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19 Jul 2017 17:55:44
I've just read that there's more fantasy football going on at City with the signing of Danilo.

I find it very curious that there was no suggestion we were in for him since in my opinion we need another right back and he is willing to come to Manchester. Plus he was only £26 million!

It could be just that he preferred City or having worked once with our beam of sunshine manager decided never again.

The other possibilities are we have an alternative coming in or simply that Mourinho is happy with the players we have for that position. I noticed Valencia played at right back against Salt Lake and I think TFM got some time there as well. I didn't watch the Galaxy game. Has anyone else played at right back pre-season? Do you think Mourinho is happy to go into the season with those two plus Darmian?

1.) 19 Jul 2017 18:19:44
The fact he has slumped at Real and can't defend might be a reason.

2.) 19 Jul 2017 18:28:38
We can't sign everyone mate. Our targets were Semedo, Fabinho and Aurier. With Danilo plying his trade in Porto for a few years before moving to Madrid, I'm sure Jose knows enough about him and whether he'd suit us, evidently not. It's about getting players in that will suit our system and compliment our other players.

3.) 19 Jul 2017 18:42:23
When dids he work with jose mancman?

4.) 19 Jul 2017 18:53:06
Since the De Gea debarcle last season I can, t see Real Madrid selling us any ground staff never mind any players.
I know we have numerous targets, Perisic, Matic, Fabinho . Jose wanted them on the U. S tour, But you can't make clubs sell their players because we are interested in them.
Still feel a lot of players are not that keen on playing for Jose, It's only because we pay over the odds for players and agent fees, that we get them to sign.
City and pep put in offers for players, and get them.
Long time to go in the market I know, But we don't want to be signing players 24 hrs before season starts, Remember the Fellani deal anyone?

5.) 19 Jul 2017 18:59:26
Players want to play for Mourinho but we are not ready to meet he asking price.

6.) 19 Jul 2017 20:27:28
The United money men have their limits and rightly stick to it. Pep is playing a real life version of Football Manager at the moment and is yet to address the left back position and centre half.

7.) 19 Jul 2017 20:34:14
More to the point why buy a 2nd rb who can't defend for 26 mill after shelling out 55 mill for another rb who can't defend. What about their much vaunted academy if they wanted a bench sitter.

8.) 20 Jul 2017 09:22:13
The best right back to come through their academy is now first choice at Spurs and was sold for £3.5 million.

9.) 20 Jul 2017 13:25:35
Ken, you're right. After I posted I realised I hadn't checked whether his time at Real had co-incided with Mourinho's.

Nonetheless, because none of our wide players are natural wingers, I do think we need overlapping attacking fullbacks and both Walker and Danilo would fit the bill.

If we bring in a true defensive midfielder then I'm not so bothered about how well our fullbacks can defend, as long as they are good going forward.




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28 Nov 2018 00:28:45
Jose's celebration with the water bottles was brilliant. It was the most entertaining part of the night.

1.) 28 Nov 2018 16:57:46
he was probably pissed off because that goal will probably keep him in the job for now anyway, when he's looking for the sack and a big pay off.



10 Aug 2018 11:11:01
I think through their actions, the Man Utd board have given Mourinho an interesting message.

They have backed him personally with a new contract but have refused to let him bring in short term, expensive fixes.

To me this seems like a challenge to Mourinho to show whether he's actually any good as a coach and a manager. Any fool (even me! ) could spend unlimited money and put together a decent football team.

But to succeed, Mourinho will now will have to mould and shape a team with the excellent but imperfect squad he has at his disposal. This means some major man management especially with players he has already upset. It will mean trusting in younger players and helping them make the most of their talents. It will mean being positive and putting this team on the front foot which will play to theit strengths.

Nevermind all this about lowering of expectations. Are you kidding me? Mourinho has a wealth of talent at his disposal but he's hasn't been utiliising it properly. We have brilliant attackers but the whole team plays at 70% with the handbrake on. I'm glad the board has recognised this and effectively told Mourinho to do better with what he has.

Mourinho reminds me of a spoiled kid at Christmas. He already has a room full of toys but its never enough and he always wants more of the best and shiniest toys. Then when he gets them, he only wants to play with the box they came in.

I'll conclude by saying I don't think Mourinho has got it in him. Even if he has the ability to rise to the challenge (which I don't think he has) I don't think his heart is in it which means he has no chance. He might last the season but I'll be amazed if he's with us next season.

And talking of heart not in it, I don't expect to watch much of Utd until Mouringo leaves. Too many times last season (and for many seasons before) I left the ground or the pub and wondered what I'd wasted my time for. Not this year.

1.) 10 Aug 2018 11:27:10
Great post.

