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03 Nov 2019 12:26:02
I think yesterday proved that we are desperately lacking that no. 10 with creativity. As hard as Pereira works he has nowhere near the quality required to play in that position for us. How many times does he make the wrong decision or not pick someone out when we're in a great position. I like his work ethic but not good enough.
And we don't seem to have anybody who can take a corner. Basic stuff. Awful today but I don't think we are as bad as most are saying. Another game that was there for the taking.

1.) 03 Nov 2019 13:54:38
I think Pereira has a had a good run and defaulted to take his chance, it s a slap in the face for Lingard who is clearly out of favour. I agree on corners too, we get an awful lot and seem to waste them all.

2.) 03 Nov 2019 15:32:54
He did very well yesterday finding space and receiving the ball and linking play. He was a big part of a good 15 mins at the boghing of the game.

In the end, he has to be judged on end product. Same with jesse. 10 is a key position, and I thought Andreas did half his job very well. But nearly passes are not going to get the job done. One shot on target from him. No assists and few if any key passes is not enough when he played for much of the game in space between the lines.

I wonder what Fernandes or Maddison would have done with that space and time?

3.) 03 Nov 2019 18:32:43
I’d say scored and assisted goals dodgy.

None of our options at number 10 do that on a regular basis, and it’s key factor in our lack of goals. Fernandes and Maddison have 7 and 5 goals already this season. Pereira and Lingard are both yet to score.

How many points over the course of the season will the failure to bring in a number 10 this summer cost?

4.) 03 Nov 2019 18:58:18
Too true on this. I agree to keep McTominay and let him play with Pogba, just need that amazing number 10. Should be Pogs, but he does not turn up enough, same as Martial as a number 10. Is it a french thing?

5.) 03 Nov 2019 19:37:08
I don't think it's a French thing, I reckon Cantina at his current age and fitness, vwith a bottle of wine in one hand a chunk of smelly French cheese in the other would score and assist more than either of our current number 10's.

{Ed025's Note - cantina would have them for breakfast mate.. :)

6.) 03 Nov 2019 20:02:48
Groan, flipping autocorrect.

7.) 04 Nov 2019 01:05:49
We could have Vardy Salah Mane and Ronaldo all up front but if there is no supply to them they cannot score. We have had a rubbish midfield for years now. The defence was bad too but its getting sorted. Now we need to buy at least two top midfielders so that we can control games and attack with incisiveness and guile.

8.) 04 Nov 2019 05:34:48
We need a top class no 10 to knit our attack together.
Andreas doesn't posses enough quality to be a regular no 10.

9.) 04 Nov 2019 09:48:16
watched Leicester yesterday and i would take Ndidi, Maddison and Tielemans ahead of Fred, Mctominay and Perreira every day of the week .

I never thought i'd see the day when Leicester have a far better midfield to United .



14 Aug 2019 11:36:53
What's with all the Luke Shaw bashing all of a sudden?
Being in a settled back 4 after a tough pre season I predict he'll have another good season for us.
Player of the year last year and now so many have made their minds up that he's not good enough, don't get it.

1.) 14 Aug 2019 12:04:04
Me neither, some of these guys here are something else.

2.) 14 Aug 2019 12:38:32
Will i think shaw was much improved last season just like lindelof.
I think he should be 1st chiice lb at the moment. Squirting a new lb wad not necessary this summer as we had more urgent postings like cb rb.
Young and dalot are providing cover. I think next summer we will replace young and get someone to provide real commotion for shaw.
He is here 5 years nearly. Injured for best part of 2 and has come back ok. Not great but improving. If the improvement stalls then he will be replaced if not he won't be.
Being poy is no great achievement last year. It was beteeen him and lindelof. So our 2 best players were part of the worst defence for 30 odd years.
Everybody starts from scratch in a new season he needs to be better than last year. He can be but he has to prove that.

3.) 14 Aug 2019 13:20:46
I agree there is room for improvement and he is behind where we all expected him to be at this stage of his career, given his promising start. He's not too committed to his diet and fitness are the noises coming out of the club.

However, the criticism on here is unjustified. We won so the doom mongers need something new to complain about. They will cycle through players as the season goes on. The more we win the more obscure the subject of criticism. Like last year when Ole first arrived and we were winning every game, the big hate target was our shirt sponsor. Totally bonkers some people.

4.) 14 Aug 2019 14:03:46
I was merely pointing out that he is poor positional. Its something I've said before a few times.

I wanted Utd to sign Tierney so that they would provide competition for each other. That in turn would take both to the next level.

5.) 14 Aug 2019 14:54:59
I don't think most people are criticising him after 1 match. What i suggested and meant is looking for a cover for LB next season and a LB who can push him for his place in 1st team.

