22 Feb 2021 13:09:25
So the stories circulating currently is that the club have gone cold on the Sancho deal. Possibly due to the numbers involved and the need to spend on other parts of the squad.

This coincides with the stories that "many" people at the club have been hugely Impressed with Amad Diallo and feel he could make an impact next season.
Couple this with Greenwood finding some form again and a general improvement in his all round game. The question is does the club need to spend 70m+ minimum to sign a 20 year old RW when we have two talented young players who are 18 and 19 pushing for minutes on the RW?

I think this summer will see a tightening of the belt around Europe with far less business than usual. Its unlikely teams will sign 4 or 5 players, probably only 2 or 3 at most.
Clubs like ours that have several players they need to offload might find it hard to find buyers, certainly buyers who'll pay anything close to asking price.

We might have to pick which areas of the squad are most important to improve and which will have to make do until 2022. Have we got young players in that position who could step in and do a job for a year? Maybe even claim a spot long term.

There are rumours of us looking at RB's, but with AWB, Dalot, Williams and Laird does it make sense to sign a squad player there or is a key first teamer a better option in another position?

The general consensus is that we need a CB, CDM, RW, ST and RB. If we can only sign 3 players for which 3 positions do you think are most important?

1.) 22 Feb 2021
22 Feb 2021 13:45:09
CB, CDM and a Striker would be my picks mate. I agree with you in that we could be ok in the right back position with our current players and Dalot on loan. Also Diallo we arw hoping will play a lot more next season. I've watched a lot of Declan Rice this season and would love him as our CDM. In the striker position then obviously Haaland would be the dream I also love Lautaro Martinez but wouldn't hold my breath on either of them to be honest. In terms of a CB there isn't anyone screaming out at me right now. Maybe you can throw a name at me and I'll give you my opinion on that particular player.

2.) 22 Feb 2021
22 Feb 2021 13:57:54
I think 2-3 signings is about right for a major club each year, they never have the massive clear-outs everybody wants. Unless they have Russian billionaires.
With this in mind.
CB - The priority. With Jones likely to move on, and none of the current players exactly excelling, someone who can walk in to the position is crucial.
CDM - I suspect this is one area where Utd have options as McT, Matic and Fred have all played here. All can be very good on their day and until Matic (or one of the other) leaves I don't see this as an immediate issue, despite the constant links with Soumane/ Rice et al.
RW - I hope we don't get too carried away with Diallo just yet, even if he is outstanding he is still inexperienced and not physically suited to the Prem. Sancho is proven and able to play on both flanks which makes him very desirable but obviously the value needs to drop considerably.
ST - If Cavani wasn't at the club I would suggest this is up there with CB in terms of priority. Martial is not consistent, motivated or prolific enough to be Manchester United's main striker. Utd will I assume trigger the season extension on Cavani's contract but clearly need to be looking further ahead.
RB - Doesn't seem an immediate concern, AWB has hardly set the world alight but has had a good month and we've seen what a little competition did to Shaw. I assume Dalot will leave. Quite like the thought of Aarons or Tripper.
So to cut a lot of waffle short - Kounde (CB), Camavinga (CDM), Sancho (R/ LW) .

3.) 22 Feb 2021
22 Feb 2021 14:09:12
Shappy you obviously have more confidence than me in our inept negotiators/ investment bankers if you think we’re capable of doing any decent business this summer! I fully expect yet another excruciating calamity.

4.) 22 Feb 2021
22 Feb 2021 14:15:36
CB, CDM and a Striker for me. Got to break the bank for Haaland, get one of Saul or Declan Rice to sit in front of the defence, and add a good CB - Konate, Pau Torres or Kounde. That will give us a good spine across the team and will make us less fragile. This does leave a massive gap at RW, hence the Kingsley coman rumours, but we have to hope that Amad adn greenwood can make a difference on RW and james can give Rashford some cover for LW.
A starting ll of DDG, Shaw, CB, McGuire, AWB, Rice, DvDB, Bruno, Rashford, Haaland, Greenwood will get us further and may even push for the title if we are lucky with injuries.
Problem is with Pogba and mata possibly leaving, our bench again looks mediocre with Cavani the only stand out.

