going to fall over

but then you look at who else we have for rb and your left with dalot who is terrible.

2.) 04 Oct 2021 08:39:16
AWB IMO. Very poor not cut out for top team, too slow in his passing and control, always as to take a extra touch….
Defending many times nods off then out of position so as to make last ditch tackles lucky for him he tends to win lot of them
What happened to the saying a good defender stays on his feet!
You also have to question his Brain…. and professionalism
But maybe he won’t have to worry about if he plays or not from December anyway.

3.) 04 Oct 2021 08:47:28
Yeah, he seems clumsy on the ball. Matip is a better dribbler which is saying a lot. The England national team is lopsided at RB but he's probably the least talented of this generation.

4.) 04 Oct 2021 09:17:22
AWB s ability or lack of it is all that's wrong at United in a nutshell.

Excellent 1 v 1 defender. Positioning and awareness of attackers in behind him is poor.

Attacking threat very poor.

Therefore you coach him like you would with anyone in top level individual sport like a golfer, Boxer, tennis player with specific weakness-

In the classroom for a few hours a day watching video clips of what's wrong and how to rectfy it, then out on the practice pitch doing it and hours and hours. or running with the ball hitting a cross time after time today, tomorrow the next day and the next day and landing it in a 3 ft square area until he's dreaming about it in his sleep and could do it in his sleep. But we just don't seem to be able to improve players to any significant degree. full stop.

{Ed025's Note - you should be the next manager BFB, i think you are spot on mate..

5.) 04 Oct 2021 09:18:20
Nowhere near what Manchester United as a club deserves. He is a very good defender for a team who need to defend for 90 minutes.

6.) 04 Oct 2021 09:34:43
Very good player with an incredible amount of natural ability.

But like any raw player with talent, he needs coaching. He will not get that at this club.

Not his fault.

7.) 04 Oct 2021 09:57:15
He is not a very good fullback. He limits Utd offensively and his positioning is poor. £50 million wasted.

8.) 04 Oct 2021 09:58:21
He has many great qualities, and he has potential to improve other areas of his game. The problem with him is simple.

Firstly he has not had a regular high quality player playing in front of him. The fact that most of if not all of our attacking play down the right hand side has fallen at his feet is a little unfair. Only recently has Greenwood really kicked on and become a creative option as well as a scoring threat. However his tendency is still to always drift inside.

We praise Shaw on the left but then he has Rashford in front of him dragging players out of position and making space for him. As a player to link with him and they have developed a good understanding which has enabled both to play better.

The second issue is that he hasn't really developed the other areas of his game. I don't know is that is a lack of effort from him, a lack of coaching, or a lack of understanding what he needs to improve.

There is a player in there, certainly a better player then we are seeing most weeks.

In hindsight maybe the club should have gone for a more offensive option, someone like Max Aarons could have been a good option. While Tariq Lamptey and Tino Livermento both look exciting options in the EPL if we needed to replace AWB. Although Ethan Laird I think could be a world class RB.

9.) 04 Oct 2021 10:40:01
I remember Gary Neville talking about training with Schmeichel when he was young. Schmeichel would request a few youth team players to cross the ball in, do drills and whatnot. One of the first training sessions Neville kept over hitting the crosses, time after time. Schmeichel left the training session early and made a remark to a coach like "where did you find these, they're sh*t"

Neville practised his crossing day in day out in case he was asked to train with Schmeichel again. Some time later Big Pete requested some youth players to train with, Neville turns "not you again". This time though Nevilles crosses were exactly what Schmeichel wanted. It ended with him saying something like "Same again tomorrow" that was all the justification needed for his hard work.

Neville putting the hours in made him a decent crosser of the ball. I don't know if that mindset is there with our team. I don't know what what the manager does during training but no player has absolutely excelled under him.

AWB should have addressed his shortcomings, he should have been coached to improve his shortcomings. Unfortunately we have an incredibly poor coach in charge.

He should be further along in his development but our managers solution is to buy a 29 year old to replace him a couple of years after spending £50 million quid on him.

10.) 04 Oct 2021 11:06:58
Neville was a youth player coming up through the ranks who cost nothing .

AWB cost us 50m, at that kind of money you should be looking to get a full back who has no major weaknesses in his game .

11.) 04 Oct 2021 11:13:54
Good story Mumbles. Somewhere on youtube in a documentary is a George Best clip whereby he takes a tyre on a rope hangs it off the crossbar and hits 10 balls through it with his left foot then his right from the penalty spot . then moves it into each corner of the goal . does the same, then from an angle from each side of the box, then a further distance, then with his head.

Done after his training session in his own time and kept him out of trouble, as Sir Matt said "he is the one player who doesn't need to practise anything yet he practices the most "

Not sure players do that sort of thing anymore.

12.) 04 Oct 2021 11:49:40
Good defender who can be perfect for us in some games but there are a lot of games when a more forward thinking right back is needed and we just do not have one. Dalot was sent to Milan last year and the manager wanted him sold and to bring Trippier in, I think if Trippier had been our full back in the last 3 games we would have won them all, AWB is not good enough going forward and Dalot is not good enough full stop.

13.) 04 Oct 2021 12:07:38
I’ve been disappointed, if you’re spending £50M then you are expecting a top top player and whilst his 1 on 1 tackling is impressive, I’m not sure anything else is. Very odd.

14.) 04 Oct 2021 12:58:34
AWB has only a few strengths: one v one tackling ability, and very good athleticism. But his positional sense is lacking, he is panicky on clearances, doesn't appear to communicate much, and is loaded with flaws offensively. He is too predictable with the ball (always prefers to go to his right), passes too often to players in dead ends, and his crossing is very erratic. Yet, despite all of that, you still feel like the potential is there.

