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29 Aug 2021 22:56:50
I'm glad we won today but it wasn't our greatest performance . I didn't get many of oles decisions but he won somehow .
I want sancho to solve our right hand side not make the left even more complicated . He was very quiet today .
Pogba started the season well from the left and I'd have kept him there but ole clearly isn't a dvdb fan at all and if he didn't get in today it's hard to see how he ever will .
Fred trying to stop traore was like watching coyote try to stop the roadrunner, I'm onboard he needs upgrading .
For us to seriously challenge we will need a holding midfielder and a world great striker . that one's covered atleast .
I wouldn't get keeping James and letting amad go,
Transfer window has been great, but I hope a bit more can be done, donny clearly isn't rated and James and lingard seem surpluses, 3 out and 1 midfielder in I hope .
Last thing even when Ronnie starts, greenwood deserves to be in the side he outshone sancho today and players need to earn a place.


1.) 29 Aug 2021 23:27:01
Greenwood rarely does the wrong thing. The wolves player at left wingback was very good today, greenwood didn't get much from him when he was out there, so James stood no chance.

I agree that Greenwood needs to get game time, I'm sure he will. We truely do have a huge number of potential match winning forwards. Ole will always have options to win games from the bench.

I actually wonder whether we could play 3 at the back against some teams, drop Obe wan for the extra attacker, Shaw has always looked good left side of a 3. Play Pogba wide left, not as a wing back, just high and wide, then squeeze 2 of cavani, Ronny, Greenwood and Rash into the side. Or greenwood wide right and 2 from 3.

2.) 30 Aug 2021 06:05:21
Pogba was flying on the left with 5 assists in 2 games. Why make the unnecessary change?
Sancho was bought to fix RW. But he was used on the left and James on the right.
Sancho has to play on the right to develop understanding with his fullback.

I also believe it is the end of Donny.
In the same fixture last year, he was Man of the match.
Now, he is not even getting games from the bench. Poor squad management imo.

3.) 30 Aug 2021 06:20:04

Thinking the same.

Greenwood played well at CF in a game then Ole moves him out wide to accommodate Martial.

Now, Pogba was doing well on the left and is moved back into the middle with Sancho coming in.

And James who is more comfortable on the left is put on the right even though he has struggled to put in good performances.

Donny, I don't know what's going on. The amount of times Fred was losing/ misplacing the balls in the middle was frustrating to watch.

4.) 30 Aug 2021 06:46:17
Yes it’s easy to criticise but everyone has been calling to lose the two screening midfielders, he has put pogba in there to create and dictate and he was dreadful. Hindsight is wonderful. Think it just shows our glaring need for that 1 player . Bruno and pogba lose the ball far too much, and as for Fred! I don’t think we need a typical defensive tackling type midfielder, more of a carrick, sits there snd can get on the ball and run the show . Easier said than done . Unfortunately I’m not on the Donny bandwagon, have seen nothing in him to suggest he is getting in this team . Could be one of a few to leave in my opinion.

5.) 30 Aug 2021 08:43:22
Dodgy, we should definitely try playing three at the back, keep Obi Wan in and let Shaw zip up and down the left. We could then switch play between a 3-5-1-1 or a 3-2-5.
Varane gives us that strength and confidence at the back and I think it will play to Ronaldo's strengths.
We were poor yesterday, 0-0 would of been fortuitous. Fred shouldn't be anywhere near that team. He has the first touch of Fred Dibnah swinging a lump hammer.
Kind of looking forward to seeing Ronaldo telling Ole how to set the team up and who to sub.

6.) 30 Aug 2021 08:46:50
I don't think Pogba was helped by Fred.
I was watching him closely as it was impossible not to, and so many times when the defenders or keepers wanted a pass he would just run and make the angle so much worse.
Unlike Matic who gets into positions and tries to get to the ball, but what I saw from Fred was dreadful.
I think we loaned out a better player in garner than fred.
Fred has complicated one of the easier roles in the side.
Donny has played DM before and honestly he would not do any worse.
Ole is a muppet.

7.) 30 Aug 2021 08:59:06
Chris, Pogba had to babysit Fred, so difficult for him to do anything.

