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13 Mar 2020 08:23:26
It looks as though there is now little to zero chance of the premier league being completed and it's possible no more matches will be played. This can only mean that this years premier league will be voided. Deciding who should play champions league football next year may need a play off system between all clubs who had the mathematical chance of making top 4.

Clearly this situation will not please all fans but there are things more important than football and people need to remember that before bemoaning the situation. The elderly and physically weak will be especially vulnerable to this pandemic and many will sadly not survive it. Prayers to them and all those who they leave behind.

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13 Mar 2020 09:23:38
There are several options they could choose to do.

Either a play off system as you suggest. Yet that might be hard if all matches are postponed.

They could just finish with the table as it is. Which would be a huge relief to Chelsea who are in indifferent form, with us and a couple other breathing down their necks.

They could choose to go back to last season's final table and go with that as that was the last completed season.

Or they could choose to use some sort of coefficient system to pick which teams will represent the EPL in which European competitions.

Currently by the sounds of it we are looking at a 4 week postponement of the league. However, current estimates put the UK as hitting peak infection rate in late April/ early May. In which case it seems unlikely that the league will restart when the risk is greater than it is now.

I think they will go with the approach of postponement to start with, but with the idea that they will cancel it further down the line when people have become more accustomed to the idea and they will face less backlash.

I'm 95% sure that if they just announce a postponement in the next day or so that it will lead to the cancellation of the league in a months time.

13 Mar 2020 09:26:01
yes there is more to life than football and sport in general. what really angers me is the attitude of some that this disease only affects the elderly and therefore just quarantine them and let the rest of us get on with it. As someone in their 30's I might be less likely to have serious symptoms, b ut i don't want it passed on through me to someone who it will have serious affects on. The health and well being of ALL members of the public must be the top priority not entertainment and profits.

13 Mar 2020 09:55:43
I think Ed said likely be that the table will stand as it is with no winner announced, not sure tho if relegation and promotion will happen or will the European places stand as they are? All guesswork atm. Now Everton are in isolation too.

13 Mar 2020 10:15:35
In theory this could stop Liverpool winning the league and stop Leeds getting promotion. However, it would also leave us in 5th place.

13 Mar 2020 10:18:14
In theory this could stop Liverpool winning the league and stop Leeds getting promotion. However, it would also leave us in 5th place.

13 Mar 2020 10:27:16
Imagine that happens, City’s ban is upheld and we get given 4th place and CL qualification πŸ˜†.

{Ed002's Note - That is not going to happen.}

13 Mar 2020 10:29:08
5th could be enough for CL with City ban.

13 Mar 2020 11:03:53
unless the games are played at some point then there is no fair way to end the season. however this is an unprecedented situation and as such we just have to accept what happens. If united don't make champions league then we will have to deal with it, the implications on promotion/ relegation are much more pertinent especially with the monetary gains/ losses involved.

13 Mar 2020 16:05:22
Premier league will be cancelled until the start of next season. All results, promotion and relegation will be null and void. The best 12 pictures of Liverpool fans, taken after hearing this news, will be made into a calendar and sold off for charity. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

{Ed047's Note - yeah that would be hilarious πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

13 Mar 2020 17:03:13
Games will likely begin again just after the peak has hit as by that point we will have a majority of herd immunity to the virus so safe to play.

sounds daft but the fit healthy players should be actively seeking to contract the virus and immediately self isolate until free form spreading it to family members.

this would be the same for the support staff who are not considered "high risk".

At the end of the day the majority of the population is set to get it. the rich young healthy folk are most likely to not have ill recompense form the virus.

Its the older gen and those with high blood pressure and other such underlying health issues. (Like myself with chronic bronchitis and Asthma )

13 Mar 2020 22:32:00
You sure you don't support liverpool, Ed?

{Ed047's Note - no Sepp, just not a great fan of bitterness

13 Mar 2020 23:46:54
Only way to do it is to cancel it all. My concern is civil unrest when we have nothing to pre-occupy us when we are all at home with nothing to do.

14 Mar 2020 07:25:15
Ed047.Bitterness? Really? Behave yourself!

{Ed047's Note - I know mate, you’re well old enough not to be that! πŸ˜‰πŸ€£

14 Mar 2020 09:38:23
Indeed Ed047. This isn't the new years honour list. It's a sporting contest that has to be won and not just 'deserved'. Do you think for one moment the scallies wouldn't be all over this if it were us in their present position? The Kop songwriters would be burning the midnight oil composing for next season. Just as will the United and Everton songwriters if LFC are 'awarded' the title because they 'deserve' it. Not bitter. It's life. πŸ˜‰πŸ€£.

{Ed047's Note - I know Scooby, it all makes for interesting reading on the relevant pages right now. Mighty Reds will never live it down bless him. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

I’d be the same with the Spuds! In fact, that they have lumbered themselves with Mourinho is an absolute delight 🀣🀣

14 Mar 2020 11:26:41

14 Mar 2020 16:31:42
I'd give them the title now, they would always be the team who were given a league, it would be tainted forever and they would have the piss ripped out of them forever.

15 Mar 2020 01:49:52
Not trying to set off the Liverpool supporters but this decision will set a precedent for if this ever happens again in the future.
I think ed002 said Italy were looking at leaving the table the way it is and not declaring a winner.

I'm all for this and I believe if the title race in England was closer then there would be calls for this to happen, I know Liverpool are along way ahead and they fully deserve it but they still haven't mathematically won it.

If they had mathematically won it, I would be all for them being awarded the title as there was no chance of anyone catching them, in saying that, there is no chance of anyone catching them anyway.
I wonder what the premier league rule book says, if they have anything written in there in case of something like this.

21 Mar 2020 08:53:41
I’m surprised nobody has talked about the possibility of cancelling NEXT season instead. It would take the pressure off needing to finish this season quickly, allow players to rest before the euros, allow all competitions to conclude properly, and could even be a good opportunity to align with the unusual break in the 2022 season for the WC. Nulling a season where a ball hasn’t been kicked seems much easier than one where all is technically still to play for.



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