I just wish the board had held off on the contract. Really bizarre way of doing things. 'here sign this extension', happy days, few months later 'we aren't backing you and now you are locked in haha'. Seems a really weird way to go about things as now we have the grumpiest of grumps, who can point to this as an excuse and we have to pay mega money to get rid of him all the while the place becomes much more toxic.

I don't think the people in charge realise how treacherous their position is here, it's almost like they didn't see what Jose did at Chelsea before he was sacked. The risk/ reward strategy seems backward to me. Jose struggles to bring players on as well, it isn't his USP.

In for a long hard season as fans, and I fear the club have made one mistake too many by extending his deal off the back of a truly awful run of performances in the winter. Making an angry man, angrier is not conducive to a good atmosphere.

2.) 10 Aug 2018 11:48:26
MancMan, sorry but you lost me after the "fool" comment. Did you see the Porto and Inter squads with which the fool won Champions League? don't think much money was spent there.

3.) 10 Aug 2018 12:00:06
No Beast, I think it was a good move from the board. Mourinho cannot say in any way that he hasn't been backed. Along with the new contract, the club have spent a fortune on players he wanted. Mourinho now has nowhere to hide and if he doesn't deliver then it's all on him.

I think the board believe in their man and that's fair enough, but I also think they are being reasonable in telling him that their are financial constraints and that he already has good resources which he isn't making the most of.

By the way, just for fun, I'd like to remind everyone of a little quote from Fergie which seems quite apt for Manchester United under Mourinho; "I've never played for a draw in my life"

4.) 10 Aug 2018 12:16:46
MancMan - hard to manage an employee with their toys out the pram, even harder if that person is a key employee. We (the club) are taking a huge risk because we are left picking up the pieces. We are asking a flat horse to do the jumps. We pay one way or the other.

5.) 10 Aug 2018 12:32:31
United Addict, I didn't call him a fool but I take your point. It's 14 years since he won the Champions League with Porto and 8 since he won it with Inter. Great achievements no doubt, if you like that sort of thing. However, there are lots of things I could do 14 and even 8 years ago which I can't do now. Football has moved on and Mourinho is yesterday's man.

6.) 10 Aug 2018 12:45:32
Having purchased Lukaku, Pogba, Sanchez, Matic, Lindelof and Fred, Mourinho is certainly not in any position to complain about the Board not backing him even if he did not get any key targets this year. The team has plenty theoretical talent at his disposal to compete effectively for titles. The best managers always have to add that extra special something to inspire a team to reach the next level by making the whole more than the sum of the parts.

I think Mancman has it right, although I do believe they would have stumped up for a truly top player if one had been available. It may be they are starting to realize that the very top players don't actually want to be in a Mourinho side that plays with the brakes on all the time. And it is the the style negativity and its affects that have come to the top of the agenda for the Board. There is no joy in the club at the moment and that also needs to be turned around.

7.) 10 Aug 2018 13:22:54
Agreed - it comes to something when a reserve for Madrid and Croatia is publicly stating that he has no interest in playing for Mourinho. How many players are saying this to their agents in private, bet some agents are annoyed as we pay well over the odds for anything these days and it's easy money for the middle men. However, I get the feeling that most decent agents would realise that most players signing for Utd depreciate in value, so maybe not so many arguments as they should be thinking longer term for the good of the career as a whole.

It's just a mess. But looking forward to tonight and hope all us doubters are dealt a huge dose of STFU, I'll never learn though as no doubt tomorrow I'll be posting as usual with words like 'boring, lazy, confused, pathetic, defensive'.

8.) 10 Aug 2018 14:58:49
"If you like that sort of thing " lol 😂.

9.) 10 Aug 2018 15:36:11
Beast, you're right but Mourinho has nothing to throw his toys out the pram for. The board have given him the players he wanted and backed him with a new contract. He has a great squad with a fantastic first team. What has he got to complain about? It just makes him look ridiculous.

He is now master of his own destiny. If he wants to be Mr Neg Head then it's inevitably going to go badly. If he recognises what a great situation he is in, shapes up and gets the most out of his squad then good things might happen.

His problem is he is at the wrong club and has the wrong set of players for his negative brand of anti-football. If he uses the same tactics this year then he will fail to get the most out of them. A good manager would set them up to attack because that's what their strength is and it will also get the supporters onside.

We all know how it's going to be though and I'm sure Beast is right saying he will be back on here tomorrow "with words like 'boring, lazy, confused, pathetic, defensive'. " It's a shame really because there are some really good players whose talents are being wasted. I have better things to do tonight so I'll catch up tomorrow and you can all tell me how it goes.

10.) 10 Aug 2018 15:36:56
Thanks Deano, I'm glad someone spotted that.

11.) 10 Aug 2018 18:07:20
Mancman a few good post there.