5.) 22 Feb 2021
22 Feb 2021 14:17:43
I think we need to sign a right sided attacker for the sake of balance in our squad but if the club are confident that Diallo will step up I think we should look for a centre forward instead. Martial is miles off it, Greenwood still young and as good as Cavani has looked he isn't a long term solution.

As Damon has pointed out above, CB, DM and CF should be our priorities.

Centre Back - Not seen enough of Pau Torres who is our number one target but I'd go for Ibrahima Konate.

Defensive Midfield - Wilfried Ndidi, Declan Rice or Denis Zakaria. All would be excellent signings

Centre Forward - Ideally Haaland but we have no chance of signing him and Kane would cost a massive amount so not viable. Lautaro Martinez is a good shout, as is Dominic Calvert-Lewin. Darwin Nunez is one to watch as well.

6.) 22 Feb 2021
22 Feb 2021 14:31:19
Rice seems to be the player everyone wants, but I thought it had been reported that he has no interest in Manchester United? Until 200k pw is shoved into his face anyway.

7.) 22 Feb 2021
22 Feb 2021 14:45:32
Haaland is such an exciting prospect. But look at the dodgy defending for that bicycle kick and Sancho's opener. They wouldn't be given the time to think in the Prem let alone stroll around and do what they wanted like that, it was like a training session.

8.) 22 Feb 2021
22 Feb 2021 14:50:45
Good shout about DCL rj. forgto about him. apparently we were in for him in the summer and he would be really good for us. But i think we need a world class striker to make up for the deficiencies in the rest of the squad and don't see DCL as that player.

9.) 22 Feb 2021
22 Feb 2021 17:05:18
All interesting replies, the general consensus seems to be CB and CDM, which makes sense as our biggest weakness is our weak core.

Then there seems to be a split between ST and RW, with the obvious names of Haaland and Sancho top of peoples wish lists.

RB as most people point out isn't that desperate and is the kind of position we strengthen when we are already really strong everywhere else.

I'm really split if I'm honest. While I fully agree that Martial just isn't up to being first choice mentally and we could do with a true first choice striker. I'm left wondering that with Cavani, Rashford and Greenwood at the club it might be a position we could delay a season to see how Greenwood progresses. While strikers are notoriously difficult and expensive signings to make.

While we have two young players who need game time in Diallo and Greenwood my real concern is that in the event of an injury to Bruno where will our creativity come from? Giving young players game time is great for their development, but if you are relying on them for you creativity then you run the risk of being very inconsistent as young players tend to be.

We don't have a creative deep midfielder, while we don't have a creative wide player on the left. While only Shaw offers creativity from full back. An injury to Bruno would put a lot of pressure to perform on Diallo and Greenwood. From that perspective a creative wide player who can play RW, LW and CAM/ No.10 would be ideal. In that regard I can see the appeal of a player like Sancho as he does tick all the boxes. The issue is if you sign Sancho then he has to start 99% of the time if fit. You don't spend over 70m for a bit part player. While I also have minor concerns that the levels he is achieving in the Bundesliga won't translate as well into the EPL.

We could shuffle the front line around and have Sancho left, Rashford through the middle and either Greenwood or Diallo right.

I wonder whether its better to sign a player who has the potential to be first choice but won't necessarily demand to start every game. Maybe someone like Pedro Neto at Wolves, who can play anywhere across the front line, is EPL proven and wouldn't be an instant starter but has more than enough quality to be one.

Either way for me we need a CB a CDM and a creative player to take the burden off of Bruno and give us some variability.

10.) 22 Feb 2021
22 Feb 2021 17:06:27
We've needed a RW for so long that other positions have now become more important. You couldn't write it.

The best teams have a strong spine yet ours is weak in comparison, so I'd look to sort that out as a priority.

