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12 Mar 2020 00:30:08
Hi Folks, I have followed this site for years but this is the first time I've posted. I'd just like to start by saying a huge thank you to all the Ed's for all their hard work and brilliant insights. Ed 2 you are my absolute hero. You're a bit like the wife, I'd put up with you calling me a toxic etc in the knowledge that if I hang in there I'm going to get something really worthwhile in the end 😂 You are the only one I really trust for factual information regarding what's really going on at the club, transfers etc. The one thing I'd like to say is regarding our brilliant new player, Bruno Fernandez. I think the hysteria around him ( while brilliant and justified to an extent) really shows how low our expectations have fallen since Sir Alex has retired. This is the type of player that we expected to sign for years to compliment the brilliant players that we already had at our club. Years of mismanagement and poor recruitment have dampened our expectations so much that it's almost embarrassing how we are reacting to his arrival. Our Noisy neighbours have been recruiting players of his Calibre consistently for the last ten years or so ( Aguero, David Silva, De Bruyne etc) We are Man U, let's take his arrival in our stride without acting like giddy teenagers. We should expect another two or three players of his Calibre to arrive in the summer, not hope they do. Basically what I'm trying to say is when we have won the two cups that we are still in and finish in the top four we can wax lyrical about our new arrival and the impact he has made. Don't mean to piss anyone off with my first post but just want us to have expectations fitting of our wonderful club.

{Ed002's Note - I can be more like your wife if sufficient money is paid. I would expect that the summer will see a number of additions that will range in age from the young to the experienced. Issues surround the structure and the coach.}

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12 Mar 2020 01:13:03
Great to see you post and add to the site RFL.

Don't be too quick to shout down the optimists, when the atmosphere around the club becomes buoyant, positive and people turn up to games expecting to be entertained the magic starts to happen. But that process can't get off the ground when the everything is clearly broken. Grinning cheerleaders can't change much.

What the club needed was a catalyst, and the january window gave us two. The mood has lifted and now the enjoyment factor - even in a defensive derby display - is off the charts.

We've served our penance for all those years of success under SAF. We're on our way back baby!

{Ed0666's Note - one swallow doesn’t make a summer my friend.

12 Mar 2020 07:01:12
Welcome Red for Life

Wild over optimism abounds after a win. We have had a decent run of games and beat a City side who had lost the edge in the league before playing us. I posted that on here, said we would get something and possibly win, to be told oh no City were at their magnificent best, likely to big up any result we got. Most were not around during Sextons or Atkinsons reign, so can’t see the issues with fan idol Solskjaer. Nearly will be the word for a while now.

12 Mar 2020 07:38:31
Why shouldn't we get excited over a quality player? What's the point in trying to be all cool about it? For me football is all about generating excitement.

12 Mar 2020 07:55:57
Thank you Ed 2 and for your welcome folks.

12 Mar 2020 10:08:41
Red Man, is there anyone that we're allowed to get a result against, that won't result in a dismissive virtual wave of the hand?

12 Mar 2020 11:20:11
Steive, if it was Jose still in charge Red Man would be waxing lyrical with a bulge in his trousers over our performance on Sunday.

City man for man have a better squad, they have a far better manager, they also had longer to rest and prepare for the game. Based on where we are currently even at Old Trafford we were underdogs. And we won, it wasn't the best football seen at Old Trafford. Yet, we scored twice, didn't concede and all the best chances fell to us, to the extent that based on chances alone had we won 4-0 it wouldn't have flattered us.

We needed a win, and we needed a great performance to do so. We got both, so there is no reason for us not to be happy about it. If Red Man wants to wave away good victories over our City rivals then he might be waiting a very long time to be genuinely pleased watching us. We aren't likely to win the league for at least a few seasons. Maybe a cup here or there might be the best we can hope for with some rousing wins against those sides currently better than us.

Some fans watch United for enjoyment and entertainment, others only watch for the winning and the glory. I'm not going to slate people for wanting the club to win. But you'll get far more out of your support for the club if you can enjoy good wins against great teams.

12 Mar 2020 19:49:34

Dear me you have a serious bee in your bonnet about Mourinho. His time has gone but you keep bringing him up, maybe it’s your trousers with the bulge.

I watched Atkinson provide entertainment and it didn’t go further. I enjoyed beating City, always do yet I keep my feet on the ground. I predicted it but you want to sensationalise it. Ed002 tells you but you ignore it.

Better question, you could see the City motivation issue before the game. I sense the team will be motivated against Spurs, however, it isn’t about one game it’s the overall picture and this season has not been good, there is a sense of negativity in tactics. The issues at large in tthe world means it is difficult to predict results from here or even if there will be games, it’s a chance to win strange games if played behind closed doors which makes the results in future harder to assess.



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