24 Jul 2018 15:03:53
Ed002, quick question from a grim, rain soaked, uncultured, asmatic, diseased Manc with bad feet and a poor judge of character:

Many of us toxic fans perceive Man Utd to be poorly managed and requiring major changes. What's the perception of the club among those who work professionally in the football industry?

{Ed002's Note - That they are underachieving and will improve if the planned changes are made this summer.}

1.) 24 Jul 2018 16:23:54
Thanks Ed.
Any insights what these plans are?
Would be greatly appreciated.
Is Ribalta leaving part of the plans?
Or collateral damage?
Or totally against plans?

{Ed002's Note - Players.}

2.) 24 Jul 2018 18:00:17
Ok thanks Ed002,

I thought it was about structural changes in the club maybe.
Not really overl confident in signings being all that’s wrong.

It seems to me most of the signings started off promising and then severely dropped off after half a year.

But let’s hope you are right and we stop underachieving this year. And hopefully even overachieving sometime soon again.

3.) 24 Jul 2018 18:58:13
Ed 02.

Apologies if I'm pushing it too far, but you seem to have given us something that we didn't know before. It would be incredible if you could explain a little more about these changes are?

{Ed002's Note - players.}



19 Jul 2018 11:32:28
We need a right winger. We have a fast, powerful, skillful right footed player who can dribble and beat a man. Why can't we tell him to get down the line and get a cross in from the right. What am I missing? Why does it need to be anymore complicated?

1.) 19 Jul 2018 12:12:18
All of us who have watched United for a long time can plainly see we lack width. Whether that comes from the wingers/ forwards or the fullbacks/ wingbacks is down to personal preference.

However, does Jose Mourinho really want width? Has he ever truly played with width?

Historically he only like one full back to push forward at a time. He also favours hard working wingers over skillful ones.
He likes to have two banks of four who sit deep and and narrow forcing the opposition to go wide. He likes counter attacking over possession. Meaning he prefers vertical balls over horizontal balls to stretch the opposition.

Why am I saying this? Because I don't think we will see the kind of players we want to see come in. We want players who'll attack with width and stretch teams.

Jose prefers to pick full backs who'll stay narrow and deep. Which is why Luke Shaw gets so much grief from Jose as he looks to attack too often and stays too wide.
Jose prefers to play players such as Lingard, Mata or Sanchez out wide as they are naturally No.10's and as such natural gravitate in field creating a narrow team. Which is what Jose likes.

He himseld has said he doesn't expect us to sign another forward/ wide player. And apparently we are hesitant over a deal for Alex Sandro.

I don't think we will see the kind of football our fans want as it is the opposite of the kind of football Jose wants.

We either need to be happy with the kind of football Jose likes or we need to find a manager who will play as we would like.

2.) 19 Jul 2018 12:34:46
You are missing nothing . People bang on about a CB when we have 5 to choose from or a LB when we have 3 to choose from including englands number 1. I totally agree and have been saying for a number of weeks that we have nobody who can hug the right touchline get past a fullback on the outside and whip over a cross for our powerhouse of a centre forward to get on the end of.

3.) 19 Jul 2018 14:58:00
We have players who can do that, its one of the most simple commands a manager can make. Stay wide, go round the outside and whip crosses in. It's offensive play 101. However, Jose doesn't want to play that way, so it doesn't matter who we sign, it won't happen. Whoever comes in will play in the same way our current players play. If we are lucky they will do it better than our current players.

4.) 19 Jul 2018 17:30:37
Well said shappy, excellent.

5.) 19 Jul 2018 18:58:42
Spot on Shappy.



17 Jun 2018 01:11:31
Was thinking about Ronaldo and how he might adapt his game as he gets older. Seems like he's looked after himself so potentially he could play at a top level until he is 40. He's already changed his role from all out winger to pretty much centre forward. Could he play as a no 10 or even deeper as a playmaker? Does he have the skilset? I could see Messi playing a deeper role as he ages but i'm wondering if Ronaldo has the passing range and defensive positioning needed for a deeper role? Is it just a case that he's a football genius so would exell anywhere on the pitch, even in goal or at centre half?

I'm interested in this because their is always talk of him returning to Utd and the only doubt about whether this is a good idea is his age. However, if we could get 5 - 7 good years of top quality Ronaldo then that's got be a good thing. It might not be peak years flying down the wing Ronaldo but that doesn't me and he can't be bloody good and really effective for us for many years. I've read talk that he couldn't hack it in the Premier league anymore and that's just crazy. I think he's plenty hard enough and capable of taking care of himself. A sensible manager would look after him and make the most of his big game temprament. We shouldn't need to waste his miles in the tank on playing Huddersfield at home.

I think Ronaldo is exactly what Utd need right now. He's a total winner and I think we could get many years of great football from him. Most of though he brings some wow factor and I'd love to see him back playing at OT.