CB - Literally anyone. We need to break up our current pairing of Vic and Bob if we have any aspirations to win the league. I'm fed up of their comical defending it really is embarrassing. Pau Torres and Ben White are our top choices. I'd take either, and ideally both.

DM - Declan Rice
Wasn't sure on him 6 months ago but he's really impressed me this season. His passing has come on a lot and he's comfortable on the ball. If he was a little more disciplined he has all the attributes to become a top DM. If the English premium is too much I'd look at Ndidi as an alternative.

ST - Calvert-Lewin
He's really impressed me this season. I'd wait until next year before making a decision to see if he can do it for two seasons running. We've seen many strikers have a great season and get a move to a big club, only for the to turn out to be a one season wonder. I think he's improved every aspect of his game under Ancelotti and he has the physical presence to match, so I think he'd be a good fit.

11.) 22 Feb 2021
22 Feb 2021 18:43:50
Midfield saul
Cb milinkovic
Rw sancho

Sell ddg martial pogba pierera Jones dalot Williams.

12.) 22 Feb 2021
22 Feb 2021 20:10:13
Ken, Williams? why?

13.) 22 Feb 2021
22 Feb 2021 21:07:19
I would get a couple of CB's for starters.
Pau Torres and Jules Kounde, both are attainable.
Then Rice for CDM.

Getting these 3 players will allow the whole team to get up the pitch more. Also, with Rice we can afford to play another attacking midfielder alongside Bruno.

14.) 22 Feb 2021
22 Feb 2021 22:01:10
I think we need to be realistic this summer and I can't see us going for a striker or RW for a number of reasons, priority lies elsewhere (and it will not be cheap to fill those positions) and i genuinely believe that OGS thinks he has somnething in Dialo/ Greenwood that will bear fruit over the coming year.
For me we need to pay what it takes to get the CB of choice as our number one concern which is likely to be in the £40-60m bracket. Follow this up with a CDM that has mobility and an eye for a pass (again you are looking at £60m+) which will allow for a more cohesive link between defence and the midfield.
If both these positions are filled with the right player I think we will be done, other than some periffery movement depending on departures.
Impact of C.V. will hit all clubs finances for a while yet.

15.) 23 Feb 2021
23 Feb 2021 00:00:43
A cb, sancho and a pogba replacement if he goes for me .
If a cb is added try to move one on so we don't end up with loads of cbs who never play as that's happened before
Cavani, greenwood and Rashford to cover the striker slot and amad to cover either wing if he's ready for it next season.

16.) 23 Feb 2021
23 Feb 2021 09:00:32
I'd love to see someone who plays off the right as a speciality. I don't even think they would need to world class to make a massive improvement to our side.
When we recover possession we try to play into our playmaker or winger quickly (usually Bruno), but generally there is not an option on the right. Someone who played there and didn't dream of being on the left or central (Rashford/ Martial/ Greenwood/ James/ Diallo/ Chong) could mean the development of a proper relationship with AWB. Wan-Bissaka isn't the best going forward but he plays with a different player in front of him nearly every game. Shaw/ Rashford/ Bruno have a really good dynamic on the left, and that consistency will be a big contributing factor to Shaws form this year.
I just think it would give so much more balance to our side. Jarrod Bowen starts nearly every game for West Ham and didn't cost loads from the Champo, but isn't a player that drifts around the front line. He plays right wing only - I'd love to see someone make the spot their own.

After that I would focus on a centre forward to fill Cavani's role in the squad. We may get another year out of him but its made such a difference to us having a CF who can be a focal point and isn't determined to drift. A striker who can score headers gives us another essential option when attacking; especially when we are failing to break a team down who play a low block.

I like the idea of Rice to replace Fred. I love Fred's attitude and work rate, but he is truly dreadful on the ball (although a nice assist against Sociedad - credit where its due) . He's probably a better back-up CB than Jones too. Liverpool have shown how crucial depth is in that position.

17.) 23 Feb 2021
23 Feb 2021 12:27:23
Get rid of Pogba and Martial and a few other fringe players like Jones and Lingard to bring in some cash.
Then i would be going all out to get Haaland.
A decent central midfielder and a central defender.
As well as conceding to many goals we are missing far to many chances to put games to bed.