15.) 04 Oct 2021 12:56:19
Love the coaching stories above. I’d love even more to sit in on a coaching session and see what we actually do all week?

16.) 04 Oct 2021 13:43:45
I don’t think player valuations are meant to be fair indications of what a player is worth. They are what are required to tempt the selling club into parting with their prized (under contract) asset. Add the obligatory margin that all clubs add on when Utd come calling then all of a sudden players are being purchased for almost double their worth. AWB, Maguire, Sancho. All woefully overpriced but the clubs have had us by the short and curlies. Sancho would have been more but for his expiring contract. We’re paying for potential most of the time.
As for AWB… a good player. He’s made a few priceless blocks recently and as everyone likes to remind us is a good ‘1 on 1 defender’. However in my view many elements of his game are poor and he’s probably not even in the top RBs in the Prem.

17.) 04 Oct 2021 13:30:54
I think the 50m price tag is a little disingenuous.

If he was French or German then it would be 25m. While if it was Leicester or Everton signing him and not Manchester United then his fee would have been 10-20% lower as well.

Fred for any other side would have cost 35m, but United and it's 50m.

It's just the way it is. Which makes it a little unfair to measure a player up by his price tag, regardless of the player.

We should base our expectations on their reputation, on what we have seen of them and nothing more.

AWB signed from Crystal Palace after 18 months of EPL football. He was a promising young player with one outstanding quality (1v1 duels) . He had never played for his country, he had never played in the UCL he hadn't even played in the Europa League.

18.) 04 Oct 2021 14:31:23
In defence of AWB. (But let’s be straight I don’t think he should be anywhere near the team) before the usual suspects say I changed my opinion, you can coach and coach then coach some more, some people just can’t take it in or relay it to there game, I’m afraid AWB is possibly one of these he could play till he 40 and never change it’s was a huge gamble paying 50 million for him and it’s not worked, I don’t even think I blame the coaches for him not getting no better, he still plays like a kid in a park but clearly much fitter….

19.) 04 Oct 2021 14:32:55
Shappy, awb is really a £25 million player even though he cost £50 million?

I guess we got what we paid for then.

20.) 04 Oct 2021 14:41:42
I honestly think 25m is being over generous indeed…… when I said he was not good enough weeks ago, I got slated from the usual suspects, now it seems tide turning on him too and others are actually seeing it, clearly Ole as too that why he was trying for a RB in the summer, muted as cover for AWB but without doubt would have taken his place full time.

21.) 04 Oct 2021 14:55:35
Works record fee for are at the time I think. He was a better player before he came here than he is now.
But Roy is a better manager than ole imo so it's not a big surprise.

22.) 04 Oct 2021 15:00:23

You start off your post with 'In defence of AWB ' and then spend the rest of it criticising him.

23.) 04 Oct 2021 15:26:39
In defence of Jackamus the majority of his posts are criticising a player or the manager or other posters bilko.

24.) 04 Oct 2021 15:53:44
Yes Bilko because in his defence he not got a brain, so that’s hardly his fault…. I was trying to be diplomatic about it, but clearly need to spell it out next time so apologies.

25.) 04 Oct 2021 16:10:51
GDS as much as it’s a complete waste of time rising to your continued statements including me, I have not changed in my view and if you go back to my list of players I have always maintained are not good enough for united AWB was on there as was Henderson DVB Martial and few others, I never added Sancho to that list at the time, but seen nothing since, if your happy with them that’s fine, if your happy with mediocrity that’s fine too, if your happy keep mentioning my name that’s fine too, if your happy trying to be a guardian angel, or sucking up to people saying I 100% agree that’s fine too, we just laugh at your post and move on, so don’t worry about who I like or don’t like, but if you want me to list the players I like I will just for you if you ask nicely.

26.) 04 Oct 2021 23:25:10
I don’t have to worry about who you like, you don’t like anyone ? if you do then perhaps some balance would do some good, at the moment it’s just constant negativity.

Don’t think I’ve ever sucked up to anyone, if I agree with posts I’ll say so, you can’t say every one of my posts is argumentative and confrontational and then say i suck up too much, a little contradictory.

If you laugh at my posts then that’s great, you don’t seem to though, and who is ‘we’? You just post on here on your own.

27.) 04 Oct 2021 23:28:50
Jackamus opens his post with 'in defense of AWB he doesn't have a brain'. hilarious.
Anyway, thanks so much for the engagement.

An interesting player nonetheless.




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07 Oct 2023 16:54:06
Yeah it's not looking good for Erik. The Man Utd dressing room right now seems worse than PSG.

Random Red



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06 May 2022 05:26:34
Firmino is excellent technically, Jota is closer to Aguero in his style.

Random Red



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09 Dec 2020 13:04:06
If I remember correctly we tried to sign Jones that same season you did and when that didn't work we went with Henderson. Seemed a huge mistake @ the time.

Random Red



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31 Dec 2017 12:54:24
°Laughs in world class attacking midfielder°.

Random Red




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04 Mar 2024 08:14:13
1000% not a foul. Strange decision to go down with so much space ahead of you @wazza.

Random Red



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17 Sep 2023 09:51:02
Some gestures have been made to impress upon the players that ten Hag is more important to the project than they are. Getting rid of Ronaldo was such a gesture. It seems United will allow him to make big decisions. I'd be surprised if players not liking him will be the reason he gets ejected.

Random Red



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02 Sep 2022 13:25:45
There is a great video on TIFO about Martinez and the height conundrum for CBs.

Random Red



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14 Aug 2022 07:54:12
2 wins in Uniteds last 10 games. United have lost their last 4 games in a row.

Random Red



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13 Aug 2022 20:02:32
Who is this clown.

Random Red