Cavani on the pitch for 30 odd minutes, not a chance, hardly his fault, there was no service.



19 Apr 2021 22:09:50
So as it stands the teams 1st 2nd 5th 6 th 7 th and 9 th would be in an elite team league, the teams in 3rd 4th and 8th nah hardlines
The club want highest level opposition but agree to a seeding system where when possible big clubs dodge eachother .
There would be zero incentive in the league there would just be winners or relegated and hundreds of dead fixtures, and pretty much no incentive to win a superleague as you make lots of money however bad you are .


1.) 19 Apr 2021 23:05:14
Sky and all the pundits talking about greed when sky will be the first to bid for TV rights if it goes ahead.

2.) 20 Apr 2021 07:09:36
There is no relegation in the NFL and it doesn't detract from the level of competition between the teams.

{Ed001's Note - you can't compare the two. The whole set up is different and it is even more corrupt and about money than anything regarding the ESL, particularly for the college teams etc that feed the NFL. It is not a model to follow other than maybe the draft and openness about salaries etc.}

3.) 20 Apr 2021 08:32:35
remi you really think sky will get the rights

the major american networks will get the rights to show this. money talks

these 6 clubs want to go and play in this sham just throw them out and let them play in it.

4.) 20 Apr 2021 08:41:43
While I don't know quite what to make of it all at the moment, and I'm just waiting for the dust to settle to try and get a fair grasp on everything.

What really doesn't help currently is the media bias against. Fully understandable, Rupert Murdoch has spent a considerable amount through Sky for the rights to air Europe's "premier" club competition. So you can see why he and his organisations would be dead set against a new "elite" European club competition.

He would be tied into a huge and expensive contact with UEFA for the UCL/ EL rights for however many years are left on the deal. While the biggest clubs in Europe play in a different competition. Which he in all likelihood he would then need to pay an even larger amount to gain the TV rights for.

So any media outlet attached to Murdoch is likely to be bias against any potential ESL. Which is going to make it very difficult to get any fair and unbiased information currently. Which is why I'm taking a wait and see approach.

5.) 20 Apr 2021 09:35:33
For once the media are reporting exactly what the vast majority of fans think about it.

6.) 20 Apr 2021 10:27:40
I'm not sure most fans have read or understand the proposal or its ramifications.
Lots of hyperbole at the moment.

7.) 20 Apr 2021 13:03:15
If this thing or any personised format of it goes through you can forget SKY as a provider - its a new world order especially with American owners involved - Disney, Netflix, Facebook, Amazon all want in on streaming top level sports - 3 years ago a French clubs chairman said Facebook would be streaming CL football within less than a decade in his opinion. Amazon were also looking at it. I see Disney mentioned last night on CNN as rumoured provider for the new super duper Bankers league.



12 Jan 2021 23:00:36
Slow start away from home again but by the end a well deserved win .
Not everyones favorites but pogba and bailly played really well.
I can't help but think someone sit down with pogba show him how well he played without the flicks and Hollywood passes and concentrate on the possession passes and bursting from midfield breaks like he did today, on his game not trying to be fancy he's our best central midfielder.
We are in mid January and well in the tittle take, wether its through C.V., injuries, no crowds or whatever its the first time in years, even the year we were second it wasn't a race it was like whos second to usain bolt and not a race .
Theres a few match winners in the side and let's roll with it, i still fancy city but its good to be involved again.


1.) 13 Jan 2021 07:52:10
Pogba was phenomenal. If we see this Pogba turn up every game, we will win the league.



27 Dec 2020 21:33:53
I hope everyone had the best Christmas possible under the circumstances and best wishes to all for the new year .
What a crazy season it looks good for the team that can string half a dozen wins together first, haven't studied fixtures but I still fancy city to accomplish that although its surely within reason for many teams including us .
My views on utd are although we build painfully slow from the back we are dangerous and exciting once we finally get the ball forward . We are built to break on teams but we need to master dominating and taking it to teams more . If we had a better right hand side attack I think we could be so much more than we are now and be better equipped to challenge .
Happy new year all and don't fall out over football we all want the same thing.