{Ed077's Note - Haaland's agent is Mino. How difficult will our relation with him is well known.

18.) 23 Feb 2021
23 Feb 2021 12:37:36
Hi Ed. to be honest i couldn't care less about the agent as long as he they sign him and he scores 25 plus goals a season.
Haaland would be perfect for us and he already knows Ole and has a relationship with him.

{Ed077's Note - But we can ignore the circus and distractions caused around Pogba through Mino. I know the club hasn't gone about in best way to handle the situation around him but the marriage between Man Utd/Ole and Mino looks likely to end up in tears only.

19.) 23 Feb 2021
23 Feb 2021 13:23:52
I would make a Chelsea and take 4-5 players at once. If we want Sancho that means we are happy to pay up to 150 millions and huge wages. So o wouldn't touch him and i would go with a top cb, two midfielders because Pogba will leave Matic is old and Donny isn't trusted and a winger like Pedro Neto. 60 millions for each transfer is Sanchos money plus some sales and these 4 players will make a hell lot of difference.

{Ed077's Note - And will we do a Chelsea and struggle to perform consistently leading to a topsy turvy season?

Also in the above reply I meant we cant ignore the circus around Pogba and Mino.

20.) 23 Feb 2021
23 Feb 2021 13:31:56
Very true Ed but i think it's a chance worth taking. In my opinion signing Haaland and getting a few more through the door would give us a genuine tile at the premier league next season. Only a handful of clubs have the funds to buy him, us, City and Chelsea. Madrid and Barcelona are crippled with debt and i don't think Juve have 100 million plus going spare. The only other side would be PSG but would Haaland want to play in a tin pot league?

{Ed077's Note - I am not against signing Haaland, I am merely pointing out the obvious. I also don't think Haaland will actually come to United anytime soon. So I think we might be better off looking at other younger strikers/attackers instead of chasing a pipedream. Maybe the likes of Calvert-Lewin, Ollie Watkins, Patson Daka, etc..

21.) 23 Feb 2021
23 Feb 2021 13:46:41
Ofcourse not 077. Not evert team who buys 4-5 players is struggling.
I didn't refer to Raiola at all. We can take 4-5 players which are not clients of Mino Raiola. I know we have a problem with him.

{Ed077's Note - Herrera I clearly mentioned I meant in the reply above your post that we can't ignore the soured relationship we have with Mino when talking about Haaland.

You cited Chelsea as an example to say you want us to sign 4-5 relatively big players ala Chelsea and I merely pointed out the fact they are struggling to perform to their expectations prior to the beginning of this season. Don't overlook the facts that don't suit your points and then try and argue when someone is merely pointing them out 😀

22.) 23 Feb 2021
23 Feb 2021 14:36:03
I simply don't see the point. I said i want to do a Chelsea and sighn 4-5 players and you said that they don't perform like it is a case of every team making a lot of sighning doesn't pay off. I know they are struggling but because they are struggling doesn't mean if we make 5 sighnings they will also struggle.
Unless there is something i don't understand (because of my English) i don't see where is the problem.

{Ed077's Note - And I said Chelsea "did a Chelsea" and now are struggling to find consistency in form and team selection. I didn't say every team who buys 4_5 players struggle but merely pointed out the "fault" in your example of Chelsea.

23.) 23 Feb 2021
23 Feb 2021 15:07:29
In my example i don't see a "fault". I did say I want to make a lot of transfers in once like them.
Not to struggle like them. That is what you said, not me.

{Ed077's Note - You said make lots of signings like Chelsea. I pointed out that has led to them struggling. You could have picked many teams who had relative success bringing in huge number of players in a single window but you chose a team that underperformed so much that they changed the manager mid season. Chelsea aren't a great 3xampl3 to follow judging by their subsequent performance after the huge influx of signings.

24.) 23 Feb 2021
23 Feb 2021 22:15:01
Chelsea are a poor example.