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20 Mar 2020 15:49:42
Question for the Eds. Italies league was due to end roughly the same time as ours, so early to mid May. If they have to wait to complete their season, will the likes of Smalling and Sanchez stay and be paid by their clubs or is there a return date to United?

{Ed002's Note - They will stay to June 30 - after that it is likely the leagues will be scratched if they cannot be completed.}

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20 Mar 2020 20:59:59
I understand them doing all they can to finish the season, I don't want it to end as it has. We had a chance of two cups and was in great form for a run at top 4.

Yet the reality of the situation means that it is only a matter of time before they cancel the season.

20 Mar 2020 21:39:52
Hi ed when you say June 30th would that mean games started by then, or league completed by then? as it may already be getting tight to have the leagues completed by that time. I understand if you would not want to get into this yet as I'm sure preferred effort is to complete the season.

{Ed002's Note - The plan is to avoid disrupting next season and to try and get done by June 30.}

20 Mar 2020 22:05:04
Watching NHS staff and Emergency service workers doing 12 to 18 hour shifts, I am pretty sure these overpaid but elite athletes can play 2 games a week easily.

20 Mar 2020 22:51:50
My thoughts exactly ed try every option to finish this season but if we can't then we have to eventually draw a line under it we can't conclude this season at the expense of next.

21 Mar 2020 12:09:44
I can’t see it happening.

The virus will still be at peak or early decline. Even playing behind closed doors represents risks.

The only way i can see it is if there’s a vaccine or all players have had the virus and recovered - not happening.

21 Mar 2020 13:56:35
Seriously lads. at this time does it really matter?

21 Mar 2020 14:34:47
One thing I'm not sure everyone has considered is the long term knock on effects of delaying the league.

If the league finishes early July, then players will get a maximum of two weeks off before pre-season starts. The league next season can't be delayed that much due to the Euro's now being played next summer.

So players will play all next season with hardly any break this summer. They will then go into an international tournament. Get 2 weeks of then start pre-season training ahead of the 21/ 22 season. Then halfway through the 21/ 22 season around January they will be expected to play in the 2022 world cup in Qatar, then come back and play the rest of the season.

There is only likely to be 6 months between the Euro's and the world cup.

There is a serious danger of burn out with the players likely to only have a couple of two week breaks between the end of this season and the end of the 2022 season.

{Ed002's Note - They are having a lengthy break now.}

21 Mar 2020 18:35:30
That's all well and good Ed002, but that's in the middle of 2020. They are looking at playing back to back seasons and two international tournaments between when we resume playing football and the summer of 2022.

With a Euro's that would potentially require more travelling than normal with games being played all over Europe, and a world cup in Qatar and players playing and training in 40-50+ degree heat.

Even without playing any more football this season that is going to be tough.

{Ed002's Note - Nobody has suggested "back-to-back" seasons and the travel for the Euros is nothing. Players can fly in and out of Qatar for the games. If Manchester United are not up to it they can back out of the FA Cup and Europa League.}

21 Mar 2020 19:14:02
Shappy you have way too much time and over complicate things.

21 Mar 2020 23:26:59
The premier league won't get done . Could be Oct or Nov the way its going now. Just seen Italy on tv . wow the last thing we should all be thinking about is football. Keep strong people.

22 Mar 2020 09:29:29
Hi Ed002, do you feel that at some point if this carries on the priority will become the impact on next season rather than completing this season.
Thanks for all your brilliant efforts as with all the Eds.

{Ed002's Note - A line eventually needs to be drawn across.}

22 Mar 2020 10:12:41

You are worrying about player burn out at a time when people are worrying about life and death. If the season can be completed, it will be, if it means clubs have to use their full squads so be it. These are unprecedented times and worrying about player burn out is not and should not, be high on the list of concerns. Ed is correct, if they can’t finish this season then they can’t, draw a line when/ if it can’t be. Move on but whilst people are surviving and some dying the number of games the poor footballers have to play is a meaningless argument. I think there is virtually no chance of football for the next couple of months, take a look at what is happening in our world. Unless and it unlikely to be soon, there is a vaccine or cure, we will be lucky to have next season start and difficult decisions will need to be made. We are not at the peak yet, not in the darkest hour, things will get worse and it’s bravado at best to put dates on this. The players are getting a break right now, more than many workers. NHS workers looking at dying people, people they have been trying to save, they are probably at burn out already but will carry on. Maybe when players get the chance they will appreciate what they do a bit more, maybe they will look around at some empty seats (if there is a crowd next season) and realise some who sat there were lost to this virus and having to play a lot of games isn’t so bad, even if they are a bit tired.

22 Mar 2020 17:37:45
For ****s sake, Shappy my well be self isolating, why can't he just ask the question?

22 Mar 2020 19:36:13
Red man, I have and will continue to do everything I can. Self isolating, helping elderly neighbors get food (without coming into contact with them or within 2 metres), I have also agreed with a few neighbors to walk their dogs so only one person needs to be out and about walking the dogs rather than 3 or 4 people.

I am well aware of the seriousness of the situation, I have an 86 year old Grandad in the ICU in Bristol with Coronavirus. He also has dementia so doesn't know what is going, he is scared and confused. While none of our family are allowed to see him as he is contagious. He is doing well at the moment, bit all things considered he might well die in there.

So I am acutely aware of what is happening. That is why I can on to a football site to discuss football matters as a way of escaping the current situation. I was asking a question and seeing what the general consensus was. Personally I think with or without the season finishing the idea of playing two international tournaments within 6 months one of which mid season while trying to play two full seasons does put players at risk of burn out.

Is that more important than what is going on generally in the world right now. But something I feel is an acceptable to discuss on a football forum. If you don't want to talk about football then maybe you might want to give the site a wide berth as it's general premises is to discuss football matters.

22 Mar 2020 20:12:24
Sorry to hear that shappy and hope your Grandad recovers fast.

22 Mar 2020 20:40:14
Cheers Singh, fortunately he is getting the best care. Unfortunately not everyone will be able to as this gets worse.

23 Mar 2020 07:31:32

I hope your Grandad comes through this.



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