6.) 14 Aug 2019 15:39:23
Jose already working his magic from his punditry seat. I think we all know Shaw is suspect at the back and neither Rashford nor Martial are best suited tracking back. But we want our fullbacks getting forward, that's kind of the point. We just have to be adaptable when teams keep targeting that issue, we need a resolution for when that happens during the game. Not just ditch the player. All fullbacks get caught out of position, it's about limiting the amount of times it happens.

7.) 14 Aug 2019 16:00:58
Yes MH, i was wanting KT too.

8.) 14 Aug 2019 18:39:37
Just his turn it seems m. Rashford, Lingard have both had it. Won’t be long before they turn on AWB. Ignore them.

9.) 14 Aug 2019 15:39:23
Jose already working his magic from his punditry seat. I think we all know Shaw is suspect at the back and neither Rashford nor Martial are best suited tracking back. But we want our fullbacks getting forward, that's kind of the point. We just have to be adaptable when teams keep targeting that issue, we need a resolution for when that happens during the game. Not just ditch the player. All fullbacks get caught out of position, it's about limiting the amount of times it happens.

10.) 14 Aug 2019 16:00:58
Yes MH, i was wanting KT too.

11.) 14 Aug 2019 19:12:24
I think Shaw bashing is just a horrible symptom of the hardiness and persistence of MU toxics.
Glass is always half empty and the grass is always greener somewhere else.

{Ed001's Note - or it could just be that he is not actually very good? I don't get this one-eyed defence of dross players who have let your team down repeatedly but you still don't see they are not good enough.}

12.) 14 Aug 2019 19:28:06
People will soon change there tune and move on. Maguire was average a week ago .

13.) 14 Aug 2019 20:14:11
I don't thinks its neccesarily bashing but luke shaw is now the weakest member of our back 5. He most definitely needs competition as he has been known to take his foot off the pedal and over indulge.

Are young and dalot both playing out of position at left back suitable competition? probably not. It is something that will need to be adressed next summer when young presumably leaves.

In my opinion we should go for chilwell and let him and shaw battle it out for the left back spot like dalot and wan bissaka are for the right back spot. Chilwell and AWB as starters and dalot/ shaw as back up would see the full back department sorted for a long time.

14.) 14 Aug 2019 20:29:51
It's been a struggle the last few years to find a pair of shorts to fit Shaw the last couple of seasons lol, seriously though, i hope he continues on his good run of form.

15.) 14 Aug 2019 20:33:32
Probably because he's been overweight for most of his United career. The least a professional player on those wages can do is stay in shape. Rooney got pelters for it. And if you look back just a week or two ago so did Lukaku.

16.) 14 Aug 2019 20:40:14
Shaw isn't getting bashed.
I'm merely stating an area of improvement that he needs to work on. Ataxking wise he can be brilliant. I like him as a player, but I'm not sure Youbg will drive him on and take him to the next level.

17.) 14 Aug 2019 21:05:45
When shaw has a good game next week does someone else become the weakest link? How does it work .
Amazing how people need to look for a negative .
Doom and gloom for weeks we win 4.0 need to find a negative.

18.) 14 Aug 2019 21:17:42
Nothing wrong with a shout of critisism particularly constructive. Also nothing wrong with a bit of amature analysis.
Nothing wrong with seeing something different than somebody else.
Why do people get touchy.
Its said on her a lot. ' i don't get the hate for' or ' people are throwing abuse on here for x player"
Nobody really hates these players so it a hyberbole word used by some posters to over emphasise a point. Nobody abusers players on here either.
No problem debating your points but possesses don't tell others how to think.
Eric is bang on either ignite them ir put your point of view across but everyone is entitled to their opinion.

19.) 14 Aug 2019 21:49:35
Ignite them would be a bit harsh i think Eric said ignore. aaaghh samsung swipe.

20.) 14 Aug 2019 22:34:29
I'm not a massive fan of shaw. I think he is unprofessional and isn't a great LB, positional sense is all over the place. But that would be me bashing a player and I wouldn't want to do that 😊.

21.) 14 Aug 2019 23:57:38
Squirting a new lb wad?

Guess we know what attracts Ken to the game.

22.) 14 Aug 2019 23:59:33
That's not bashing angel its a commonly held view.
I agree with you.
However he was rated a lot higher than he has shown so far.
He showed enough improvement last year to suggest he can improve again this year.
He did miss 2 years so you must take that into account.
However if he does not improve or even falls back a bit into old habits then its curtains for me.
But as i said he did enough last year to suggest he can be even better this year. Having maguire will help him. He is off the naughty step for me at the moment but he doesn't have a lot of brownie points in the bank i think its fair to say.
I thought he was ok on Sunday got left isolated not his fault he cited ok In the main. One bad one but not his fault entirely. 2v1 you make a gamble.
Like martial and 1 or 2 others. The choice is their own. Work hard stay in the team o r pi## off.
There is no hiding place anymore. If they do work hard they will reap the benefits. Only the truly dumb players can't see that.

