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02 Mar 2020 21:22:20
Really hope Gomes and Garner get a game v Derby.
Both are too good for the U23's.

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02 Mar 2020 22:31:31
Both are looking to leave and are out of contract in a few months. I doubt we'll see too much of either of them to be honest. Which is a shame as both are talented lads, unfortunately they haven't made the most of the chances afforded to them.

02 Mar 2020 23:14:04
Is garner looking to leave?

03 Mar 2020 06:09:11
It's Gomez and Chong who are looking to leave.
Chong is amost certain to join InterMilan on a free.

03 Mar 2020 06:33:01

“Haven’t made the most of the chances afforded to them”. What chances were those? Short bursts are hardly chances. We have a manager out of his depth fighting for his future who isn’t giving youth like them a chance because he desperately needs points or to do well on a cup.

Garner is not looking to leave to my knowledge. Chong is looking to go but there is an argument he has been given some time and doesn’t look like he has what it takes. Seen very little of Garner and Gomes.

Megbri who we bought, is I believe 17 and how long before he starts to hanker about leaving because we suddenly realise we don’t have quite the attacking, youth opportunity giving manager we were supposed to have.

03 Mar 2020 07:32:59
Sorry I read that as Gomes and Chong rather than Gomes and Garner. As pointed out Garner is not looking to leave.

However, I don't think Garner will get too many more chances this season. With Matic and Fred on form, Bruno doing well since joining and McTominay coming back. We look well placed in midfield.

Both Gomes and Chong have been given games and minutes to impress. And both have been given starts, although those starts have been in either the Europa League or in the domestic cups.

Greenwood wasn't thrown in and given starts straight from the off. He was given minutes in the second half of games and he had to perform and force his way into the managers plans. Williams got a chance due to injuries, and he took it.

I do feel that if Chong and Gomes had signed new contracts then they might have been given more minutes. Rightly or wrongly politics do play a part in team selection. If two players are fighting it out for a starting place, it's only natural for the manager to favour the player he feels is more commited to the club. The one he feels will fight more and give more in the game.

Red man, Ole has given more minutes to academy players than any other manager since Sir Alex. So I don't think we need to worry about kids leaving because they won't be given chances.

03 Mar 2020 08:24:37
Shappy, I like reading your posts, ut Red Man is spot on re Gomes and Garner. What opportunities have they been given? Gomes in particular, impressed in pre season and was arguably our best player. Yet, solskjaer chose to play lingard and Pereira ahead of him despite both being useless.
I found it worrying that Solskjaer mentioned Gomes's height earlier in the season. I thought Messi, David Silva, Bernardo Silva aren't exactly giants, but they are all world class players. The writing was on the wall for Gomes and who can blame him if he wants out, and trust me, in three years time, he'll prove Solskjaer and the idiots alongside him wrong. Watch this space.

03 Mar 2020 09:41:45
AAA, the running joke is that Andreas Pereira impresses every pre-season but doesn't bring that form into the actual season.

Doing well in pre-season is really just about being fitted and sharper than those around you. The real test is can you still have that same impact when everyone else is up to speed.

Gomes and Garner have both started 3 games. While also picking up a few sub appearances.

In my opinion both did okay in those games. But neither really had a great performance. Gomes in particular drifted in and out of the game.

Garner has had an injury that has kept him out of contention for a couple of months and that unfortunately coincided with many of our first team midfielders being injured. Now he is back fit at the same time as everyone else. In my opinion I think he looks like he needs a year long loan in the Championship for him to get to grips with the men's game.

I think both Chong and Gomes would have played more minutes this season if they had signed new deals.
Why should a manager (any manager) take a risk by playing a young inexperienced player who hasn't set the world alight when given a chance, over a fully committed player?

The advantage of playing a youth player instead of squad players is that they might in a couple of years time become players good enough for the first team.

However, if they are out of contract in the summer and are showing no intention of signing a new deal then there really is very little to be gained from playing them.