1.) 17 Jun 2018 08:06:25
I can see him in America in a year or 2 .
I think he will want to go out at the top not fade away .
Last 2 seasons he has scored 25 and 26 league goals great return for any player other than Ronaldo.
I think he would find it harder to score goals in the EPL and maybe the physical nature of the league but you never know .
Messi scored 34 and 37 in comparison and that's playing a deeper role, if Ronaldo can't continue that standard I think he may look at America or even France with psg.

2.) 17 Jun 2018 09:16:28
Off your rocker jred if you really believe that.

If you look at his stats during his time at Madrid, the last 2 seasons were extremely consistent with the years previous in terms of games and goals.

He played 29 league games in 2016 and 27 league games in 2017 scoring 25 and 26.

He played 46 games scoring 42 in 2016 and 44 games scoring 44, entirely consistent with his previous seasons, average a goal a game since his start at Madrid.

Incredible how you can question this guy given his record.

Comparing him to messis return isn't the debate here, it's whether or not he could do it in the PL. I don't think there is any argument.

3.) 17 Jun 2018 09:50:02
He could do it in the premier league if he had the teammates to create the chances for him.

4.) 17 Jun 2018 09:58:43
I haven't questioned his record, what I said was I think he will want to go out at the top not fade away .
Last 2 seasons his goal return and games played in the league were his lowest since joining .
His overall goal tally for this season and the previous are the lowest since his first season with Madrid.

I think he will want to keep that tally up and will find that hard to do in the epl and with United I don't see him hitting 50 or 60 a season for United. Even the 42, 44 he over the last couple of seasons .
And at 33 years old coming back to the EPL is big ask .
So it's not if he will score goals it's if he will score as many and be as influential as he would like in this United team .
Psg makes more sense ibra scored 38 league goals in his last season and then 17 the following for United.
I think it's harder to score goals in the EPL than either French and Spanish league and a lot harder on the body . Ask ibra
Ronaldo could probably prolong his career avoiding the EPL.
Buts that just my opinion.




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22 Nov 2018 18:29:47
This just shows how much we need an appropriate manager who can be at the club for the long term. By appropriate I mean a manager who plays progressive, attacking football and develops young players i.e someone who suits the ethos and history of the club.

A manager who entertains us, plays the 'Utd way' and shows us our youth products will get a lot of leeway and patience from the fans even if results are mediocre while he builds his team and implements his ideas.

Chopping and changing negative managers makes no commercial sense and we end up with the dogs dinner we have now which is going to cost a lot of money to sort out. We also lose a lot of support and subsequently sponsorship because who wants to watch boring football from average players?

I can't understand how all this isn't bleedin' obvious to the supposed professional people in the industry who run the club.



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19 Nov 2018 21:33:45
Also Darmian. Good post Bolger, you've simply illustrated just how much work needs to be done. It won't be easy shifting this lot either because of their wages.



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13 Jul 2018 19:02:52
C'mon KG, gis a kiss and a cuddle.



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07 Jun 2018 00:02:05
Thanks ed002.



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04 Jun 2018 08:56:43
Eric79, then you can see what the problem is if our supposedly best midfielder can't really be bothered putting the effort in. It seems like it's not just for Utd either and the French fans have lost patience as well.




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06 Dec 2018 19:30:40
Redman, I think our young defenders don't stand a chance in this team under this manager. How can they grow in stature, confidence and ability when they are in a struggling side with no leaders and their confidence is undermined?

I think Dalot, Bailly, Lindelof and Shaw could develop into a pretty decent back four but they need better midfielders who can keep the ball and take the pressure off them along with tactics which mean we defend from the front. At the moment we invite pressure on and give the ball away all over the pitch so these lads have no chance.



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06 Dec 2018 18:32:16
I think Bailly and Lindelof could develop into a decent partnership. They have compliamentary attributes. Lindeloff needs to toughen up a bit and Bailly needs to calm down. They are both young and have many years ahead of them to learn their trade in a position which players really benefit from experience perhaps over any other position.

I'm not suggesting they are the second coming of Rio and Vidic but for me there are promising signs and I'd like to see them play in a better team under a different manager to see their full potential.



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23 Nov 2018 19:53:00
Shappy, I'd say it's because he doesn't care about anything except himself. Amusingly that ongoing trait makes him look like a person so it's counterproductive although profitable.

It's an amazing thing in football how serial losers and pillocks keep getting top jobs.



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23 Nov 2018 09:07:06
You might be right there Ken, but compared to an out of form / knackered / aging / slow Matic he might be worth a run of games. He looked reasonable pre season.

It's another problem we have at Utd; too many players hanging around contributing nothing. If they're good enough to be part of the squad then they should be playing games. If not they should be moved on and better players brought in to replace them.



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22 Nov 2018 18:10:11
My apologies Shappy but you say he is a "clearly hugely talented player" and I am disagreeing with you because I don't think he is.