23.) 14 Aug 2019 23:37:40
Exactly ed002, shaw just isn't that good. It's the same as Lingard, massively overrated. probably because they are English.

24.) 15 Aug 2019 08:48:38
The same people will move on to someone else next week, fir some reason rarely have a positive point .
Simple fact is looking at posts some spend most there time having a go at a certain player.
With little attempt to look at the bigger picture.
There will be people who talk about nothing but the same 3 players all season ignoring anything else but looking for something to justify there previous opinion.
But each to there own.



02 Aug 2019 19:58:43
Welcome to Harry McGuire. We may have overpaid but we were desperate and the market is bonkers at the moment. Every time he has gone up a level though he has responded and improved. I think once settled in he'll be great for us and probably a future captain.
But what we now have is a solid back 4 for the first time in yonks. I predict a decent season, top 4.
Fernandes also would mean an amazing window, let's hope so. I reckon we'll get one more in, hopefully Fernandes but Dybala wouldn't be bad either.

1.) 02 Aug 2019 21:21:13
I don’t care about transfer fees, I care about wages. Fees are tomorrow’s chip wrappers whereas wages can cause issues in the dressing room as we have seen with Sanchez. United shouldn’t have to worry about fees (although we seem to), decide who we want, go get ‘em.

2.) 02 Aug 2019 21:27:47
I hate being the one to do this but I feel it’s needed and it’s not just you Will.

Maguire Maguire Maguire.

3.) 02 Aug 2019 21:46:30
GDS, I think it might be Snider, or Sneeigder or was it Schneider?

I can't remember now😂.

4.) 02 Aug 2019 22:48:29
Lol I thought as I wrote it, that doesn't look right. But shappy it was snidjer.



05 May 2019 20:36:51
Awful today but I'm not writing him off yet, let him get some of his own players in, get rid of a few lazy bad apples and have a full pre season under our belt.
Can't believe so many have turned on him allready, didn't take long. GIve him a chance at least. He took us on our best run in years with the players he inherited and playing more exciting football than the dross served up by Van Gaal and Mourinho. Yes that's dropped off but it was bound to really.
He deserves a chance and our full support. You never know some of the experts on here could be wrong, it's happened before.



27 Apr 2019 10:43:42
Just my opinion but does anybody else think we are a much better team when Herrera plays. His energy and the way he organizes others is hugely missed. He also gets the best out of Pogba. Our decline coincides with him being injured. i'm not for one second saying this is the only reason but I believe it's a factor in why our midfield has looked non existent in some recent games. Fred has lots of energy too but at the moment hasn't got the quality on the ball that Herrera has, he may come good next season if his confidence increases. Herrera back tomorrow hopefully with Mctominey and Pogba. That's our best 3 and it will make a big difference. Massive game tomorrow. Amazingly despite everything a win gives us a slight chance at top 4.

Don't write us off yet!

1.) 27 Apr 2019 12:17:04
I agree. It’s no coincidence that since Herrera has been out the team we have been far worse. Usually sets the standard with his pressing and energy. I would love him ya stay but he is asking for a huge wage. Need to upgrade on him in the summer.

2.) 27 Apr 2019 13:02:07
He’s no Roy Keane but he’s the one player we have who’s not afraid to shout orders and get other players into position. He’s the closest we have to a leader - which is also a concern.

3.) 27 Apr 2019 21:58:11
He is dynamic. only problem what I felt is his fitness and absense of games through injury .




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19 Aug 2018 10:31:23
Football is not just about pace Shan. Mata is class in every way and a valuable member of our squad.



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21 Aug 2017 17:39:03
Blind rarely let's us down. What he lacks in pace he makes up in positioning and reading of the game. Also tidy on the ball.
A very good back up and utility player for me.
Doesn't deserve th stick.




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21 Oct 2019 22:07:47
Well said GDS.



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02 Aug 2019 22:48:29
Lol I thought as I wrote it, that doesn't look right. But shappy it was snidjer.



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14 Jul 2019 20:41:40
Good post LPU. He also seems pretty level headed, he should be a good influence on others, maybe even future captain material as he is vocal and organises others well.



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27 Apr 2019 10:57:16
Good point. Players with hunger and a point to prove are what's badly needed. Overpriced, overpaid superstars are not working out we should steer clear.



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27 Apr 2019 10:52:43
Agree totally on Herrera, I had just posted something similar.
He is the only one in our team with any leadership qualities. That and his energy and quality on the ball (not often he gives it away) have been badly missed.
I hope he stays, but that said if he is after ridiculous wages like is being reported then can see why they don't want to give him a new contract. Allthough in all fairness can see why he thinks Sanchez shouldn't be on more money.

I would offer him more money (maybe not as much as he's asked for), 3 or 4 year contract and give him the captaincy. He's the best option we have at the moment for captain.
That would make him stay I'm sure, he shows passion for the club and always 100% effort, not many others you can say that about at the moment.