03 Mar 2020 10:39:25
Chong not good enough, dwells on the ball and too lightweight.

Have to assume Gomes not doing enough in training to earn his chances.

Garner should go out on Loan.

03 Mar 2020 11:10:22
shappy he has given more youngsters a go because he has had to. so don't try and make him the only manager since fergie left to do so. if he had better players you would hardly see them.

03 Mar 2020 11:18:54
Glad to see we’ve judged Chong and Gomes already as not good enough based on about 3 hours of top flight football.

Look at the clubs after them gels want you need to know - Inter are currently a step up from us, so we need to put these lads down to a new deal and get them game time over players like Andreas we definitely know are not good enough.

03 Mar 2020 11:30:23
Agreed Wallace.

03 Mar 2020 13:00:48

Solskjaer has judged them not us.

Generally it is Gomes that I find particularly disappointing because he has talent. If the manager was unsure any of them were ready for first team why did he not send them out on loan, even in January? The reason is his lack of ability to judge a player, Jones, Perreira given new contracts, playing Lingard and not giving Gomes a sniff. Now Ole needs 22 points in 10 games to match Moyes disastrous season so you can bet they will get little chance. All well saying Academy players get time but that includes Lingard. The only one is really Greenwood and he came off before Martial on Sunday.

03 Mar 2020 13:32:02
Inter a step up. Come on there no better than we are at the moment. Yes a better manager but hardly setting the world alight.

03 Mar 2020 13:41:55
We don't make those decisions eric ole does. looks like he had made his mind up on some of them as they are off in the summer.

03 Mar 2020 13:55:13
Inter have a much better manager, structure, and team.

By the way I’m pretty sure it’s not down to OGS who gets new contracts etc.

03 Mar 2020 14:02:13
Anyone who wouldn't play Pogba again this season but wants Chong and Gomes to get more game time is a hypocrite.

All three want to leave, Lingard can be included in that group as well. None of them should be playing unless absolutely necessary. The difference between Pogba and Lingard and Chong and Gomes is at least the club will receive a decent fee for the former two.

They don't want to be here, they have been negotiating with other clubs. It doesn't matter how good they are or how good they could be. They don't want to be here. So fine. Goodbye and good luck.

03 Mar 2020 14:18:45
Im with you on that shappy.

03 Mar 2020 14:48:59
Shappy, you said it in your post, ot is because Gomes and Chong are not signing contracts that Solskjaer is not playing them, and you seem to agree with that. Yet, Pogba can flaunt with Real and Juventus, trash the club, fake injuries, goes on countless parties when injured and needs rest, and yet you seem to think that he should play ahead of all the other players. I think the hypocrisy is in these views.
3 games of football are not a barometer of whether a player is good enough or not, we have seen Fred improve, but pereira and lingard given the games but achieve nothing.
So wrap it up whichever way you want, the fact is these players have not been given the time while others who are older, have been given the time and continue to do so even though they are not performing to the required standard.

03 Mar 2020 15:20:45
AAA, I have said several times I wouldn't play Pogba ever again. Several people have argued against that view in the past.

I agree that 3 games is not a good barometer of whether a player is good enough or not.

But by the same token you start from the bottom. You don't just get given chances ahead of more experienced players. Then when you get your chance you need to make the most of it.

I think both Chong and Gomes will become good players. Yet I can't say that in any of the minutes they have played that they have done anything to make me sit up and think these kids need to play every week.

The justification most people are giving for playing them is no one else is playing well. You shouldn't get into the team because no one else is playing well. You should get into the team because you're playing better than everyone else.

Just because Lingard and Pereira aren't cutting the mustard that shouldn't mean throw a couple of inexperienced kids in instead. Chong and Gomes need to out perform their team mates in training. Then when they get a chance in a game they need to prove they are better than the others fighting for that position.

So far they haven't. Maybe if they were more focused on making it at United and not on a move away they might stand a chance of forcing their way into the team.

Williams got his chance because of an injury to Shaw. Yet he kept his place in the team for nearly 2 months after Shaw was fit. Even to the point where Shaw was moved into a LCB role as Williams was first choice LB based on form. Then Williams form dropped (to be expected from a young player) and now Shaw has started at LB for the last few games.

