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02 Mar 2020 19:02:19
I'm not trying to stick the boot in, just generally wondering what everyone else's thoughts are.

The Everton "goal" that was chalked off by VAR towards the end of the game.

I had a thought at the time, and have watched the replay multiple times and still come to the same conclusion.

Why didn't DDG make any attempt to save it? He gets caught flat footed and doesn't move. Sigurdsson was lying on the floor so although probably distracting, he certainly wasn't blocking DDG's view unless his eyeballs are in his big toes.

I'm not disagreeing that the "goal" shouldn't have been overturned. As although not blocking the eyeline of the keeper his presence in that position was clearly interfering with play. So for that reason I feel VAR made the right decision.

Did DDG make a mistake in either his position, or a lack of reaction to even attempt to make a save?

{Ed047's Note - Jesus, are you for real, you’ve watched it a few times and can’t see him going to make the save in the direction the shot was going and then get completely wrong footed by McGuire’s deflection.

Looks to me like you’re just stirring up again for no reason!

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02 Mar 2020 19:26:52
I think it has to be given offside, he is lying right in front of de Gea, which is going to affect his positioning.

The bigger question is why a penalty wasn't given for awb's foul on sigurdsson.

02 Mar 2020 20:47:32
I agree ed047 Shappy you have watched enough football to know that ddg 's whole body weight and momentum was moving to his right it took about 2 seconds for the ball to hit the net there was no way he could react. Total bolloxology.
The rules are clear he was offside and in the line of vision so it was disallowed really unfortunatly for Everton imo because it was the deflection that did him not the offside. Ddg got lucky if sig was not there it would have been a goal for sure as ddg was helpless.

02 Mar 2020 20:56:17
If he hadn't moved his legs, it would have hit him and he would have been given offside. He moved his legs, so he's interfering with play. I don't think the sighted/ unsighted thing has anything really to do with it. I'll admit I don't know the exact rules, but I really can't see how he's not interfering with play.

02 Mar 2020 21:48:22
Come on shappy you can't be serious, I played in goal myself and know even the slightest deflection can leave a keeper helpless, that was a massive deflection he stood no chance.

02 Mar 2020 22:34:20
Steve i think the law as our stands says of any player in an offside position makes a move towards the ball he is deemed as interfering with play
Gallagher was on sky saying it was dismissed because he was in periera eyeline for both the shot sand deflection.

03 Mar 2020 07:02:03
The player on the ground moved his legs out of the way, if he hadn’t the ball would have hit him and likely not gone in. Interfering with play, therefore offside. As to blaming DDG for that one, no, Shappy is barking up the wrong tree again.

03 Mar 2020 09:09:45
Absolutely agree with you there redman, because he moves his feet he becomes involved regardless whether ddg is going the right way, wrong way or was making a cuppa in the back, was offside, most pundits also agree on that. Tho, prob should've been an Everton penalty before that.

03 Mar 2020 09:55:24
If you are sat in the 6 yard box and not interfering with play then what are you doing? It was the correct decision, I'm confused why there is any doubt.

{Ed001's Note - the doubt arose because they told us after Harry Kane was given a penalty at Anfield that a deflection plays a forward onside. Now they are saying it doesn't. So which is it?}

03 Mar 2020 14:54:15
Shappy, Noucamp has nailed it, the player was lying in an offside position and had he not moved his legs, he would've been interfering with play. So the decision was correct.

03 Mar 2020 18:30:50
The decision as been discussed at length and it was confirmed that it had nothing to do with his leg movement rather that he was in the keepers eyeline.



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