09 Dec 2020 13:51:18
I want utd to win and I want england to win, I hate it when utd play a back 5 and I hate it when england do as well .
I dislike a back five even more when mctom and matic in front of it . That's a gk, five defenders plus mctom and matic, eight of the team in for defensive abilities not attacking abilities . I get we only needed a draw but it just meant Leipzig had zero fear of us in the first half .

We try various formations because we basically ignored the obvious, in the summer and never bought a first team ready right sided attacker.
Tonight the brave manager beat the super cautious manager.


1.) 09 Dec 2020 15:14:25
I’d hardly say that switching formations ahead of our biggest matches of the season and not making it clear to the players where they were supposed to be playing was cautious. To me it was more a case of a competent manager beating a clueless one. Each to their own though, I guess.

2.) 09 Dec 2020 16:04:43
Really? The think the manager needed to tell Wan Bissaka what a right wing back was supposed to do? Everyone seems to like bashing the manager - at what point do the players take responsibility? My wife doesn't know much about football but when I asked where a right wing back should be on the pitch she got it right and had a chance of preventing the first two goals. The guy stealing 4.7 million pounds a year from the club not so much.

{Ed001's Note - then why isn't your wife out there? That's right because it is much easier for some no mark to criticise than it is for a professional to actually do it.}

3.) 09 Dec 2020 17:32:58
1st goal wasn't his fault team had shifted too far left striker he was covering with Lindelof should have been between him and Maguire but most importantly matic should have stopped the cross we had Shaw matic Maguire and telles around the ball and he got a free cross.2nd goal was Shaw he got out of position then didn't get back so telles had to cover and telles man was the one who scored. we played 3 left backs last night but your complaining about the right side? Rather than those covering that side and a manager who subbed a lb off and left one on who hasn't played for 4/ 5 weeks?!

4.) 09 Dec 2020 23:37:56
The team as a whole were woefully poor defending. As others have pointed out we lack leadership on the pitch especially in defence.




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14 Sep 2021 21:39:37
Il try to be honest I couldn't stand jose as our manager I thought it was boring defensive football by a coach a bit outdated .
I can get away with ole I prefer his signings and all round attitude .
I can't though dig out jose as boring and defensive but then say tonight was not .
If we had held out another minute ole may say the ends justified the means, but we didn't and we lost, we deserved to lose and going down to ten men wasn't the fault of the Swiss, our player done it and deserved his red card .
Ole didn't ask him to be sent off, nor did he ask Jesse to make that backpass, but what on earth was our plan other than defend like its the alamo .
I'm aware we have injuries, we had a man sent off, some of these players played at various points during the game but what would the odds you'd get in a champions league game that wasn't a dead rubber and we were not winning at the time that there would be a time in the game none of ronaldo, cavani, greenwood, rashford, sancho, mata, amad or bruno were on the pitch .
Man down or not they dominated and deserved to win .




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12 Sep 2021 21:04:19
I'd have thought another short term deal with another loan in January.
If we can all work out he's down the pecking order I'm sure buyers will realise that aswell .
That's from a utd point of view but sitting tight and signing nothing then seeing what opportunities are available to him will probably be his best option.




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29 Aug 2021 10:33:09
I hope ole gets braver now I often felt over the last few year we were a bit outgunned by some other sides so we would sit back and use counter attack .
Sancho, bruno, pogba and rashford creating for ronaldo looks a match for anyone now, we should be able to use both flanks now and be able to break down teams sitting back.

Ole has the tools now, city have faced teams defending for their lives for a few year now and had very little trouble dealing with it.
A midfielder wouldn't go amiss but surely with our attacking players our focus should be on attacking football now.




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27 Aug 2021 22:24:09
If white and ramsdale cost 80 million from Brighton and Sheffield utd it seems a great time to offer Phil Jones in a straight swap for saka before arsenal employ someone to replace del trotter in finances.




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27 Aug 2021 20:33:06
I wouldn't be too worried at a declining ronaldo I think he was top scorer in serie A, top scorer at the recent euros and about to become the highest scoring International player ever .
Even with his best days behind him I still think he will hit goals for fun .