So let's not pretend that Ole doesn't give young players a chance, or that he doesn't back them.

I also wouldn't blame a manager for not relying on a player who clearly wasn't focused on the team and was looking for a move.

Chong and Gomes will leave in the summer and they will go on to have good careers. I wish them nothing but the best. Not every youngster will make it at our club sadly no matter how talented.

Its really tough to make it at a top side.
First you need to be as talented as the players in the first team. At a top club that is tough as most of the first team will be international players.
Secondly you need to have the single minded focus and determination to work harder than anyone in the first team and to develop yourself.
Finally you need a little luck. You need there to be a few injuries or suspensions in your position, and a manager who will trust you to do the job.
Then you need to seize that chance and fight for it.

The process is the same at any club, but at a top club the level of players ahead of you makes it so much harder.

Look at McTominay, Rashford and Williams. None were the highest rated player in their youth side. All of them got their chance due to injuries/ suspensions to first team players and all stepped up and seized that chance and haven't looked back.

Chong and Gomes have been given chances, yet neither of them have grabbed those chances in the same way that McTominay, Rashford or Williams has.

03 Mar 2020 18:30:53
Shappy, I'm more concerned about Gomes than Chong. I think at a time when we needed someone creative in the team Solskjaer put lingard and Pereira in there. They went on to play diabolically for over a year, and yet, they're still ahead of Gomes.
We watch Gomes in the u23s and he's superb, so we know he can make it, he just needs playing time.
I'm not one to say let them go and all the best, let's give them a chance here and let them star for us. Barcelona, Real both chasing Gomes, are they stupid or are they seeing someone that despite his small size, might turn out to be quite special.

03 Mar 2020 20:23:55
AAA, Gomes is a supremely talented player, and there is no reason why a smaller player can't make it in England anymore.

That said, Gomes for the Under 23's and for the first team are a different animal.

In my opinion he needs to be playing football against men every week, not just physically men. But experienced, football players.

When you're a smaller player you need to learn how to play against physically stronger players and how to hold your own, as you can't go toe to toe with them.

Many of the top players who are smaller who are successful in the EPL have started playing in the EPL as older players. Often having played for a few years at least in a top league elsewhere first.

Personally I think Gomes needs to play for a season or two in Portugal or France or even the Netherlands.

Let him learn to play with men in a slightly less physical league. That way he would stand more of a chance when he returns to play in the EPL.

However, that isn't a possibility until he signs a new contract. Had he signed a new deal he might have even been able to join Sporting on loan for 18 months as a sweetner in the Bruno deal. Sporting have a history of creating top young prospects. He would have learned loads and then come back at the start of the 21/ 22 season ready for the next step in his career.

But this contract stand off isn't helping his career.

03 Mar 2020 21:34:45
That Billy Gilmour kid currently bossing the midfield against Liverpool shows what impact younger players can have on a team. I know that it’s only one game, but it’s the sort of performance that Garner and Gomes need to show for the first team. Obviously the opportunities are limited, but they have to grab them as this Gilmour lad has.

03 Mar 2020 22:47:15
Ole rates greenwood he plays him.
I rate gomes but he has had chances and never really taken them, i hope he stays but he hasn't taken his chances, so if he isn't patient then that's his choice . which team does he walk in to?
I'm not at all convinced about Chong, few years off.
Garner is decent but a few year off.

03 Mar 2020 23:25:12
Agree on all 3 there jred.
Garner needs a really good loan next seaon in the championship.
Gomes is a great little player. i'm not sure he has been given the chances. He has never been put in with 10 1st team players around him.
But there has to be good reason for that. If that reason is because he wants to leave then fine, if its because he doesn't deserve it based on training then fine. My guess is its the former.
Chong needs to move league's. He is a fine player but physically not up to the epl and looks a coupe of years off to me.
Ole has made a decision not to give them much game time he will have his reasons.



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